Build Your Own Horse Cart

Build Your Own Horse Cart – The ABSOLUTE first pram, training pram, daily enjoyment driver. The Rebel is comfortable, durable, practical and great looking.

Build your custom Rebel basket: Start with the Rebel that’s the right size for your horse. Before adding to shopping cart, select wheel size and style. The price will be updated automatically. Once your Rebel has been added to the shopping cart, return to the main Rebel page to select options. Each option must be added to the shopping cart separately.

Build Your Own Horse Cart

Shipping: Our strollers are mostly shipped assembled. The seat is removable (4 bolts). The axle inserts are removed (4 bolts). Our carts are customized at our facility for commercial transportation. We offer two shipping options on two-wheeled strollers. 1) Shipping $499 to a business address (must be a commercial location) by dock or forklift. 2) Home delivery $649 with lift gate service. Both priced options will appear at checkout. Contact us for pricing outside the United States.

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Timing: We often have new vehicles in stock for immediate shipment. If we don’t have your order in stock, the average delivery time for new two wheel carts is 120 to 180 days. The average delivery time on four-wheeled wagons is 180 to 220 days.

Rebel – Mini/VSE Size Cart By Frey Carriage Company From $2,895.00 Rebel – Pony Size Cart By Frey Carriage Company From $2,995.00 Rebel – Horse Size Cart By Frey Carriage Company From $3,095.00 Rebel – VSE Mini Pair Cart By Company From $3 $195.00 Rebel Option – Adjustable Cart Stand By Frey Carriage Company $195.00 Rebel Option – Full Custom Color Package By Frey Carriage Company $395.00 Rebel Option – Custom Color Wheels & Seat By Frey Carriage Company $250.00 Frey Carriage Company – Option $250.00 Rebel Company $135.00 Rebel Option – Quick Change Wheel Hubs By Frey Carriage Company $300.00 Rebel Option – Wicker Spares Basket and Mounting Frame By Frey Carriage Company $395.00 Sleigh Runners By Frey Carriage Company $650.00 Sprint/Rebel Shaft Option – Marathon Company $295.00 Sprint/Rebel Option – Marathon Shaft Inserts instead of standard shafts By Frey Carriage Company $100.00

Stay up to date with the latest product releases, special offers and news by subscribing to our newsletter. In filling a niche, we don’t try to be everything to everyone. Instead, we focus on what we do best: making custom horse carts and brooms. And if you need display basket repair and restoration, we can fix your basket too.

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A family business located in Ohio’s largest Amish settlement, Alvin Miller makes the carts and his wife Susan does the upholstery.

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Similar to a new car purchase process, customers choose from a variety of features and have the cart built to specifications. From the spindled seats and decorative wings to the rails, stainless steel steps and closed casters, custom-built show carts are built to last. And special touches like hand-striping elevate the quality and highlight the custom features.

Featuring select hardwoods and quality automotive finishes, these unique buggies are horse-sized and beautifully detailed to show off in the ring or track. Custom built and restored features:

We can also ship defective parts such as brakes, axles, cart axle replacements and wheels anywhere in the United States.

Whether you are looking for a quarter horse view stroller, a high spindle stroller, a dark or any other stroller, contact us today. We build to order and sometimes in as little as four tp six weeks. Terms include half of the order amount and the balance due upon receipt.

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Bedroom sets, rockers, tables and chairs fill the showroom between the owner’s trophy stands from hunting trips and original metal art mixes wood with wrought iron to create an original piece… DIY Horse-Drawn Wagon Is a Ready-to-Roll Bakery Cart A different kind of horsepower rolled into one Vermont town when local baker Erik Andrus built his own old-fashioned delivery wagon.

Bobby the horse waits patiently, attached to the Good Companion Bakery delivery wagon at the farmers market in Vergennes, Vt.

San Antonio Officials Are Trying To Ban Horse Drawn Carriages

I believe that live horse power can be an efficient way to transport local food to market and that more people should adopt this sustainable form of transport. To bring working animals back to city streets, I decided to build a commercial horse-drawn wagon in 2010. My project would allow me to sell bread and produce directly from my wagon parked on the City Green in Vergennes, Vt. ., in the city nearest to my house.

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Building the delivery wagon was fun and combined my love of woodworking with my interest in working with animals. The project took many hours and cost about $2,000 in materials. If I were to build a wagon like this on commission, I would probably charge $4,500.

My family operates Good Companion Bakery on our 110 acre farm just outside of Vergennes, Vt. Sustainable transport of our baked goods, produce and meat to market was one of my motivations for building a wagon.

The hold is equipped with a handmade storage system that allows us to carry 150 pastries, 80 loaves of bread, several boxes of produce and two coolers of frozen meat. We can’t fit that much food in our car! And, unlike our station wagon’s cargo area, which is all curves and wheel wells, I designed our horse-drawn vehicle’s cargo area to perfectly match the type of goods we sell. Each pine cargo box has good clearance and ventilation, and a lip shelf keeps each box comfortable even on the roughest rides.

Hay Making With A Single Horse Part 2

Our wagon is based on designs for a bakery van designed by John Thompson, a British man who made scale drawings and models of horse-drawn vehicles in the 1920s and 30s, when gasoline-powered cars and trucks made horse-drawn transportation obsolete. Thompson designed designs for all types of vehicles, including passenger, furniture delivery trucks, fire engines, hearses and tankers. I chose Thompson’s historic design for a bakery cart because it seemed the right size for the amount of goods we usually took to the farmers market in our car.

The first step in building our horse drawn wagon was choosing the right drive gear (wheels and axles). I wanted the real deal – wooden wagon wheels instead of air tires. Wooden wheels last a long time with proper care and look more appropriate on a cart made from a historic design.

I recycled two wheels, the spring suspension and some wooden parts from an antique delivery wagon and ordered two new wheels from the Witmer Coach Shop of New Holland, Pa. My apprentices and I rebuilt our bakery cart equipment using these cut pieces as well as several custom made wooden parts.

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We used traditional butt-and-tenon joints in the wagon box construction for maximum strength and for rack strength (going off the block) while being dipped on the road. The frame members are all made from solid, locally cut and milled ash. The woodwork for the floors, bench, doors, roof structure and wall framing is also ash, sanded with hand planes and spokes.

The Last Of The Arabbers

We deviated from traditional methods by using plywood for the deck, sides, roof and panels to produce a cheaper, but stronger, wagon. Our bill of materials included one sheet of 4-by-8-inch oak plywood for the panels, four sheets of three-eighths-inch AC-grade spruce plywood, and one three-quarter-inch sheet of CDX-grade plywood for the deck. The plywood floor and sides were bonded to a hardwood frame so that all edges were protected. The overhanging front roof protects the driver from bad weather and was worth the challenge of making a complex plywood curve (we had to cut the plywood into strips).

Early in the build process, we noticed that the boxcar would tilt excessively whenever we added cargo to the back or passengers to the front. We discovered that the old springs removed from the antique delivery wagon could not support the weight of the wagon box – about 500 pounds when empty. Bailey Spring and Chassis in nearby Essex Junction, Vt., made us four new springs. These new springs stiffened the suspension, stabilized the ride and raised the carriage box to a good height so the driver could see better over the horse.

Every horse-drawn wagon needs some way to lift the animals. This type of cart can be equipped with either a central pole for two or more horses, or a pair of axles for a single horse. I decided to use axles, because I thought that driving a single horse would be

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