Build Your Own Custom Cabinets

Build Your Own Custom Cabinets

Build Your Own Custom Cabinets – It’s always fun for me to see people build cool things for their homes and families, especially when they’ve never done it before. Chaz S. is the person who did this. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and a few years ago Chaz decided to get serious about building cabinets for his home. As you can see, he succeeded. It’s a bathroom he built from the ground up. If you’re looking to build custom cabinets for your home, you may be interested in Chaz’s story.

Chaz S., who built the cabinet for the first time. Built a bathroom in his garage in Kansas City. Chaz had never built anything this big before, but it worked really well.

Build Your Own Custom Cabinets

“I’ve never done anything like woodworking before,” Chaz explained when we started together, “but I’ve always wanted to. I figured if I was careful, I could do a decent job and save a bunch of money. That’s why I signed up for your course.” My plan was to start with the bathroom and then build more closets.

How To: Building A Kitchen Island With Cabinets

This is Chaz’s sketch, he and I came up with his unique bathroom concept.

Chaz is one of over a hundred people who took my online cabinet building course last year. It’s called HOW TO BUILD TRADITIONAL CABINETS and he did an amazing job on his first project using the methods I taught. The sketch above is one of several images Chaz took while we were working online, one-on-one.

I got to know Chaz very well because I helped him through his project by giving him personal advice via email and phone, in addition to the plans, illustrations, videos and instructions that make up the course. He was one of those active students who between me received about 60 emails asking questions and seeking clarification during the construction process. The video below is from the course and gives an overview of how my cabinet design was constructed. It’s not complicated, but it’s classic.

Chaz used the same 3/4-“thick birch veneer plywood that I recommended for the base cabinet cabinets, and I helped him figure out how to arrange the drawer holes and face frames to accommodate the sink and shelves as he created his design. To make things a little easier, Chaz decided to paint his cabinet, so he saved money by using poplar for all of the hardwood pieces.

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Garage Storage Cabinets In Ontario

This Chaz’s cabinet is nearing completion. He worked in his garage using basic tools – no frills. He is one of the many people who have had similar results with my course.

Chaz didn’t have many instruments when we started, and he didn’t have a workshop. He built a cabinet in his garage, followed my suggestions for specific models, and bought himself a small portable saw and belt sander. “I don’t have a router, jointer or planer,” Chaz explained, “so I’m really trying to figure out what I need and what methods I’m going to use. I don’t know if I can make the doors myself, at least not the first time.”

FYI, Chaz made his own raised panel doors from scratch using simple carpentry and the bare minimum of tools I recommend. The bevelled corners you see are made using a sharp hand plane – no fancy router table or router bits required. “I loved that I could do it without any special equipment or knives,” Chaz recalls.

He bought several tools based on my recommendations, including a belt sander. My top choice for Chaz was Makita. I bought this same model in the late 1980s and it still works well for me. I also own and recommend the Porter-Cable model. While it’s not as good to use as the Makita, it’s still very good and at a great price. Both of these machines are designed to use 3″ x 21″ belts, which is the common size. Makita actually handles 3″ x 24″ belts well.

Open Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Embrace The Trend

“I’m proud of how the cabinet turned out,” says Chaz. There are a few glitches, but all in all I’m very happy with my first time. The zipper slides were my biggest problem. My next project will be a cabinet for the master bath, which will be a little more complex in design. The two walls of the space meet to form a V, so I’ll need to make a corner unit that fits in the middle of the V.

Chaz is who I make my online courses for, and maybe you are too. You get 42 HOW-TO BUILD videos, detailed plans and instructions, and unlimited one-on-one advice for 30 days after the course starts. Money back guarantee and lifetime access. Have questions about how this all works with my courses? Email me at [email protected].

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Click above to learn more about BUILDING YOUR OWN TRADITIONAL CABINETS and the money back guarantee that comes with it.

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Diy Storage Cabinet With Sliding Doors

Kitchen remodeling with custom cabinets is expensive! But you can save yourself a lot of money by making them yourself.

Building your own wall cabinets is easier than you think! The construction method is similar to building a drawer, only larger.

I’ll show you how to make a DIY wall cabinet out of plywood to create the perfect storage solution for your home! Then learn how to install wall cabinets in this tutorial!

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Frameless Wall Cabinets For Kitchens, Offices, Mudrooms And More

Every space is different, so it’s important to take good measurements and do a quick sketch before building your wall cabinets. Here are a few standard sizes you should consider:

In my kitchen, I built three main cabinets that run along one wall, and also designed wide wall cabinets. There is a 30-inch cabinet on either side, with custom-sized width to fit the space in between. Wall cabinets are 34 inches, which leaves two inches of space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling.

The wall cabinet consists of two sides, top and bottom, shelves and back. If the back is made of thin ¼” material, there are two more wooden strips behind the cabinet to secure it to the wall. See Cabinet Post Parts for more details and diagrams.

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Unless you’re painting the inside of your cabinets, you’ll want to keep the grain of the wood in mind when making your cuts. The grain should run vertically on the sides and back, and horizontally for the top, bottom and shelves.

How To Build A Diy Wall Cabinet

I’m using ¾” prefinished birch plywood for the kitchen cabinets, so I cut two sheets at the lumber yard into manageable pieces. One sheet will be the sides of the cabinets and is cut into 36″ x 48″ pieces. The other sheet is for the top, bottom, and shelves, and 30″ x 48” cut into pieces.

I then cut the cut edges with a 1 inch miter saw to clean them up and get the final length for all the pieces.

Now I place the fence once on the table saw and cut all the sides, top, bottom and shelves to the same width. You can use a miter saw with parallel guides or a miter saw to make these repetitive cuts.

Be sure to label as you go so your pieces don’t get mixed up! I use painter’s tape to keep the marks from peeling off later. Keep the remaining pieces at least 3 inches for nailing strips.

Pros And Cons Of Building Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

There are several different ways to mount the back panel to the cabinet. You can just staple the back, but the nail strips will show on the inside of the cabinet. I like to cut a slot in all the pieces for the back to slide in and then hide the nail cutter strips behind it.

You can cut this slot on a table saw, router, or circular saw or track saw (using an edge drive). I like to use a single blade instead of a dado stack because it’s only a slot

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