Build Your Own Rain Barrel

Build Your Own Rain Barrel – Introduction This DIY rain barrel is cheap and works just as well as one you can buy. Get the how-to instructions and start saving water with the next rain.

It’s very easy to make your own rain barrels out of plastic drums or garbage cans. Search online for “bottles” or “containers” to find “open head” plastic 55-gallon drums with covers. Or find a used barrel by talking to the car wash managers (they buy soap and wax by the barrel). If you can’t find a container you like, purchase a large, heavy-duty trash can at a home center. Here’s a collection of our favorite decorative rain barrels. Also find out what the Rain Series is.

Build Your Own Rain Barrel

You can make a cheap, functional rain barrel with a garbage can and simple PVC plumbing and electrical conduit fittings. Install as many lines as you need to meet your water needs and save water around your home.

Diy Rain Barrel System: The Complete Guide

To start, position the drum near the downspout, drill a hole in the bottom, and screw in a drain valve. This is an okay installation if you plan to run soaker hose in your garden. But if you want to use a wand or spray nozzle, you’ll need to elevate the DIY rain barrel on a stand for more water pressure. Water is heavy (55 gallons weighs 440 pounds), so use 4×4 treated lumber for the legs and secure everything with construction screws or stainless steel lags. But do not place the stand on soft ground. If the rig overturns, you can kill someone. If you have a large garden and want to store more water, double the size of the stand and add a second barrel.

Cut holes in the bottom of the barrel with 2-1/4-in. Hole Saw. Then screw in a 2-in. male threaded electrical (gray PVC) conduit adapters (electrical adapters are not as tapered as plumbing adapters, so you can tighten them all the way down) and a 2-in. Female threaded conduit adapter to create a watertight hole through which rainwater can drain. To cinch the DIY rain barrel between the two fittings, put a thin bead of silicone caulk around the opening and screw on a threaded electrical PVC coupler (see Figure A). Next, glue together the sections of the 2-in. PVC pipe, union (to make it easier to take apart the winter), reducer and valve. While you’re at it, install an overflow pipe so you can direct the excess wherever you want.

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Install a large valve for a quick fill of the watering can and a smaller valve for the garden hose. Secure the valve to the cross brace with J-brackets. Finally, poke a hole in one of the covers and insert a screen to filter out leaves and debris. So just wait for the next big rain.

We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide the site experience for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Owning a garden and doing regular maintenance of your garden like watering the plants can increase your electricity bills. So, if you are scared of high water and electricity bills, then go with these 15 DIY Rain Barrel Ideas That Will Help You Store Rainwater for Free. Rainwater is a great type of water for great plant growth, and these homemade rain barrels will help manage a good stock of rainwater easily. These DIY rain barrel ideas involve using large plastic drums, mostly food-grade like 55-gallons or more, that you can attach downspouts to using custom fittings, adapters. Finally, you can attach a hose bib or faucet to the bottom of your barrel to receive rainwater.

Build Your Own Rain Barrel In Five Steps

To make a rain water barrel, just browse through this collection of 15 free DIY rain barrel ideas that are super quick and easy and come with tons of designs that offer different water storage capacities. Opt for a single barrel water collecting system or make a more suitable one using 2, 3, or more plastic drums.

How to make a rain barrel? Raise your fixed barrel on a wooden stand to a height from which water will come under pressure from the faucet. Make a rainwater barrel using plastic drums and barrels or opt for plastic trash cans to make an instant beautiful rainwater barrel. Finally, also turn to wooden casks to make instant beautiful water barrels that will cost you almost nothing. You don’t have to be an expert in PVC and plumbing pipe fittings to do all of these 15 best rain barrel ideas with great ease. Don’t forget to add the fiberglass window screen, will allow clean and clear water to get inside the barrel.

