Build Your Own Plant Shelf

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After being scattered in pots in my yard, it was finally time to do something. It seems like I’m always working in my yard, and my biggest challenge is decluttering. So I decided to help the plant pot situation by building a plant shelf.

Build Your Own Plant Shelf

I love the idea of ​​a place to store and organize all my little potted plants. I also wanted something to help fill in the space between my sliding door and where the wall mounted hose is. For some reason, this little section of my yard always seemed messy and incomplete. But once the plant stand is built and established, it finally looks finished.

Diy Plant Stand Ideas For Your Houseplants

1. Start with the sides and frame. Place the 2×2s and attach 3 of the 12″ 1×2s. I placed them 1″ up at the bottom and 3″ down at the top, and centered the center piece. After both sides are built, attach 3 32.5″ 1×2s to the back as pictured.

2. Next, attach the 32.5″ 1×3s to the back. This will serve as a rail for the shelf.

3. Now start adding the 12 1×3 shelf boards. I used 4 of each shelf and another piece of 3/8″ wide scrap wood to space them out evenly. Be sure to start from the front blade and then work your way back.

4. I added the shelf boards first with the top shelf, then the bottom shelf and finally the middle shelf.

Best Diy Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas To Add Color To Your Porch In 2022

5. Finally, add 2 12 3/4″ 1×2 to the top. This will act as a handle while also giving it a more finished look. Then I added the last 6 12″ 1×2s to each end of the shelf as shown.

1. Before painting, be sure to sand all rough edges and clean off any excess dust.

3. Spray the stand, more details and tips on how to do this can be found here on Wagner’s blog.

4. Once the paint is dry, finish the plant stand with a sealer. The Detail Finish nozzle on the Wagner Flexio 3000 sprayer works great for this.

Freestanding Plant Shelf

5. Finally, it’s time to set up your new plant shelf! As I mentioned earlier, it’s on a small wall between my sliding door and our hose. It works great for hiding some extra plumbing, electrical, and overall the wall feels finished.

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As you can see I’m going for a neutral look with my pots! I’ve slowly moved on to have my pots white, cement gray or rustic terracotta. But for under $40, this plant shelf has been an amazing addition to my garden. More importantly, finishing with the Wagner Flexio 3000 Sprayer made painting and sealing much easier.

Go to Wagner’s blog here to learn how to use the Wagner Flexio 3000 Sprayer. Also, be sure to check back for more home updates. Enjoy!

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Diy Planter Ideas: How To Build A Planter, Planter Makeovers, And Plant Stands

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Looking for DIY plant stands? You’ll love this list of plant stand tutorials!

Plants are totally on trend right now. It seems silly to say, because plants are always alive around us. But, all you have to do is scroll through Instagram to see that plants are 100% having a moment.

How To Make A Hanging Plant Shelf

I love plants and find myself going crazy in the Lowe’s discount plant aisle or propagating my plants over and over again.

There are so many varieties of houseplants that the possibilities of using them to decorate your space are endless.

However, displaying plants can be difficult. Everyone needs a pot, and usually they need a window.

A plant stand can be used to display indoor plants or as an accent piece in an outdoor space.

Diy Outdoor Plant Stand With Arbor

There are many ideas for DIY plant stands: metal, wood, concrete or any material can be used to make them.

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Plant stands usually display potted plants. The plants are usually filled with dirt and the plants are planted directly in the dirt.

If you want to update them, you can always use spray paint to give something a completely new look before putting in a plant or two.

Tiered plants are another easy DIY. They are popular because they allow you to display several plants at the same time.

How To Make A Simple Diy Plant Shelf

Also, keep in mind that the plants on the lower shelves may not have as much access to sunlight and plan your plants on that shelf accordingly.

Or place a tiered plant stand in front of a window so all plants have access to light!

We’ve done quite a few plant posts, so I was excited to round them up for you today along with plant posts from some of my favorite bloggers.

Whether you’re looking for a planter or a modern plant stand, I hope this list of step-by-step tutorials will inspire you with great ideas!

Easy Wooden Diy Plant Stands You Can Make Today

I love that this plant stand is big and spacious. We designed it to fit perfectly in a window and you can fill it with lots of plants.

Build this ladder-style plant stand with 3 shelves and a rod to hang plants on top!

Are you getting into the festive spirit? Build this wooden tree-like plant stand with 3 levels for plants!

This DIY plant stand looks like a miniature Adirondack chair and is cut out to hold a potted plant!

Diy Tiered Plant Stand From An Old Ladder

This plant stand is perfect for a medium sized pot. It looks like a house and gives me a total Joanna Gaines vibe. Plus, it’s easy to assemble with the help of a Kreg jig!

Plant seasons can be expensive. It’s easy to make a plant look much taller than it actually is with the help of this raised planter!

This is perfect for grouping plants where you want to add some height. And it was very easy to build with cheap materials.

This plant stand is a demonstration. I can’t tell you how many people have asked us where they can buy one! It’s a corner plant stand that lives on our front porch and can hold six good-sized pots. It’s super cute and made entirely out of 2x4s!

How To Display Houseplants: 98 Of Our Favorite Plant Display Ideas

This planter walker has tons of potting room and is made of cedar wood, which naturally repels insects.

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If you are interested in propagating plants, definitely check out this super simple propagating plant stand! It has 3 mason jars where I like to start my scraps!

This plant stand was repurposed from an old stool. It’s a great reminder to go beyond the original purpose when looking for things to support your plants. We added a very simple wooden bone pattern using wood glue and a couple of screws!

This tall and skinny planter is the perfect thing to fill an awkward corner of your home.

Diy Plant Stands Ideas You Can Make

Want to hang some jars without drilling a hole in the wall? This vertical plant is the perfect solution.

This plant stand is truly a beautiful piece of furniture, but it was designed to be brought out onto the deck or patio.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this modern plant stand, but the hairpin legs and straight lines give it the perfect modern look.

This plant holder looks more complicated than it is – use pre-made netting for this wonderful woven effect!

Samyoung Large Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor, 12 Tier Tall Wood Plant Shelf Multiple Plants Flowers Pot Rack Garden Shelves Display Holder For Balcony Patio Corner Living Room Porch (6 Tier A) :

You can display a multitude of plants in this tiered planter – perfect for your front porch.

This raised planter box is perfect for filling with pots or making it look like a giant window box!

If you love a good upcycle, check out this tutorial to create a metal plant stand using lampshades!

This plant stand is made from old tiles! You can often find tiles like this in the sale aisle of the hardware store or places like the Habitat ReStore! Very nice upcycle idea!

Plant Shelves Diy (+ New Office)

Get the look of a tiered garden with a little more flexibility by building these nesting wooden plant stands!

This DIY plant stand is perfect for fitting lots of small potted plants into a tight space

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