Aftermarket 5th Wheel Puck System

Aftermarket 5th Wheel Puck System – CURT 16022 2500 Spare Plunger, 3500 Washer System 5th Wheel Roller Adapter, 24,000 lbs, requires hitch head and roller

The CURT OEM 5 Wheel Caster Adapter for Ram Pickups combines the functionality of a CURT 5 Wheel Caster with the strength and convenience of the Ram washer system. The adapter is designed to securely mount the CURT 5th wheel roller and hitch head to the body of your Ram truck using the OEM washer system. It is designed to fit the washer system in some years Ram 2500 and 3500 model with a 6.5 foot bed (see application information to verify installation). It features a set of adjustable quarter-turn anchors that are quick and easy to insert into the washers and provide a movable platform for the fifth wheel traction. This Roller Washer System Adapter is specially designed for short bed trucks and requires a Ram Washer System to install. It has a capacity of 24,000 pounds. and is compatible with most CURT 5th wheel heads (capacity is limited to the lowest rated towing component). Like the fifth wheel bearings of our OEM washer system, the key feature of the Ram Fifth Wheel Roller Adapter is its quarter turn anchors. Because the hitch head and roller are bolted to the adapter from the start, the adapter can be easily repositioned when needed and secured with quarter turn anchors. The mounts can also be adjusted to eliminate rattling between the adapter and bed platform during towing. When you’re done towing, simply rotate the anchors to remove the entire assembly in seconds. The CURT 5th Wheel Roller Adapter for Ram Pickups provides the ultimate in CURT 5th wheel range versatility. With a gross trailer weight of 24,000 lbs, it can take any CURT 5-wheel roller, including the R16, R20 and R24. It is safety tested to SAE J2638 and finished with a high strength carbide black powder coat to resist scratches and rust.

Aftermarket 5th Wheel Puck System

Info: Puck System 5th Wheel Roller Adapter, 24K, Select Ram 2500, 3500, 6.5′ Bed; Adapts any fifth CURT roller to the Ram shim system; Roller adds clearance for short bed trucks making tight turns (not included); Quarter-turn fastening system provides quick installation and removal; Adjustable anchors to eliminate binding between legs and washer system; Tested for safety in accordance with SAE J2638; Protected with high strength black carbide powder coating; Limited Lifetime Warranty (one year finish, one year parts) Your account has been temporarily disabled and orders cannot be placed at this time. Please contact our accounts receivable department at 877-287-8634 or email [email protected].

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OEM CURT fifth wheel mountings provide faster, easier and more secure installation of the CURT fifth wheel. They use a truck bed mounting platform called a washer system built into some pickup trucks today with a tow preparation package. With the help of an anchor kit, the posts drop quickly and easily into the washers, instantly equipping a 5-wheel tow truck. This 5th Wheel Feet Kit is designed to fit into select years Ford F-250, F-350 and F-450 Super Duty 8ft Bed Washer System (See application information to verify installation). With a GVW of 24,000 lbs, the legs are compatible with most CURT 5-wheel hitches (lift capacity limited to lowest rated traction component).

The most unique feature of the OEM CURT Washer System 5th Wheel Bearings is their quarter turn locking system. This system is the key to orderly 5-wheel towing. Once the hitch head is initially bolted to the legs, they can be quickly installed or removed from the truck bed as needed by simply turning the anchor arms. Quarter-turn anchors provide the necessary strength for towing heavy semi-trailers, and their adjustable design ensures the hitch is perfectly locked in place and eliminates any clamping noise.

To give you confidence in every job you do on your truck, we coat the fifth wheel bearings of our OEM washer system with a durable black carbide powder coating. This makes them very resistant to scratches, rust and UV radiation. We also back our 5th wheel bearings with a limited lifetime warranty to keep you comfortable with every new mile. Fitting an OEM companion to your tow-ready truck is a breeze. Place the base into the four holes, rotate the latch and secure each. Place the coupler on the vertical arms and secure with pins.

