Build Your Own Garden Office

Build Your Own Garden Office

Build Your Own Garden Office – What about WFG instead of WFH? It is not easy to say that the pandemic has changed the way we work and where we work. Working from home (WFH), full-time or part-time, has become a reality for many people, but setting up a home office on the dining table or in the spare bedroom is far from the ideal solution.

Homeowners with a garden have another option: WFG (making from a garden). An office in the garden creates a healthy separation between home and work, allowing you to leave the house and all related responsibilities and ‘travel’ a few steps to your work zone where you can fully focus on your work.

Build Your Own Garden Office

If you are tempted by the idea of ​​working from a building in your garden, you are certainly not alone. Indeed, there has been a growing demand for high-end ‘showers’ (shed office) space in UK gardens, particularly in the last couple of years.

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Before starting the actual construction, there is a question of paperwork. Ignore this in your case – in extreme cases, you may be forced to take the building down if it breaks planning rules, which no one wants. The good news is that a stand-alone garden office that is less than 2.5 meters tall and is considered an “incident for residential enjoyment” does not require planning permission.

Before starting construction, always check with your local planning authority to ensure that the works you undertake fall within your permitted development rights. These rights may be restricted if your property is in a conservation area or AONB, or if your home is a listed building. They also do not apply to leased properties.

Also check if you need a party wall deal. The Party Wall Act 1996 applies to brick sheds and garden walls on boundary lines, regardless of whether the wall is part of the building. It also applies to excavations near neighboring property. “For the proposed annex, if there are common or adjoining structures within 3 meters of the foundation and the foundations are deeper than the shared or adjoining one, or if the outer walls of the annex are on the boundary, a notice of wall rule must be submitted under the party,” explains an expert in the field.

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In terms of building regulations, the electricity in your garden must comply with Class P. Furthermore, the Planning Portal considers garden office buildings as buildings, “If you want to install small detached buildings such as a garden shed. Or a summer house in your garden, the building floor is less than 15 square meters. If it is and has no sleeping accommodation, building regulations do not normally apply. If the floor area of ​​the building is between 15 square meters and 30 square metres, you do not need to apply for a building regulations permit as the building has no sleeping accommodation and is at least one meter from any boundary or border. Constructed of non-combustible materials. .

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Investing in a gardening office can take many forms. Perhaps you already have a summer house or garden that can be turned into a fully functional workplace at a relatively low cost? If you choose to go the newer construction route, there are standard, modular, and premium options at every price point.

If you want your finished garden office to have a homely feel, you should pay the same attention to your main house. It’s not so much a matter of bringing the outside in – you’re taking the inside in here. Find an interior plan that you love, that inspires and motivates you to be productive, and that personalizes your new workspace.

From wallpaper or paint to floor finishes, lighting, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories, careful use of decor makes all the difference in creating a peaceful environment where it’s easy to do your best work.

Finally, don’t forget that your new office is surrounded by nature. Here is a golden opportunity to take full advantage of the benefits of adjusting to the natural environment while working.

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Maximize the amount of daylight entering the room through doors and windows and keep them open whenever possible. Bring elements of nature into the office with natural textures, materials and color palettes, as well as real plants. Introducing plants into our homes and offices brings physical and psychological benefits that include lower stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and higher productivity, creativity and overall well-being.

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