Build Your Own Pantry Shelves

Build Your Own Pantry Shelves

Build Your Own Pantry Shelves – Come see how we managed to turn our boring closet into an organized space with these custom DIY shelves

Thanks so much for all your kind words and feedback on the closet makeover. It’s one of my favorite places in the house. Even though it’s just a closet, I love that everything has a place and will As promised, here’s a super detailed how-to so you can build your own DIY Custom Shelving in a weekend.

Build Your Own Pantry Shelves

Table saw to cut plywood – or do your measurements ahead of time to have Home Depot make the cuts for you

How To Build Floating Corner Pantry Shelves

Then make any repairs you need after removing the shelves. For me, there were so many holes left in the wall after removing the wire shelf because of the wall anchors.

After sanding, I headed to my local Home Depot to my plywood for the new DIY cabinet shelves. I decided that since the wire shelves I removed were a foot deep, I would make my current Zsaq shelves the same depth. The height and width I waited until I got home to determine.

To get the most out of it, I bought ¾ x 4 ft x 8 ft Purebond maple plywood and cut it into several 8 ft tall x 12 in wide pieces., pretty much as much as I could get from each piece for my DIY shelves.

If you decide to pre-spec, you can skip the table saw rental part and have a Home Depot associate make the cuts for you.

Easy Diy Closet Shelves Tutorial

When I got home my first step was to frame the cabinet using this plywood and then build the shelves out of the frame. Since my shelves were 12 inches deep, I also made the sides of my frame 12 inches deep.

To attach the two middle pieces, I used three angle brackets on each. Two on one side and one on the other.

We rented a table saw from the tool rental department at Home Depot to cut our shelves to the sizes needed.

I really didn’t have any specific method behind my heights and placement, but I did know that I wanted each shelf to have adequate spacing between them

Diy Pantry Shelves

To attach the shelves, we cut 1×3 pieces of wood 4 inches on each side and made the back piece the same width as the shelves across the back.

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We then placed the shelf on top and attached the shelf to the 1×3 using the Brad Nails from my Ryobi Power Nail gun and air compressor. I installed the wood pieces first, then went to the top of the shelf and shot the brad nail into the wood piece to make sure everything was nice and secure.

Once all the shelves were attached,  I went in and added strips of mesh to the edges all over the shelf. This gives everything a more finished look.

I then used Kilz Primer to prime the entire cabinet. Make sure this can be done in a LOTS of ventilation, so I highly recommend opening some windows and doors.

Pantry Shelving: Pictures, Options, Tips & Ideas

I let the primer dry overnight and then went in and painted everything using Behr Ultra-Pure White in a satin finish.

I decided that instead of more storage shelves, I wanted to add drawers. This was simple to do.

My cabinet shelves are 12 inches deep and about 18 inches wide from left to right at the middle column. Therefore, the drawers should be 2 inches closer on the front and back and 2 inches closer on the sides.

For example, the width of my column was 18 inches, so I cut my front and back piece of plywood to 16 inches, and for the depth, I cut it two inches shorter than the 12-inch depth, so the sides of the drawer were 10 inches deep. All four pieces are 5 inches tall.

Custom Kitchen Walk In Pantry Shelving Systems

I attached them using a Ryobi nail gun to make a box and then added a piece of plywood to the bottom. I held it in place using a piece of molding I got from the molding section at Home Depot. To make the bottom of the drawer, I cut plywood to fit inside the box and then used pieces of wood cut to fit inside to keep it secure. I grabbed some unfinished wood from the molding section at Home Depot.

To attach the drawers, I used 10 inch side drawer pulls. Installing them was easy just by following the instructions that came with the slides. I then painted the drawers the same white color.

And this is! I stocked the pantry based on my family’s needs. Do you think this is something you are ready to face? Have you ever opened your cupboard to grab a snack and realized you can’t even find what you’re looking for, or maybe you can but you can’t get to it very easily without bumping into something else? We’ve been having this problem lately and can’t help but think that our DIY skills might be the key to better closet organization and possibly even more efficient storage for more storage space. That’s why we’ve been combing the internet lately for different guides and tutorials that might help us fix up the inside of our closet and make it a more efficient space in our home. To be honest, we were very pleased with how many useful resources we found!

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Our cupboards need as many shelves as possible to fit everything we need out of sight, as well as call for the canned food, cereal and coffee your family needs.

How To Build Corner Pantry Shelves

Do you have at least a little experience with simple carpentry and basic wall mounting techniques, but still pretty new to the game in the grand scheme of things? Then we’d definitely recommend taking a look at something like this project from Blesser House. They show you how to make some basic DIY wooden cabinet shelves using a simple bracing system.

If you have a little more woodworking experience than the project above requires and want to put it to good use, then you might be better off checking out this project and the full tutorial detailed on Rmarvids! They guide you step-by-step through their own experience creating strong, heavy-duty poplar cabinet shelves.

Do you have a regular closet in the hallway that you could clean out easily? In that case, we’d definitely recommend checking out this guide from The Turquoise Home that teaches you how to add some simple plank shelves to just about any old closet. This resource is particularly great in the way it deals with the dimensions and shape of the classic wardrobe, making it a bit more universal.

Are you working with a limited space of a unique shape or size that you think would benefit more from a different organization than the plank-style floating shelves you’ve seen so far? Then we’d be willing to bet you’ll do a little better with something like this fully detailed outline featured on Live Pretty on A Penny! They show you how to make your own cubby-style closet insert that will cover the space you’re working with in almost any situation.

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Pantry Cabinet Plans: Pictures, Ideas & Tips From Hgtv

Just because the pantry isn’t a room in your home that is necessarily left exposed when guests come over doesn’t mean it can’t still be beautifully present and match the aesthetic of the rest of your home! For those with a farmhouse-inspired aesthetic, here’s a tutorial from Little Glass Jar that shows you how to install slatted food shelves made from elegantly weathered reclaimed wood that offers a very rustic chic vibe.

The problem you face is that you don’t have a proper wardrobe at all? Well, if you have at least some space to work with

Your appliances or between cabinets, then you may find this resource from Young House Love more helpful than some of the other things we’ve shared here. This guide teaches you in surprisingly simple steps how to build a set of built-in shelves that give you cabinet-like storage right up there or on the walls near your kitchen.

Do you actually live in a slightly older house that has a little 1980s flare to it, right down to the old metal wire shelving in the pantry? Well, there is nothing

How To Build A Custom Pantry — Philip Miller Furniture

By itself, but we’ve lived in places with these shelves in the past and found that most things won’t sit straight or steady on shelves with gaps in them. That’s why we thought this tutorial from DIY Network that teaches you how to replace wire shelves with stronger, more solid wooden ones was such a great idea.

In case you’re still in love with the idea of ​​creating a cabinet that matches the rest of your farmhouse aesthetic, but the particular structure of these shelves doesn’t work for your space,

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