Best Gaming Desk From Ikea

Best Gaming Desk From Ikea – How to make the perfect gaming station? This is what we aimed for with the FREDDE table by researching competitive games and asking our own gamer designer.

The workstation is extremely comfortable while working because the contoured tabletop allows you to sit snugly and supports your wrists and forearms.

Best Gaming Desk From Ikea

Keep your coffee, drink or snacks nearby in the cut-out cup holders on either side of the table top. The cup holders are made of food grade plastic.

The 25 Best Corner And L Shaped Gaming Desk For 2023 Gamers

Wonderful gaming table. I bought it for my 7-year-old son in Nosaiba. Everyone in the house wants one now. I was very impressed with it.5

Big BargainKim Loved this desk and had been waiting for it to be in stock since November or December of last year. The price increased by $70. I still like the desk, but it’s not good for a mid or full tower. You should put it next to the desk. I was hoping that one of the lower shelves could be lowered so that it could sit under the computer, but that is not possible. It is also much heavier than expected and it took two people to put it together. 4

Works great Tanis It was very easy to put together and works great for what you need. I like the adjustability of the small shelves. The only problem is that the side parts are thin metal and like to pop off every now and then. (It is only used for the appearance, so it does not affect anything)4

The RockRectrnyl I bought and assembled is mostly fine due to serious engineering issues, the instructions were…interesting. A few steps that honestly shouldn’t have been needed (steps 10 and 17 are weird and not necessary if you just install the crossbar correctly…), but the real problem is with the bottom shelves. The bottom shelves are not suitable for supporting the weight of a full tower or bottom shelf because they are not properly secured as they are not connected to the rear cross member. Huge oversight and now I have to decide whether to reinforce the shelves or restore this engineering error mess. Great for mid and lower towers. Not at all acceptable for the weight of the entire tower.2

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The Ultimate Setup With Ikea Desk For Gaming

I wish the Rallyrahulthe table was in white, good quality for its price. Ideal for those who work on an external monitor. The frame is light and vibrates when the printer works. That’s okay though. Not too much storage stuff. I like my comfortable, wide, elbow-rest cut-out workstation. I wish it was white in stock. , please make white pieces.4

Love itsm12012After much consideration and searching, we bought this desk for my husband. He plays computer games, but he also needed a suitable workstation. A lot of desks on the market right now seem to be either very minimalist laptop desks, classic style wooden desks that look good but are quite expensive and less functional (unless you buy storage accessories), or super expensive professional executive corner desks. this is much more than we need. For us, it’s the sweet spot of form, price, and function. He really liked the desk already in storage, and after building it at home, he absolutely fell in love with his new command post. It’s a functional, rugged beast, and the all-black styling matches all of our PC peripherals. Advantages: – Customizability – all the shelves can be arranged as desired or left out completely. Plus, you can place the PC tower on either side (the other shelf becomes storage), which is perfect. -Size – by no means a small desk, but not massive either. Perfect work surface size to have space for both PC peripherals and papers. One of the shelves is located lower, a few centimeters above the surface, which can be used as a monitor holder, a place for speakers, etc. works and frees up space under the shelf for papers and other small items. The small notch in the front allows you to lean further when you want, and the keyboard height is just right for both of us (I’m 5’9, he’s 6’1). A small person might be a bit overwhelmed by a desk like this, but for a bigger guy like him, he feels it suits him well. -Quality – The desk is extremely strong and of high quality, very well designed. Solid feel and not cheap at all. It took him and his father about 2 hours to build. -Design Touches – lots of little details that add icing on the cake, like the little buttons on the headphones, dual cup holders, cable routing holes on *both* sides (surprisingly hard to find). Cons – Cost – costs more than a simple laptop desk, but worth it in our opinion. – It’s a bit difficult to build without text, just pictures (but that’s the case with almost all furniture) Note – the boxes (there are 2) are quite large, they *just* fit in our small hatchback, with the seats folded down and stretched sideways across the full width of the car. I don’t think it would fit in a sedan where the seats don’t fold flat or the opening between the trunk and back seat isn’t the full width of the car. So if you have a smaller vehicle, be sure to measure it.5

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A great choice for gamers.RLabelle.They love this desk for desk work or even computer games because of its desk ergonomics. If anyone is looking for a gaming table, I suggest you look into this little one.5

Terrible installation KseniaKen the table has very bad engineering. This is the first time I have been so disappointed with a product. 1

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It was great.Dare454 I’ve had this desk for 6-7 years and it’s still worked well, but I’m getting a little tired of not having enough space for my computer. The biggest thing is the small front cutout in front of where you would sit. I guess this is intentional so you have room to look for anything under the table. This cutout would force me to pull my chair forward a bit, causing me to stare closely at my computer monitor after a while. Sometimes I also needed more space to draw/note directly in front of me, but I couldn’t help but position myself to one side, which is still not a lot of space, especially with cup holders in the way. The only thing with this desk is that it’s big and one of those desks where you have to take it all apart to move it to another room, unless you have a very wide door. It does have a ton of benefits though, and my favorites are the lower and upper storage shelves and the cable management options to tie things up. Not to mention the frames are also magnetic which allowed me to hang things which was amazing. I will miss the features of this desk, but not so much the lack of space. I decided to switch to Idasen which is much better for my posture. Overall, still a great desk, but not for me anymore.4

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Lt505 I bought and assembled it the other day, and while I really like the end product, it was way more trouble than it needed to be. Unnecessary assembly steps, screws had to be thrown out and replaced with better quality ones (I’ll never understand why robertson screws aren’t standard) and the side panels were warped and couldn’t be installed at all, although I prefer the look without them anyway. Despite the assembly issues, the finished product is clean-looking, roomy and quite sturdy. If you’re looking for a good gaming or desk, this is a good choice for the price, especially when compared to other gaming desks in the same price range.4

Terrible qualityJo5555The machining quality of the screws is the worst I have ever seen, making the build process a nightmare. The only advantage of this table is that you will need a nuke to dismantle it.1

Great Desksasseli for my teenage son’s room who is a gamer and collects manga. It fits everything you own and then some! It looks great and ticked all the boxes I wanted in a multi-function desk. The only thing I would mention as a negative are the side shelves. It’s not that easy to fit in place, and once installed, it doesn’t hold that well. It wasn’t a deal breaker for us, but I wanted a simpler task and if they were on the unit.4

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If you don’t play computer games yourself, you probably have kids. The game is booming all over the world, and of course the furniture designed for it must be provided. So how can gamers set up a gaming station to create this immersive gaming experience, what do they need to feel comfortable and supported while playing? We had to know when creating the FREDDE table. How did we know? We asked a player.


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