Aftermarket Kawasaki Parts

Aftermarket Kawasaki Parts

Aftermarket Kawasaki Parts – DPP Releases Fancy Billet Aluminum Parts for Kawasaki Z900RS Add some retro refinements to the already dapper Z900RS.

The Kawasaki Z900RS is a favorite among retro fans looking for a bike that looks the part, but is packed with just the bare essentials when it comes to modern-day technology. As with all neo-retro offerings on the market, a vast aftermarket exists for the Kawasaki Z900RS—with accessories ranging from all-out performance to pure aesthetics.

Aftermarket Kawasaki Parts

Speaking of aesthetics, the beauty of neo-retro machines like the Kawasaki Z900RS lies not only in their classic styling but also in how easy they are to customize. Aftermarket parts are so plentiful that the sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing your bike. To add to the already wide selection of accessories, Dice Performance Parts (DPP) has released a set of billet aluminum accessories for Kawasaki’s powerful neo-retro roadster. Called “Billet Parts Series for Z900RS”, the catalog comes with a selection of bolt-on accessories to give the bike a more custom and bespoke look.

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Headquartered in Vietnam, DPP has beautifully crafted billet parts that include engine hangers, frame caps, engine protectors and handlebar clamps, all stylized to match the factory design of the Kawasaki Z900RS. For starters, the engine hanger gets faux cooling fins that allow it to blend seamlessly with the engine. Furthermore, it gives the illusion of size, making the Z900RS look bigger than it already is.

Next, simple yet tasteful frame caps made from billet aluminum were released. It does a great job of cleaning up the look of the frame by covering exposed bolts—perfect for those who want their bikes to look as clean as possible. Engine protectors and sliders abound for the Z900RS, however, DPP’s alternative is a perfectly styled piece that offers plenty of protection. It features billet-machined left and right engine case protectors, complete with cooling fins to match the style of the previously mentioned engine hangers, and the engine itself.

Last but not least, a beautiful billet aluminum complete with the Kawasaki logo prominently machined into the top of the handlebar clamp completes the billet aluminum collection for the Z900RS. It bolts directly onto the stock handlebar risers, giving it a very clean aesthetic. As for pricing, the engine hanger set retails for 76,780 yen ($560 USD), while the frame set goes for 18,480 yen ($135 USD). The engine protectors retail for 27,280 yen ($199 USD), and the handle clamp has a sticker price of 12,980 yen ($95 USD). Most aspects of motorcycle design have come a long way since the 70s. It has not. Take indicators for example. On many modern bikes, we still see big blinkers that stick out like the arms of babies with clenched fists. Then there are the run of the mill large round plastic mirrors, the obligatory pea cup brake reservoirs and oversized fenders. These are the areas most aftermarket brands focus on improving, and Italian parts specialist Rizoma is leading by example. The latest addition to the Rizoma catalog is this range of aftermarket parts for the Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe.

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Now don’t get me wrong, the Z900RS Cafe is a great looking machine. There is always room for improvement and Rizoma has done just that with some subtle changes. Like all products in their range, the parts are milled from aluminum and finished to exacting standards. To showcase the range Rizoma have built their own custom Z900RS Cafe which features all new parts and is finished using the traditional all-black scheme.

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The Rizoma Z900RS Cafe wears parts created specifically for the model and several universal application components. Zed specific items include a set of ‘retro race’ handlebars that are lower than the stock version. These can be paired with Rizoma Pro rearsets to set up a more aggressive riding position. Rizoma has lightened the bike’s front look with a shortened aluminum fender and at the rear, there is a neat tail tidy kit. Crash protection was added by developing inconspicuous guards for the engine and rear axle, and the standard fuel cap was swapped for a race-style keyless filler.

Universal Rizoma components on the demo bike include retro-style Urlo grips, adjustable clutch and brake levers, milled alloy fluid reservoirs and lower profile mirrors. While they look better than most, the LED indicators on the Z900RS look too modern for their application. Rizoma solved this by using their low profile retro style club indicators. Lastly, the bike wears a set of Pro-Guard System lever guards, a product launched by the Rizoma brand. All of these items can be exchanged for different versions from the Rizoma catalog and are all bolt-on applications.

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Aside from the striking black color scheme, the changes to the Rizoma Z900RS Cafe are subtle, but, as Rizoma knows well, it’s the small details that make a big difference. Along with their Z900RS Cafe Rizoma, BMT R has developed parts for other modern classics like the Nine T Racer, Triumph Thruxton R and Ducati Scrambler. Click the button below to view a wide range of Rizoma Universal Application parts. Z Racing Parts specializes in the air-cooled Z series, but they are sometimes asked to build custom machines for the GSX-S Katana series and water-cooled. Models as a custom shop. In this project, ZRX1200R was chosen as the base machine. Without modifications and enhancements this bike cannot exhibit the same performance as the current model. Based on this, they did not strengthen the frame, which is a standard plan for customizing an old motorcycle. The engine is not heavily overhauled to restore reliability or increase the bore size for more power. Instead, an OEM ZZR1200 piston and camshaft were used to further improve performance at high-rpm. Furthermore, the intake and exhaust systems have been modified to improve response to a level unmatched by the stock setup. Meanwhile, the front and rear suspensions were strengthened with Ohlin shocks and Brembo radial-mount brake calipers for a sportier riding. The new brake calipers are the Brembo radial-mount type, which provides greater road-following performance and braking power. The XJR1200 OEM swingarm is typically used for Z Racing Parts’ air-cooled Z Series Custom, to create the owner’s preferred style. It’s not just a case of installing aftermarket parts to make it a custom machine, the overall high-performance of the machine is enhanced by the details.

Changed the Guild designed bracket to enjoy the design of the machine. The stock silver anodized version has been differentiated by reapplying black anodizing.

Wes Reyneke’s Custom Kawasaki W650 Scrambler

Both brake and clutch masters are made by Brembo. As Brembo products are well known and widely used, the use of aluminum master cup is a key differentiator.

The electrical system is improved with the AS Uotani SPII Full Power Kit for both reliable ignition and combustion power. Electrical system customization can be expected to be effective not only for older models but also for current models.

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Blinkers and taillights have been changed to LED type for power saving. Although this is a small change, it is important to pay attention to the blinker lights to enhance the completeness of the custom bike.

The ZRX series does not have an oil cooler and a larger radiator is typically used to improve cooling performance. Therefore, an oil cooler is rarely found, but it is the owner’s choice. Oil temperature is reduced as intended.

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The owner insisted on using a carburetor and chose Yoshimura’s TMR – MJN carburetor to bring out the full performance. Funnels were dual stacked for intake efficiency.

The exhaust system incorporates Nitro Racing exhaust pipes and a Z Racing Parts silencer. The weld-formed method of joining titanium pipes together is more attractive.

Subframe and frame sliders are installed to prevent serious damage to the engine in the event of a fall. In recent years, these parts are often installed for wear-up.

The rear shocks have been changed to Ohlin, providing greater road-following performance and improved ride comfort. The fully adjustable design makes it easy to adjust the settings to suit your purpose, another much-appreciated feature.

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The front caliper is mounted radially with Z Racing Parts original caliper support and Brembo radial 4-pot calipers are used. The brake rotor and rotor pins are also made by Z Racing Parts.

Sprocket covers are manufactured by K-Factory. It was adopted to change the speed take-off to the sprocket side when changing the front fork and wheel. Also darkens to match body color.

Like the front brake, the rear brake also features Brembo calipers and Z Racing Parts original rotors for a unified bike image.

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