Build Your Own Shelf Unit

Build Your Own Shelf Unit – I fell in love when I first discovered modern bookcases common in mid-century homes. Don’t they make you want to pick up a book and sit down to read it… or just curl up in a blanket and look at the beautiful books and shelves all morning?

If your home doesn’t come with a modern built-in wall unit, you have a couple of options. You can buy a ready-made shelving system like this. It’s easier and the units are beautiful, but it will cost you more.

Build Your Own Shelf Unit

Your other option is to DIY, save money and build something that is unique to your home. After shopping, this is what Eric and I decided to do. Follow this guide to create your own mid-century modern bookcase.

Diy Wall Mounted Shelving Systems Roundup

First you need to use a stud finder to locate the studs on the wall where you want to hang your shelf. Mark the dowel locations with a pencil. Your studs will provide the strongest support for installing the vertical metal tracks to hold your shelves.

When you find your studs, run painter’s tape over them vertically to help you visualize and plan your shelving. Decide how many metal tracks and which studs you want to use. Then run the tape horizontally to plan how many shelves you want and where you want them.

We originally planned to center our unit on the wall, but after seeing the placement of our studs we realized that wasn’t going to work. We decided to align the unit to the left, leaving room to sit on the right side.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how many shelves and tracks you want to use, order your materials. You will need:

Small Space Shelving For Shelfie Styling Anywhere!

The metal tracks should be long enough to run almost from the floor to the ceiling on each stud you use. We installed two 39″ tracks on each stud, one on top of the other, to achieve the desired length and avoid having to ship the extra long 70″ tracks.

You may want to order extra supports so you can try different designs. You will need a bracket for each track that crosses each shelf. If you want to have a long shelf that spans four ways, you will need four brackets.

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It’s also a good idea to buy extra wood. We used raw cherry wood we found on Craigslist and planed to 11.5 inches deep and 0.75 inches thick. Mid-century modern bookcases are often made from teak or maple wood, which are good choices if you can find them.

Once you have your materials, first use the wall mounting screws to install the tracks. Make sure each track is level and parallel to the other tracks. Drill holes and screw each track directly to a wall stud.

Lack White, Wall Shelf Unit

You will then need to finalize your design before cutting the wood to fit. Do you want to make the most of your space and have lots of long shelves? Do you want your shelves evenly spaced or staggered vertically?

Some mid-century bookcases have tiered shelves like this one. I love the look of the stepped shelves, but I wanted to maximize my shelf space to hold my book collection.

My wall unit has one long shelf, two medium shelves, and four short shelves, with 16 inches of vertical space between each row. I split the shelves at the top so I could hang this clock and give the unit an extra mid-century modern touch.

Hang the brackets and shelves wherever you want on the unit. Use a pencil to mark through the holes in the brackets on the shelves. Remove one shelf at a time and screw the corresponding brackets into place with the shelf mounting screws. Then hang everything on the tracks.

Bookcase Projects And Building Tips

It’s almost time to stop and look at your bookshelf. But first let’s fill it with everything you love.

If you fill the bookshelves, it will be simple. You can add bookends to hold books or place a few flat books for variety. I used these simple black bookends.

If you display not so many books but more decorative items, you have a lot of room to be creative with your design. Here are some ideas to decorate your bookshelves and add book ornaments.

I hope you go the DIY route and build a custom bookshelf for your home. Send me photos of your creation!

Diy Shelving Unit: 2 Ways

Welcome to Hammer & a Headband, a home and garden blog with a mid-century modern twist. I’m Tara Besore, an interior design enthusiast restoring my 1960s house…mostly for my cats. First time on this site? Start here Custom garage storage can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, we have the perfect DIY garage shelving project for you.

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Keeping a garage organized is easier than it sounds. It just takes a little discipline and, most importantly, the right shelves. This DIY rolling garage shelving unit is the custom garage shelving solution you’ve been looking for at a fraction of the cost of your retail options. What’s more, we have a hunch it will be a perfect fit for your needs.

Custom garage storage can cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, if you have the tools, we have the perfect DIY for you.

To get started, we recommend that you pre-cut the plywood at your local hardware store using the cut list provided above. Once the plywood is cut, wipe with a dry cloth to ensure no sawdust remains and paint the pieces the desired color. Several coats may be necessary to achieve the desired look.

How To Build Diy Bookshelves For Built Ins

Next, create a slot for the middle partition piece. To do this, draw a line through the centers of the 84-inch front and back pieces. Use a clamp to place a piece of plywood right up against the center line. Use the straight edge as a guide as you route the long pieces.

The pieces will all come together with wood glue and screws. To prevent splitting and help you know where to screw, start by pre-drilling screw holes in both slots (Image 1). Once all the holes have been drilled, run a bead of wood glue along the routing line (Image 2). Place the partition piece into the slots, located six inches from the bottom of the front and back pieces (Images 3 and 4). Secure with wood screws (Image 5).

On each side of the base, glue two 20-inch 2×6 boards that you cut from the 2x6x8′ pine board in the materials list (Image 1). This adds stability and a place to secure the wheels. Once attached, place the wheels in place. Place the two swivel wheels on the front and the two rigid wheels on the back. Mark and pre-drill the holes, then use a dowel to attach the wheels with screws (Image 2).

Cut the shelves and bead casing (aka molding) to 24 inches wide and paint. Glue the casing to the shelves to form a lip (Image 1). This prevents the contents of the shelf from falling out when it is rolled up and removed. Drill holes in the cabinet at the desired height for the shelves and place shelf pins in the holes. Place the shelf on the pins (Image 2) and finish with a shelf liner (Image 3).

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Diy Pantry Shelves Ideas For Your Home

Pro Tip: Use tape to mark the depth you are drilling on the bit (Image 4). This prevents you from drilling too far.

Complete the rolling storage with a large cabinet (Image 1) and a metal filing cabinet tag (Image 2) so you always know everything is in its place.

No more searching for tools. Now you’ll know where your tools and supplies are whenever you need them.

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Build Your Own Mid Century Modern Shelving Unit

Say goodbye to clutter for good with the addition of oversized garage cabinets. Inexpensive and easy to assemble, this DIY storage solution is a perfect weekend project.

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Diy Rolling Storage Shelves For The Garage

Easily store long power tools like weed cutters, pole saws and leaf blowers off the ground and out of the way with this rolling storage system. We’re almost done with our kitchen renovation and I’m so excited to share this high level. impact shelving project with you! Our original kitchen (see before and after plan below) had a lot of bulky cabinets on this wall, but since we planned to extend the island counter for dining, the walkway would take up too much space if we left the cabinets on your place So, I decided to remove the cabinets* and build this large wall of shelves in their place.

I did lose some pantry storage though

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