Diy Yard Landscaping

Diy Yard Landscaping

Diy Yard Landscaping – Since it’s the day after a long weekend, we thought we’d repost a beloved post…the EHD Reader DIY Backyard Post. It is full of amazing ideas if you are “inspired” to take it outdoors after a weekend hopefully outdoors. So sit back and enjoy all the DIY creativity 🙂

There is something special and inspiring about seeing people take care of their own homes and let their creativity flow. And since last year has really shown the importance of not only the house but also the outdoor space, many people are trying to maximize the space (even my own father you will see:) space and projects to help you to get your hands a little dirty and make the room Your room can be a lot of fun this summer…and I promise you’ll be inspired. Let’s start with a project that anyone with a paint brush and a dream can do…

Diy Yard Landscaping

Ok, now Liz Kamarul is an amazing artist/designer. If you want more proof, check out her Instagram. She also really likes the checkered pattern (we are like that:)) #foreverchecked

Backyard Landscaping Ideas To Upgrade Your Hangout Spots

So in true Liz style, she decided to paint last year’s mural on the wooden deck. He started by using two coats of paint and first and then just let his mural bloom naturally (I was very impressed as I really had to plan. But that is clear the difference between an artist and a non-artist). So if you liked last year’s design, then they did it.

But this year Liz wanted to give her deck a fresh look and did this lovely checkered pattern in cooler colors.

The lighter peachy shade is Sunset Drive by Behr and the darker shade is True Copper also by Behr. This pattern looks very good to the user. So, if you’re looking to do something cool/modern on your outdoor patio, this might work for you! Here’s a highlight of her Instagram that takes you on a journey with more tips.

This is not a beginner’s DIY but if you are handy (or someone else in your life) you can have a greenhouse like this too. Ursula has a detailed materials list here , but for the cliff notes version, she painted an existing shack and then added this cute little greenhouse using recycled windows to keep the budget manageable. So for about $1000 Ursula can create this little slice of heaven!

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Diy Backyard Makeover Ideas For A Cozy Outdoor Living Area

If you’re not quite at the DIY greenhouse level, they have TONS of smaller, more beginner-friendly projects like DIY Copper Obelisk Trellis or Trash Can Privacy Screens.

As I write this, I remember that my dad just finished a VERY cool DIY project and wanted to share it. He didn’t say, but I could tell he was very excited to be featured:) So, here’s his new DIY Salt Bath and Shower:

“So my neighbor was getting rid of her clawfoot tub. I thought it would make a nice outdoor bath in my place, so I bought it from her ($200 steal). I thought it would be a good spot in my front yard in my backyard (which I finished) because I have access to hot and cold water. My boyfriend likes to take salt baths, so I think I’ll use it a lot. I thought I could just drain it with a garden hose, but as luck would have it, I’m very close to a sewer. After a little digging, there him. What luck. I’ve never tapped into a sewer before. When I did, I immediately understood the definition of the term “faecal gravity”, yikes! I recommend hiring a plumber for that particular job if you want to connect to a sewer. It’s unpleasant and if you cut it, you won’t come back. I’ll save you (and me) the graphic details of the day. (I’m always injured). Anyway, as you can see, everything will ram well done. I rose from the ground on a huge piece of wood I had been lugging around forever. It gives character. The teak mat is a little warm. I also made a floating shelf out of alder wood that I put in it. I am very happy with the results. It took about three days to complete. The most expensive part is the cedar fence. The price of wood has gone up. I was surprised. What would have been $500 a year ago is $1000. That’s it, again. That’s the life I thought but it hurt. Now for the hot tub. whooo!”

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To be more technical, the sides are made like a box to be nice and hide the pipes on the side of the shower (he made a small trap door to reach the pipes. Then for the roof, he used clear corrugated plastic supported by a cool geometric design of wood. Also, pieces -the other decorative pieces were all chosen by her boyfriend. I think it’s great and I’m proud of her! (P.S. I don’t know about the sewage problem… YIKES it’s true and it has to be faced, dad)

Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Yard In Spring 2018

This very talented DIYer painted this faux marble floor and I think it’s amazing. Oversized diamond floors are never “out” because they are a classic, but they are definitely “IN” this year and everything is painted.

I asked Fahira if she could give me all her tips on how she got that amazing marble look and she posted:

1. To get the marbling effect, you need to mix several colors of paint that you are using. The first two colors will be paint straight from the can (the base color of the tile). For the third shade (dark 2), mix 1 part of the light color with 2 parts of the dark. For the fourth shade (light 2), mix 1 part of the dark with 2 parts of the light color. Now you have four different colors to work with.

2. Use a natural sponge and dip it into Dark 2, wipe off the excess, and dab it on the dark box, going at a 45-degree angle across the box to imitate the natural veining of marble. Make sure not to cover the entire square with this color but leave some areas empty.

Easy Diy Landscaping: Build A Rock Garden

3. Go back with a dark tone from the can and blend it on the edge so that the edge is not defined.

4. Use a thin Paintbrush to take some light 2 and with a light hand draw veins going in the same direction as before. Use a reference image of a real marble tile for reference. Another tip is to use turkey feathers for the veining section – it creates a very natural line

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5. Soften the edges if necessary with the base color and repeat the process for the other box. Remember to use lighter tones for light squares and darker ones for dark ones.

6. To create some highlights or lighter areas in the dark box you can use a small bit of light paint to create some contrast.

Easy Diy Landscaping Ideas For A Beautiful Yard

Thank you, Fahira! She also has very marbling highlights if you’re a visual learner 🙂 Oh and check out more of her background here!

Last summer, Tiffany from Pretty Real decided it was time to tackle the backyard and create her dream living room/entertainment area. He started by extending his concrete slab (a more budget-friendly option for a floating deck at $2,500) to fit his soon-to-be DIY’d awesome pergola. The idea of ​​building a pergola has always intimidated me. I mean what if it crashes because I don’t support it right?! Luckily Tiffany found Toja Grid. That’s the company that sells the black brackets you see above. In this way, you can confidently build a pergola without fear of “falling down.” Tiffany wrote the whole post here, but the dollar price is about $800 for the Toja Grid hardware and $300 for the wood. So for $1,100, the whole family can enjoy endless summer nights in the backyard under a beautiful pergola.

Two updates in one post? Yes it is! Tiffany said that painting the pergola black was always the plan but you know… life happens so she waited a year to finish her project. Both versions look good but I like the black version. If you’re thinking about staining your current pergola for a much-needed facelift or plan to DIY it after seeing this, here’s the stain to use. However, if you want some more info check out his post about the whole process here. Also yesterday Tiffany wrote a post about a DIY outdoor movie theater (What can’t this pergola do?)

Now let’s go

Backyard Landscaping Ideas To Inspire You

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