Interested in storing rainwater? It is very healthy for plant growth and can be used for non-drinking purposes in many different ways. So, build this rain barrel using a 55-gallon food-grade barrel, brass faucet with fittings, fiberglass window screen, and PVC pipe for overflow. details here trivia

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This DIY rain barrel system will rock for collecting a large supply of rainwater runoff. Simply grab 3 55-gallon food-grade plastic drums and lift them together on a wooden stand. Next, install plumbing pipe with fittings, hose bibs, and custom adapters, etc. details here hgtv

Outdoor Home Maintenance: Rain Barrel Disguise Diy Project

Make a rain barrel using a $13 trash can with a 20-gallon capacity. Simply set on a wooden stand, drill a hole in the lid to connect it to a roof pipe, or simple drill drainage holes to collect rainwater. Attach the screen and drill an overflow hole. Install hose bibs and build wood stands using 2x4s and 4x4s. just measure

This rain barrel system is durable and will cost very little. The free provided rain barrel ideas help build a rain barrel for under $100. Take 55-gallon barrels and adjust them on a raised wooden stand. Use custom adapters to connect the barrel to the roof water pipe. Install the overflow pipe system under the stand and install the hose bibs there as well. family

This fancy rain barrel fence matches with the greenery all around because of the picket wood cover. It gets a rustic look from the rope loops wrapped around it. To make this rain barrel you need a recycled barrel, brass tap with fittings, iron pipe, adapter and a drill etc. It derives exclusivity from the planter on top feature. details here hgtv

Launch this rain barrel system to collect rain water, surely your water bills will come down. Make this rain barrel using a 55-gallon or 208L food-grade plastic container. Next, you need a male spigot, pipe tap, diverter kit, Teflon tape, hose barb, and a drill to make this rain barrel. expressofdirt

Diy Rainwater Harvesting Workshop Scheduled For Sept. 17

Get a low-cost hack here to make a quick rain barrel. Reuse heavy duty trash cans and build a rainwater reservoir in no time. Elevate your commercial dustbin on concrete blocks and fit the roof water pipe into the lid, add a fiberglass window screen, and then attach a hose bib to the bottom. Don’t forget to install the overflow pipe. gartengetema

Buy a cheap barrel drum from a reuse store. Next, connect your drums to the downspout and set on a concrete block base. Install the Bottom Hose Bib with custom fittings and get a gorgeous looking rainwater reservoir for your outdoors. Details here TwotwentyOne

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Catch rainwater rolling off your roof using this rain barrel system that will definitely cost you very little. All you need is a durable trash can, spigot, two metal washers, hose clamps, watertight sealant, and a hand drill to make this great-looking rainwater collection system. details here medium

To build this homemade rainwater collecting system, take a plastic barrel drum, O rings, PVC reducer, a piece of screen, hose bibs with fittings, and custom adapters. Cut holes in the lid and add female PVC adapters to connect your drum to the downspout. One of the most beautiful rain barrel systems out there. goforagecook

Diy Rainwater Catcher

Take a food-grade chemical barrel, drainage valve, downspout adapter and aluminum gutter screen to build this quick rainwater reservoir with diverter. Raise it slightly off the ground using a concrete block base and install the hose bib at the very bottom. Finish the DIY rain barrel with PVC primer and Marine Goop sealant. details instructions here

If you are on a plan to save rain water, then you will definitely love this quick way to install a rain water system. Just take a barrel, poke a hole in the top, and leave it outside with the top open to catch rainwater. Otherwise, use custom fittings, adapters, and PVC pie to install it into the downspout. Find DIY rain barrel plans here. simplypractical

Reuse wooden barrels to make a rain barrel, too, at almost no cost. Just take a wooden barrel, put a lid on it, it might come with a metal handle. Install it into the downspout using a custom adapter and finish with a bottom hose bib. Set it on a stand or on a concrete block base, and that’s it. instructor

Get a free plan here for setting up and installing a rain barrel system using a

What Is A Rain Barrel?

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