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Best Present For Baby Shower

Do you have a newborn gift that you always give? Or gifts that were so thoughtful and unique? Newborn babies are so special—time for fun and thoughtful gift giving, so we’ve rounded up two dozen of our favorite gift ideas to share with you. With ideas that range from soft and cuddly to useful, durable, practical, handmade, smart, memorable and heirloom-worthy. These are the gifts we love and they are winners! We hope our ideas inspire your gift ideas. And of course, we’d also love to hear what your favorite gift (and get!) for newborns is.

Baby Shower Gifts In 2023

Ps The little pictures are of my sleepy 3 month old son, (taken almost a year ago!) playing with one of our favorite newborn gifts we got, which was a brilliant gift. It’s a wooden Heimess playset and was originally a newborn gift for her sister, but it was a treasured item for both children in their first year of life. The shapes, colors and little jingle bell will entertain the smallest newborn, and it’s so portable that you can easily change rooms and use it on the sofa / floor / bed / outdoor picnic blanket. Then, as the baby grows, they begin to grasp the rings and bells, and soon they will engage, sit up under them, and eventually be supported as a walker. Its design is ideal, not only can its height be changed as it grows, but fortunately it can also be easily stored, but you just have to twist the wooden bars and store it in a small place. An ideal gift that will last throughout the first year and look beautiful at home. A really great gift! What are good baby shower gifts, Mother’s Day gifts or unique baby shower gifts especially for moms? I have asked this question countless times over the years.

As a mom of seven (9 total from our 2 miscarriages), I’m pretty much an expert on what expectant moms really want and need.

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Shopping for the holiday season? Don’t worry, these gifts can also make great holiday gifts! Whether it’s your family members, first-time moms, your best friend, or an experienced mom like me, I’ll help you find the perfect gift for a new mom.

After you’ve got something for mom, be sure to check out our list of the best baby shower gifts for 2023 and find a gift for baby too!

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I’ve put together a list of over 50 great gifts for new moms that every new mom will love!

Trying to put healthy food on the table as a newborn can sometimes be a huge challenge! A restaurant gift card can be a huge help! Mums (and dads) can then choose a takeaway service if baby doesn’t like the car seat, or take the family out to eat if they feel like it.

This is a very practical gift, which is also a great help, whether it is a first-time mom or a “mom-professional” like me.

A new mom probably isn’t ready to hit the spa a week after giving birth, but a massage a few weeks after giving birth can be a great way to relieve stress and tension.

Baby Shower Gift Wrap

Many new moms find that the long hair they once loved is just “another thing to do” when they’re rushing out the door with a baby. The gift voucher for mom’s favorite hairdresser can also be used for a new, easier to style hairdresser!

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory – new moms love a clean house, but it’s hard to find the time. A cleaning service gift card would be a welcome gift for most new moms! Personally, I think this is a perfect baby shower gift for expectant mothers!

If you don’t have to worry about cleaning your home, you’ll have a lot more time to cuddle with your new bundle of joy!

This is especially good for a mother who already has 1 or more children. When you have kids, the thing is, the car gets dirty very quickly and sometimes it’s hard to find time to clean it! A nice, freshly equipped vehicle will certainly help the mother to be ready for the new baby and free herself from a task that is also quite difficult to do in the third trimester!

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Best Baby Gifts For Parents Of Twins

Have you tried painting your toenails when you are 9 months pregnant? This is not easy! It’s a great way to treat a mom-to-be before the big day!

When my first daughter was born, I spent all my extra money on items for her, neglecting myself and my needs. This included things that would have made breastfeeding SO much easier for me.

It’s also been my experience that most people don’t buy nursing supplies for a new mom. I don’t know if they just find it embarrassing or because it’s not as “fun” as picking out baby clothes, but nursing accessories are useful and much needed if a mom plans to breastfeed her baby.

These nursing tanks aren’t cheap (at all), but I’ve found them to be much more supportive and better quality than other nursing bras and tanks I’ve tried.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For New Moms

With my first daughter, I splurged on one for myself, which I wash almost constantly, so I could wear it a lot. Since they are a little more expensive, a new mom might not buy this for herself, but she will LOVE it if you buy it for her, trust me!

You will use these so much in your baby’s first year. These nursing tanks provide easy access to breastfeed while helping to keep mommy warm in the colder months because her stomach is always covered (which is one of the reasons I love them).

Of course, you need to know her size, so either ask her or her husband for that information, or give her a gift card on the Bravado website so she can buy the right size herself. You should also check whether or not you like organic cotton (don’t worry, there are some organic cotton options!).

You can also check the nursery register to see if they have a nursing bra/tank. I’ve added some Bravado nursing containers to my own Target baby registry!

Gerber Baby Boys Newborn Shower Gift Set, 20 Piece (newborn 0/6 Months)

Lansinoh makes these amazing hot/cold packs that you can buy on Amazon that are designed for breastfeeding moms called LansinohTheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy. I have found these invaluable in the early days and weeks of breastfeeding! They can also be used later as a cold pack for burns, bumps and bruises.

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It is not uncommon for new mothers to have trouble maintaining their milk supply (or, if necessary, increasing it). This tea available on Amazon is an easy and delicious way for moms to do just that! I found everything from Earth Mama to be top quality!

I’ve used a lot of nursing pads over the years and I have to say that reusable pads are my favorite. They are softer, and you only have to buy them once, and then you can use them again and again. Bamboo, which you can buy on Amazon, is definitely a favorite brand for nursing moms!

A new mom’s nipple can take a beating (and a bite!). Earth Mama organic nipple butter is my favorite way to soothe them!

Best Baby Shower Gifts For Mom That She’ll Surely Appreciate (2021)

Breastfeeding moms need to drink more to maintain their milk supply. I find that filling a glass to take around the house makes me more apt to drink more each day. Lately, I’ve been really into GoSili’s silicon cups.

The straws make it easy to feed while breastfeeding and the lid means less mess if my kids accidentally knock it over. Plus, unlike many stainless steel tumblers, this one goes right in my dishwasher!

When you’re breastfeeding, you find yourself sitting for long periods of the day feeding your baby.

Even if you’re not breastfeeding, you may find yourself awake at 2 a.m. with a baby having one of those sleepless nights, or in the afternoon just cuddling with your sleeping baby on the couch. For a new mom, subscribing to a streaming service to binge watch a new or favorite show is great!

Homemade Baby Shower Gifts … Make A Special Diy Newborn Gift

Similar to the streaming service, if mom-to-be doesn’t like watching TV, she can instead subscribe to a favorite magazine that she can read while breastfeeding. Parents magazine is great for new moms!

Sometimes I use a cover when I’m in public and

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