Build Your Own Wall Shelf

Build Your Own Wall Shelf – I love open wall shelves and floating shelves. They are super cute, functional and DIY friendly.

Cabinets are labor and material intensive. If you have an empty wall and need extra storage, wall shelves are more attractive than cabinets, but easier to build!

Build Your Own Wall Shelf

Let’s start with floating shelves first. These types of wall shelves are very popular because there is no hanging hardware and the shelves actually seem to float. (Some useful resources are affiliate links. Details here.)

Easy And Stylish Diy Floating Shelves & Wall Shelves

One way to support floating shelves is to use hidden internal frames. Sources: Shades of Blue Interior | Young House Love |

First, build hidden inner frames with 1x2s, and attach the frame to the wall. The Magnetic Studio Finder is a great tool to help you find your ropes.

Attach the top, bottom and side panels of the boards to the frames with wood screws. When everything is put together, each shelf looks like a solid piece of wood.

Paint the shelves white for an update, or black for a traditional feel.

Diy Display Case Shelf: How To Make A Display Case Shelf

You can hang them directly on the wall or use D Rings hangers like this or hang them on key hangers. Always remember to check the weight limits!

You can buy a metal French brush like this, or you can make one out of wood like the one shown below. Sources: Lumberjocks | Dose at home

We all know the weight of pallets. French clearance is a great solution for hanging pallet racks!

Related Article: About Pallets! Lots of tips on where to find and how to work with pallets.

Hooked: Diy Wall Shelf With Hooks

The most common braces are right-angled braces, which are simple to work with, slim and easy to hide.

Attach the shelves to the wall, or if you can’t find a rope, use drywall anchors, which can hold up to 75 pounds per hatch.

Ikea has many smart designs. Their shelves are no exception. Image Sources: House Cleaning | Ikea

The brackets in the two photos above are the Ikea Ekby Bjarnum Brackets, which come in 7″ or 11″ widths, and the Ikea Ekby Valter Brackets, which also come in two sizes.

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Diy Corner Shelves, Corner Shelf, Floating Shelf

A type of arch and often an architectural element. It can be as simple as a triangular piece of wood or as large as a carved marble.

These two floating shelves include a corbel as a support. The reclaimed wood shelf is finished with a non-toxic butcher’s block oil that really brings out the beauty of the wood grain.

If you love industrial style, galvanized pipe, like floor flanges and pipe caps, make excellent supports for these beautiful shelves.

Before today ends, here’s more eye candy for you – 25 Awesome Kitchen and Cabinet Paint Colors. Transform your home with our DIY Dining Room Open Shelving Guide! Adjust the size to fit your space!

Cheap And Easy Diy Closet Shelves

A year ago I wrote about my desire to add a large wall of shelves to our dining room. For more than a year, I have been patiently waiting for this. The sentence itself is ironic because although I like to think of myself as a patient person, in many cases I am not. Especially when I know what I want to do, I can mentally see it finished, and I can go about it every day knowing it’s necessary. It. Eats. Horse. I am.

That’s why last weekend was so successful. On a whim, I decided to paint the dining room. Before the paint was even dry, I managed to sweet talk Anthony and DIY on the open shelf of the custom dining room. He was all for her and I was all for him, so we dropped everything and ran to Home Depot for supplies. Here’s how they are built, stained and installed.

We bought 2″ x 3″ boards for the shelves on each side of the wall, and Anthony made some angled cuts to give them some dimension…

Then, he mounted them on the wall, made sure they were level, and screwed them into the wall with large wall/cabinet screws, each of which weighs over 100 pounds!

Insanely Creative Diy Shelving Ideas

Once the screws were in place, he removed them. I know it’s weird, but we wanted to have an exact location for each side support and then pre-drill the holes/clear the counters to prevent the wood from splitting after we actually installed them. I really didn’t want to paint the house, so this step was just a precaution against cutting/splitting the wood from the screws…

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Here’s what they looked like before we installed them… The smaller hole goes into the wall for the cabinet screws, the larger hole is for the drywall anchors that will go into the face stones…

Once they were installed, we began installing the 2″ x 12″ x 10 ft. boards into each section of the shelves.

And since I wanted the bottom two shelves to be deeper than the top shelves, we made the side brackets the same depth as the shelves. The two lower shelves are 18″ deep and the upper one is 11″ deep.

Diy Floating Wall Shelves

For the top three shelves we used 2″ x 12″ x 10 foot boards, and for the bottom two shelves we used 2″ x 10″ x 10 foot boards. To make the bottom shelves deeper than the top 12″, we used TWO 2″ x 10″ boards and placed them next to each other. Even though we used two 10″ wide boards, the total depth ended up being 18″ because pre-cut wood is always a little smaller than the real thing. 😀

After cutting each board to size, I began painting each one with the same stain, Minwax’s Early American. I then used a dark finish wax from Minwax to finish them off.

Next, we took the shelves back and Anthony attached them to the side posts with 2 1/2″ deck screws.

They totally changed the whole dining room and I love it…they add so much storage and space to show off my beauty, which I will share next week…

Diy Floating Shelves Tutorial

Updated to add: We have absolutely zero in the middle of the shelves with melting boards. It’s been over a year since I installed them and they still look as good as the day they were put up!

P.S. If you love shelves/bookshelves, check out my board. That’s about it!

Join me as I share some easy to implement ideas that will give your home a breath of fresh air and make you excited about the changes you’ll see by the end of the week! The beauty of floating shelves is that there is no visible hardware above or below the shelf. Watch this video and follow these steps to build your own DIY floating shelf.

Floating shelves consist of two parts; a simple hole attached directly to the wall, and an empty box that swings over the hole.

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Easy Diy Wall Shelves You Can Finish In A Few Hours

Watch the video above, or download my cut list and step-by-step instructions on how to make a floating shelf.

For this DIY floating shelf project, I use spare boards from the home center, a miter saw to cut them to length, and a drill/driver to assemble the pieces with screws and wood glue. I will also use a sander to smooth out my edges, but you can just use a sanding sponge.

Cut two pieces of 1 x 8 board to the width of the shelf, 24 inches for this project.

After cutting out the text piece, we are ready to assemble the shelf box. First assemble the 1×2 pieces by drilling two pilot holes through the long pieces into each of the short pieces.

Best Diy Garage Shelves (attached To Walls)

Insert 1¼-inch wood screws through the longer 1×2 piece and into the ends of the shorter 1×2 piece.

To hold the layers together, first drill pilot holes through the top and bottom pieces of the shelves and into the 1×2.

Using a drill/driver, drive 1¼-inch wood screws through the top and bottom of the shelf and into the 1×2 to secure the shelves.

Finally, cut a piece of 2×2 to size that will attach directly to the wall and hold the shelf space (see cut list above).

Brilliant Diy Shelves That Will Beautify Your Home

Attach the 2×2 legs to the holes by drilling two pilot holes first through the holes and into each leg.

Apply wood glue to the end of each leg, then insert 2½-inch wood screws through the holes and into each leg.

To hang text, first determine its location. Best of all, the wall can be found using the finder. If this is not an option, drywall shutters can also be used to add strength. Mount the socket on the wall. Use a small scale to adjust

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