Aftermarket Windshield Vs Oem

Aftermarket Windshield Vs Oem

Aftermarket Windshield Vs Oem – Covid-19 Security Update – Get up to $500 Cash Back based on make and model and insurance. CALL FOR A FREE AUTO GLASS QUOTE: (800) 631-2099

When it comes to windshields, there are three main options available: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), dealer, or aftermarket. But which should you choose? We answer this question and more as we explore the pros and cons of each in this blog post. From cost differences to durability comparisons, you’ll get a clear understanding of what you need when it comes to choosing a windshield for your vehicle. Make sure you are informed so you can make the best decision for your needs!

Aftermarket Windshield Vs Oem

Ensuring proper visibility and safety for people inside a vehicle is one of the most important parts of the vehicle’s structure. Original equipment manufacturers, dealers, and aftermarket glass are the main types of windshields that manufacturers supply. The windshield is considered dealer glass when you buy a car for the first time. Instead, they outsource their glass needs to another manufacturer and install it in new cars as they are built.

Decoding Your Car’s Windshield

If a replacement is needed, an aftermarket or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass is installed. Many of the glass companies that manufacture aftermarket glass are from China, Japan and Taiwan. It is important to know the differences between the three main types of glass when it is time to replace the windshield.

Yes, aftermarket windshields are just as good as original equipment. With all the different options and brands available, it’s important to do your research before choosing a product or manufacturer for your window.

Safelite manufactures its own windshields, but is not considered an OEM. They may have legally manufactured these windshields, but that doesn’t mean the quality is the same.

A good windshield for your Jeep Wrangler will be thick, color match your vehicle, be shaped like your original windshield and also have the same brand. Auto manufacturers commonly place OEM glass under their brand names. Stamping will likely appear on the back of this type of glass.

Oem Vs. Aftermarket Parts: When One Makes More Sense For Your Car

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. Here’s what to consider when deciding which solution best suits your needs.

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First, OEM versions of Windows are only available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who will pre-install it on their own PCs and laptops. This means that they are generally cheaper than retail versions, as the original equipment manufacturer is responsible for its own procurement and packaging costs. It also means that you only have a limited selection of OEM versions available when it comes to finding one.

On the other hand, retail versions of Windows are sold directly by Microsoft or their authorized resellers. They come with their own installation discs and a product key, and you can purchase them from a wide variety of sources. Retail versions are typically more expensive than OEM versions as they require additional packaging and support services.

When it comes to performance, both types of Windows should run similarly. However, retail versions may have some additional features or functions that are not included in the OEM versions. This could include things like better security or more up-to-date drivers.

Memphis Shades 21 In. Dark Black Smoke Replacement Windshield

Finally, it is important to consider any additional costs associated with each type of Windows. For example, if you buy retail, you may need to purchase additional hardware such as a product key card to get full features and support.

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Oem Vs Aftermarket Windshields

Learn the dos and don’ts of rainy day windshield maintenance to keep your car in top shape.

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Nothing is more frustrating than getting a chip or crack in your windshield. Taking the time to get it fixed can mean setting aside some of your hardest days and dealing with expensive repairs – and that’s all before you even begin to consider how long it will take to fix the problem. The good news is that if you know the steps to take to repair your windshield, the repair process can be faster and cheaper than you might think. That’s why we’ve created this guide on how to quickly and cost-effectively repair your windshield when you’re faced with a sudden chip or crack.

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Instant Quotes And Costs On Windshield Replacement Services

Learn the difference between laminated and toughened auto glass and find out which type is best for your vehicle.

We use Covid-19 safety guidelines – Get up to $150 based on insurance, make and model CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE: (800) 631-2099Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) auto differs from Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) – commonly called “aftermarket ” ” — in that OEM is basically identical to the original windshield for your car make and model. While OEE is expected to have the same specifications, it is produced by independent manufacturers who cannot legally produce identical ones, and therefore will not have the exact look, quality or durability. [1]

When considering replacing the car, there are many different factors that you will consider. One of these is the cost of the new windshield. Some insurance companies will cover windshield repair or replacement, depending on the policy you have, but others won’t pay for a new car, or even to have chips or cracks repaired. [2] By reading your policy carefully and/or talking to your agent, you can find out if auto repair is covered or if you have to pay for it out of pocket. However, don’t base your OEM decision on cost alone. Consider the other factors that may influence your decision.

A new windshield can improve the look of your car as well as make it safer to drive. Severe damage to the windshield can make it harder to see where you’re going, putting you and other drivers on the road at risk. When choosing between OEM and aftermarket, remember that thickness and durability are very important in a windshield. An aftermarket option might get you a lower auto quote, but it might also get you a thinner windshield that won’t hold up to damage as well. [3]

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Windshield Repair And Replacement

An OEM windshield is less likely to crack, chip, or damage, and it may also be less likely to leak when it rains—which is especially important if you live in a rainy climate. Leaking windshields can damage the interior of a car, so there’s no point in having your new windshield installed just to have it cause additional problems. When your windshield leaks, it is an indication that it is not properly sealed, which can affect safety in the event of an accident. By choosing OEM, you lower your risk of these kinds of problems.

Another problem with aftermarket windshields is that they often don’t look exactly the same as their OEM counterparts. They must have the same basic shape and size to fit the car, but they can have a different color, shade or thickness. [4] A noticeable difference in how the windshield looks can affect other people’s perception of quality, which can be a problem when you decide to sell or trade in your car. The tint or color of the windshield can create glare, making it harder to see properly in all driving conditions.

With OEM, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It looks and feels identical to what came with the car when you bought it from the dealer. Most people who need a windshield replacement don’t think about getting aftermarket parts, but you can educate yourself about OEM and the value you get by requesting it. Don’t let the auto repair shop talk you into getting something less than what you prefer. By making sure your auto quote states OEM, you know exactly what you’re getting.

If you lease a car and need a car replacement, read your lease contract carefully. Many of these contracts specify that OEM is the only acceptable option if windshield repair is required. [5] Other leases do not have this clause and are not as specific. With that in mind, you don’t want to install an aftermarket windshield on your leased car and end up with a big fine. After reviewing your lease, call the dealer with any questions to avoid making a serious mistake

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