Build Your Own Cnc Lathe

Build Your Own Cnc Lathe – The idea for this Instructable was to fulfill my desire for a computer-sized CNC machine. Although it would have been nice to buy a shelf unit, the price issue as well as the size seemed prohibitive. With this in mind I tried to design and build a three axis CNC machine with the following points in mind:

Low cost (this type got away from me though with everything bought off the shelf the cost of all the parts is under $600 (big savings can be made by getting the parts other wise))

Build Your Own Cnc Lathe

Credit to those who have worked to this point (and to show that it can be reproduced) Here are some pictures of some human machines.

What’s The Difference Between Robots And Cnc Machines?

Picture 1 – Chris and his friend put this part together; laser cut parts from half inch acrylic. Not only does it look great, it must weigh a ton. But thankfully, anyone who has worked with acrylic knows that laser cutting is very good but it is a tool that is not very friendly to drilling and there is drilling on many sides in this design. Great job guys, check out more info (and photos including some experiments with circuit boards) on Chris’s blog I really like his work on making 3-d objects from 2d ones (here) .

Photo 2 – Sam McCaskill has finished his computer CNC machine and it looks great. Amazingly he also resisted the urge to hack and cut all his pieces by hand. I am very impressed.

Picture 3 – Angry Monk’s – With pieces of MDF cut on a laser cutting machine and a drive converted from toothed belts to sticks.

Figure 4 – Bret Golab’s – Bret has completed his own and has gone through another step of making it work with Linux CNC (a task I have tried and was hampered by the complexity). If you are interested in his settings you can send him a message ( teaching ID: bretlyssii ) ). Great job Bret!

Cnc Lathe Considerations: Bed Design

(If you built it and would like it featured here, please send me a PM and we can arrange to post photos)

I’m afraid I don’t have the space (or the knowledge for that matter) to go into the basics of CNC here but there are websites I’ve found very useful in my research.

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The goal was to try to keep the necessary tools within the confines of the craft store.

Best 3 Types Of Mini Diy Aluminum Cnc Frames For Building Your Own Cnc Router Machine

The attached PDF (CNC-Part-Summary.pdf) provides detailed cost information and sourcing information for each required part. Listed here is only a summary

48″ x 48″ piece of 1/2″ thick MDF (any 1/2″ can be used I have plans to make my next model out of UHMW but the cost was and a lot at this time.

5″x5″ piece of 3/4″ thick MDF (this is used to make the spacers so any 3/4″ piece available around the shop can be used)

A whole lesson could be written on choosing a controller and cars. In short what is needed is a controller capable of controlling three axes (with pulsed steps and direction guidance) and motors with approximately 100 oz/holding torque. I got mine from they did a great job and the kit was easy to sell. (direct link)

Can You Make Money With A Cnc Machine?

These parts can be found in three places. Common items can be found at Home Depot, automotive specialty products are readily available at any industrial supplier, I used McMaster Carr ( (I chose them because they have a store and good online) , and finally due to the large number of bearings needed I found the best price from an online seller ( who sells 100 for $40 ( leaves a few left over for other purposes) ( direct link )

What is needed is a program to draw your designs (I use CorelDraw), and a program capable of converting these files into pulses to be sent to your controller. I’m currently using a trial version of Mach3 ( ) but I have plans to switch to LinuxCNC (Open source machine running linux) ( )

I have a dremel type cutting tool installed on my machine however if you are interested in additional construction (such as fab@home or RepRap) you may wish to check out their deposition tools.

Metric units and especially the cross nuts are not very popular and I had to visit several Home Depots in my area before I had a fit.

How To Make A Three Axis Cnc Machine (cheaply And Easily)

I couldn’t find a way to link to the features directly on MCMaster Carr’s website. To find them go to and look for the part #.

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I have had experience with Scroll Sawing pieces so I prefer to use glue in a pattern. All you need to do is print the PDF pattern files onto the tile sheets, then glue to each pattern, and cut out each piece.

(note: I added a DXF version of the 0.5″ MDF pattern in this step (DXF-05-MDF-SimpleDXF.dxf) I removed the cross-drilled holes and writing from this file to make it a manageable size, if anyone Anyone who would like other images in a different format or to include different information please drop me a line and I’ll do my best)

(note: I’ve included the original CorelDraw format images in a zip file (CNC-CorelDrawFormat-CutPatterns(Rev2).zip) for anyone who wishes to make a modification)

Cnc 3018pro Full Metal 500w Spindle Kit Cnc Router Milling Carving Machine Diy

(UPDATE: There is now a selection of 0.5″ MDF layer patterns, you can download a single file (CNC-0.5MDF-CutLayout-(Rev3).pdf ) containing 35 8.5″x11″ sheets of certified, or you can download one. file (CNC-(One 48×48 Page) 05-MDF-CutPattern.pdf) with the entire layout on one 48″x48″ page to print on a large format printer or tile yourself)

5.Check to make sure that the file did not exist by mistake to make this measurement ruler printed on one page of each pattern (make sure that it corresponds to (I didn’t do this the first time and accidentally printed a copy 90% larger than this later)

2. For the aluminum tube the pattern must be glued on both sides. If the Tube is flat on the table and you stick the patterns of A on the top side of B they can be stuck on the other side of the faces.

I must apologize at this point for giving in to the urge to cheat. As mentioned earlier I accidentally printed my first pattern at 90% size. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this until this point. So, I had 90% of the pieces and after traveling across the country, I was now close to a full size CNC router table. I gave in and cut my pieces with this machine. However it couldn’t drill the holes back to the actual steps (that’s why all the parts from here on out don’t have paper patterns on them)

Diy Cnc Router: How To Build Your Own Cnc Router

I haven’t read but this project needs a lot of holes. The holes drilled into the end of the material are very important, so take your time, you’ll be glad you did later when you need to use a rubber mallet less.

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The areas with the holes that overlap are attempts to make grooves if you have a table router that would work well for this.

If you’ve made it this far I have to offer my thanks and suggest that it only gets better from here. When you look at a pile of pieces showing how it can be turned into a machine it can be a bit confusing so I tried my best to make the instructions as close as possible to those produced by LEGO. (can be downloaded from the attached CNC-Assembly-Instructions.pdf pdf). But for fun on the road here is the time to put together my machine.

Almost there. All that is required is to connect the motors to the controller according to their instructions, and to create your own control software using the included instructions and the machine specifications included here in step 2.

Buying A Lathe: The Basics

There you are hopefully done and ready to go into production. I hope I didn’t leave out any important information but if you think of something you would like to know that I have left out please just ask. Finally showing that it all works with a video of my machine cutting a pattern out of pink foam. [ModHappy] recently accepted the challenge of designing and building a CNC machine with inexpensive and readily available hardware.

As he was walking around the store he saw the plumbing island and started playing with the PVC pipes on the floor, much to the confusion of the store staff. He had the frame built, but he still needed a way to achieve linear motion. His calls were answered at the electrical island, where he used conduit-mounts for the wall! They only needed a small change from holding the pipe, to sliding into it. A few fasteners later, some motors from the broken scanner, a CD-ROM drive for the z-axis, the rest were hacked together.

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