Aftermarket Gpu Heatsink

Aftermarket Gpu Heatsink – The third installment of this series concludes with two GPU cards; So we’re going to take it out here today. in particular, We’ll have to see the back cover.

In the beginning, Backplanes are mostly used on cards with RAM on the back side of the PCB and are used primarily to cool the memory. The HD 3870 X2 is a good example.

Aftermarket Gpu Heatsink

In this card, The backplate also reinforces the PCB rigidity – look at the black section that bends at 90 degrees and covers the top edge of the PCB.

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The backplate on the HD 4870 X2 isn’t much different, but a look at its successor, the HD 5970, shows you that aesthetics were also part of the designers’ concerns. Because it covers almost the entire back of the card, It also provides physical protection.

The Toxic version of the HD 5970 has a similar backplane to the reference card, but the cooler is larger. This is the Arctic Accelero Xtreme, an evolution from what can be seen on the HD 2900 XT. This is the latest version of this conditioner: the latest version of the Accelero Xtreme looks almost identical on the outside.

The introduction of the HD 5xxx series was also an important moment for backplates, as it introduced them to single-GPU high-end cards here.

With the HD 6xxx comes a different approach to dual GPU cards. Before, there were two chips and a fan on the back. This causes hot air from the first chip to raise the temperature of the second.

Custom Heatsink/cooler Combo Yields Temp Drops Of ~10c On Vram / ~4c On Gpu (zotac Rtx 3090)

The new setup introduced a fan in the center and two chips on the periphery of the PCB.

This design reduces the temperature of the GPUs, but increases the overall temperatures inside the PC chassis. Hot air from one GPU is blown out of the case, but heated air from the second GPU goes back inside.

Actually, the Spitfire is designed to be placed perpendicular to the card, has a large heat dissipation surface and is designed to accommodate a 140mm fan.

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Unfortunately, The dual design of this cooler prohibits the use of heatsinks for the top VRAM class – the heatpipes almost touch the chips.

Up Your Game

Another interesting Thermalright solution is its cooling for the back of the card. It’s designed to cool the main graphics card further and cool the GPU directly from the back side of the PCB.

The next part of this series will cover the interesting HD 79xx series cooler and another legendary follow-on GPU cooler.

One of two hobbyist overclockers from Poland who broke the 8 GHz CPU clock barrier. hardware enthusiast and collector; Ambassador of the PCMasterRace philosophy; You can find ivanov’s fanpage here. So you’ve completed your PC build and launched yourself into the world of intense gaming. You’ll have fun playing offline campaign games or living in more competitive MOBA or FPS games. Your PC suddenly starts working; You have a GPU heating problem on your hands. Suddenly your stock GPU cooling solution isn’t enough. All of the above may sound like a nightmare or something, but if this is the case for you or if you start seeing peak temperatures for your GPU. The best GPU cooling options have your back.

There is a product in this world called GPU cooler. They act like CPU coolers in terms of cooling the hardware down to a working temperature. GPU coolers are Air Coolers, It comes in various forms such as All in one (AIO) coolers or blowers. Air conditioners have their own heating elements; Similar to CPU coolers with pipes and fans. Blowers work by pumping in and pushing out hot air. They are used in very basic situations and will work like existing GPU fans. AIO coolers are liquid-cooled and radiator-equipped, and they are top-of-the-line products that must be used with care and in more extreme cases.

Stock Cpu Cooler Vs Aftermarket

This is a surprising topic and most of us don’t even need aftermarket GPU coolers. If your GPU is overheating and you don’t want to spend too much on upgrading to a new GPU. You’re in luck, because today we’re going to review some of the best GPU cooling options you can buy right now.

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Before we were We would like to offer suitable alternatives to replace your OEM GPU cooler with an aftermarket solution. Try changing your heated paste and see if that helps. Try setting up custom fan profiles. If you are still not satisfied, Some GPUs like the RTX 3080 are compatible with custom water blocks, so you may want to try water cooling your GPU. If that’s not enough, I don’t know what is. Liquid nitrogen? today We will help you find a graphics card overheating solution (GPU Cooler) for you. Let’s start our batch,

Dimensions: 288 x 104 x 54 mm | Compatibility: Nvidia GeForce; AMD Radeon | Noise level: 23.5 – 25 dBA | Fan size: 3 x 92 mm | Fan speed: up to 2000 rpm

The first product on our list is another cold-related product from the Arctic. The company has made some of the most iconic cooling solutions in the PC industry over the past few years. The heat of the Arctic is legendary. Rest assured that the Arctic Accelero Xtreme 4 has good reasons to be at the top of our Best GPU Coolers list. It is a must have Air cooler that comes at an amazing and affordable price.

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The Arctic Accelero IV is one of the highest thermal performance GPU coolers in the brand. With a three-fan cooling system. Arctic Accelero IV ensures that your GPU does not overheat. This keeps the GPU’s heat level down without you stressing it. One of the key features that makes it a truly cool product is its silent performance. With tri fan cooling it seems to be noisier at the level of cooling it provides. But this time was one of silent conditioning.

A six-year warranty proves the strength and durability of the Accelero IV. A six-year warranty is also a big plus for such a reasonably priced product. Many low-priced products often sacrifice quality to keep the price low; It’s no different from the Arctic, as the six-year warranty shows.

Arctic is a very reliable name in the cold market. Their products are always the most ordered and the Accelero IV is no exception to that. It’s a high-performance air cooler that’s recognized as one of the best overall GPU cooling options for GPUs, giving it an edge over other coolers that can match performance at an affordable price.

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Dimensions: 201 x 113 x 32 mm | Compatibility: Nvidia GeForce; AMD Radeon | Noise level: 23.5 – 25 dBA | Fan size: 1x 92 mm | Fan speed: up to 1500 rpm

Zotac Gtx 1060 Mini + Raijintek Morpheus Ii Aftermarket Gpu Cooler

NZXT is one of the most popular PC component manufacturers in the world right now. They make some of the best and highest quality products out there. NZXT’s PC casings are some of the best-fitting in the world. NZXT has been investing its energies into cooling matters and they have some great products. Their RGB fans are some of the best, and now we have their very popular NZXT Kraken G12. It’s a pretty cool liquid cooler (which is to be expected).

The NZXT Kraken G12 is a very affordable setup. Converting it to an AIO liquid cooler is expensive. You need to buy a separate AIO cooler from one of the many Kraken X series coolers. About 30 different coolers can be paired with the G12. This gives users many options when choosing which AIO cooler to attach to your GPU.

The biggest compromise you’ll need to complete your AIO GPU cooler when you buy the Kraken G12 mounting kit is the high price. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is the best thermally efficient GPU cooler out there as far as performance goes. NZXT lived up to its reputation and produced another high-end cooler, although the premium price made people hesitant about the product. For NZXT loyalists; This is the best AIO Mount for GPU Cooler.

Dimensions: 154×120×27mm | Compatibility: RTX 20 series; 10 series AMD 5000 Series | Noise level: 25 dBA | Fan Size: 120mm | Fan speed: 800-2000RPM

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ID-Cooling’s name wouldn’t carry that much weight on a list that featured big names like NZXT and Arctic. Not if you’re alone.

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