The Companion handle works effortlessly and never leaves you stranded thanks to the use of a cam. When the handle is open, the cam moves to the side, allowing the jaws to open as you retract and detach. When the handle is closed, the cam prevents the jaws from opening, preventing accidental release.

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Curt 16684 E16 Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch, 16k, Select Ram 2500, 3500, 6.5′ Bed Puck System

We set out to create the smoothest hitch in the industry. Our jaws are made to fit your clutch exactly, so there’s no room for sloppiness. The shock absorber allows you to move from side to side without bumps. And the entire hitch rides on polyurethane bushings that absorb road bumps.

A series of holes in the base allows you to adjust the height and distance. Switching slanted arms from one side to the other increases this distance even more.

The Companion is also available as a slider to help you navigate tight corners in a short bed truck. Push the lever and the Companion will move back 12 inches so you can maneuver without taking the trailer into the cab. When you’re ready to tow, press the lever again and the slider will lock into place when you reverse.

Has always been. Always will be. We are proud to be one of the last remaining hitch manufacturers in America.

Curt Oem Puck System 2 5/16 In. Gooseneck Kit, Chevrolet, Ford, Gmc, Nissan (38k) 60639

Our industry-leading ultra-durable, UV-resistant powder paint will keep your hitch looking its best for a long time.

Over 10,000 readers of RV magazine (formerly Trailer Life) have voted the fifth wheel hitch a favorite for 5 years in a row.

The washer system is a 5-hole towing system that is installed on the truck frame by the truck manufacturer.

Over the years, we’ve seen several traditional aftermarket products that have been picked up by the Big Three and offered on trucks from the factory to boost their margins. Some of them were successful and some left. The hitch frame, which Ford began offering in 2010 and fitted to trucks from the factory, is an attempt to develop the gooseneck hitch and fifth wheel in this direction. Ultimately, consumers will decide whether they support it or not.

B&w Trailer Hitches

We’ve heard from customers that sometimes they buy a Ford truck without realizing it has a hitch prep kit. We also hear that customers feel compelled to buy trucks with a hitch prep package because there are simply no trucks without it. There is nothing better than taking the choice away from the consumer and calling it an “option”! The preparation package costs $370.

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Since the 25K Ford fifth wheel has a flat price of $1695 and because we had a lot of requests for a Companion that will work with the Ford Prep Pack, we are now offering it. The Ford Prep Package Compatible B&W Companion uses the same connector we’ve always used, but the base has four attachment points and retails for $969. It is valued at 20,000.

We still offer the Companion with a single-point hitch, and it still uses an under-bed mount system that also allows gooseneck towing. In fact, we highly recommend this as the best option, especially if you plan on towing a gooseneck. Our system (Turnoverball) offers the possibility to turn the ball over and put it in the receiver. Ford’s gooseneck option includes a bag to store the ball when not in use.

Yes, since all of our Companion couplers use the same coupling head, you can purchase the base that works best for you. Depending on your needs, we offer both fixed and slider versions for Ram, GM and Ford factory kits, as well as the Flat Bed and Single Point Companion that fit the Turnoverball.

Curt 16025 Replacement Chevrolet Silverado, Gmc Sierra 2500, 3500 Hd Puck System 5th Wheel Legs, 25,000 Lbs, Hitch Head Required

There are many factors to consider when deciding on cab clearance. To answer a question about a specific truck and trailer, please note the following:

1. Pin box location. Is the kingpin flush with the front of the trailer or is it recessed behind the front of the trailer? Some 5th Wheel manufacturers have offset the prevalence of short bed trucks by creating extended kingpin boxes.

2. Trailer type and shape. Narrower trailers provide a smaller turning radius. Trailers with rounded corners provide more cab clearance than trailers with square corners.

3. Finally, the type of maneuvering that will be required when towing. Do you expect a lot of tight turns while towing, or is it just highway driving with little or no reverse?

A20 Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch, 20,000 Lbs. By Curt Manufacturing

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