Aftermarket 944 Wheels

Aftermarket 944 Wheels

Aftermarket 944 Wheels – 924/931/944/951/968 Forum Porsche 924, 924S, 931, 944, 944S, 944S2, 951, and 968 discussions, how-to guides, and help. (1976-1995)

I believe the lady I need new tires because I need tires but trying to make it worth it. In $200 and under a lot of wheels. I’m looking for something like the below but need some help figuring out what offsets and what tires to choose. The research I have done so far is that I can upgrade to an 18″ wheel that will help fill the void of the current 16″ wheel. I know Porsche made a statement saying you can’t do 18″ wheels but I put that aside as I know it can be done. It sounds like the wheels are

Aftermarket 944 Wheels

But I could use some help figuring out the offsets and tire pressure I need to run to prevent drag. I know this topic has been visited but I’m looking for people who have run this setup successfully.

Watch This Porsche 944 Turbo And Its Custom Wheels Drift!

Do the math to get your current brush radius, increase your current offset by half of the increase in the width of the new rims.

Nominal offsets for 18″ wheels are ET50 (or ET52) for 18×8 and ET65 for 18×10, which is what I run on my 1990 944 S2, and have for over 70K miles without any problems. Aside from the good, I am not sure that you will like 18″ wheels on the 968 cab because it will make the ride very heavy, especially if you end up with heavy wheels, which you seem to buy for your low budget. .

My opinion – most of the 18″ logs I’ve seen on 944/968 cars seem out of place since the car itself isn’t that big. Small sidewalls don’t help. 17″ with 40 sides The wall seems to be the sweet spot for the whole extension with the rest of the car.

At $200 a wheel, you’re probably better off finding a quality kit that goes with the look you want.

Porsche 944 2.5

My opinion – most of the 18″ wheels I’ve seen on 944/968 cars seem out of place since the car itself isn’t very big. The small sidewalls don’t help either….

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From time to time there are some original Porsche options in your price range for sale in different sizes on other forums. Usually a few aftermarket stores are there as well.

Thank you guys! I will prob go with 17x 7.5 front and 17×9 rear. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the actual offset though. Anyone know what I should shoot if I go with these big wheels?

I didn’t know that the options were limited, and the wheel wouldn’t let you search by wheel dims. If anyone knows or can find a wheel similar to the 944 black above and if anyone wants it please let me know. I’m debating doing nothing right now with a few options. Unfortunately such a cool car has few options

Inch Aftermarket Alloy Wheels To Suit Porsche Early 911 , 944 Fuchs Design

I believe the 968 wheel offset is the same as the later 944, so ~ et52. Obviously that changes with wheel width, so there is no safe offset anyone can give you without knowing the width of your new wheel.

You can use this website to enter your current wheels and see if they fit.

Porsche wheels, such as the 996 17 “turbo twist come in 7×17, ET55 and 7.5×17, ET65. The matching rears are 9×17, ET55.

Ok so I have seen that people have managed to fit these wheels into boxsters and a few others

Porsche 944 Coupé 1984

But the standard bolt is listed as 5-112. Do I have something? Can you use these without spacers/adapters or as multi-runner adapters?

5×112 is VW/Audi size. A search on Tirrack yields only a set of 17″ available and they are within your budget, but not the model you are looking for. I have a very good set of 18″ hollow spoke 993 Technology wheels I may be willing to join, but they will cost you at least double your budget.

If you have the time, you should jump on the 2 wheeler cup from the Pelican forum. I know it’s a little bit more than you want to use, but they are correct for 968.

Thanks for the heads up! I found a set of turbo twist 17″s that the dealer will put together for $450. Some light curb packs but I’ll probably do it again. Anyone see any problems with these? I don’t. love the cup 2s so this would be an improvement and good in my price if they fit.

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Porsche 944 S Racecar

Since you need new tires maybe you can increase your budget and buy some used rims with good tires. To find a decent set of rims, as you are looking for, is very difficult since the bolt model is only for Porsche. I just picked up these lights for my ’91 cabriolet

They are called “classic sports” and come in 7×17 and 9×17. These, and the turbo twists 17″, are two of my favorite Porsche wheels. Everyone is different but there are some good aftermarket rims but they are generally better than Porsche rims. If you look Hard and long enough you can find. If the turbo twists you can find that would be a very good deal. Look on ebay for 17 “Porsche rims, I have been searching for years when the lights I will come here. They are listed as no contest 7 days starting at $250 – no shipping, pick up in Tenn. I was moving from NJ to AZ when they arrived. I drive right from Tenn. Porsche products should not be labeled as non-competitive! When I saw the list I thought it would be rare for people in Tenn to need the rims that week. I’m right and I guess! It took years to research this set to get this deal. Often they go for more than double your initial investment.

My advice is to familiarize yourself with the available options, not many, and choose the rims that you like. Then start looking for them. Even if you are willing to pay full price for them it will take a while for them to come up for sale – they are rare. There is a set after I really like it but only one set has come up for sale in three years, sold by the time I called. If you want to pay $250 (my budget is $1600 for these rims, just lucky) be prepared to wait years.

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1. What year and model Porsche wheels fit the stock 1988 944 NA body? (I think if it fits the P-car body then it will fit my ’88, right?)

For example, the wheels of an ’89 911 carrera targa will fit but those of an ’89 911 carrera targa wide body, 930, or 935 will not.

Stock you have 7J15 phonedials with 52.3ET late offset with the standard Porsche bolt pattern of 5×130. That means all Fuchs (911 66-89) will not work. You can fit 8″ wide rims in the back.

2. Your 88 944 NA is considered a “final offset”. That means you have a 1987+ 52.3ET offset versus the 23.3ET offset on the 83-86 car. The change was made to provide the suspension geometry required for the ABS to work. Even if your car does not have ABS it will still have a late impact.

German Express: 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

Is it safe to say that a rear wheel on a 968, 944S2, 928, 951 (’87/’88 only) and a non-wide body 964 will also fit?

I also found some 944 running Cayenne (or was it Cayman) wheels. However, I’m not sure if that’s the case with the 944S. Is it another option?

Veleno, in general, is a safe word, but it is best to know the specific offsets and widths so as not to be disappointed after the purchase.

I know this is confusing at first. Just a few helpful sites and check the search page, everything will be clear… actually 99.9% of all log questions are answered by now.

No Reserve 1985 Porsche 944 5 Speed

With that said, check out post #8 of this thread, the Executive 924/44/68 Wheel Thread. My car is about maxed out for rear wheel fitting, 18x11et63 and front wheel with spacer equal to 18x8et45 which is about the max offset for an 8″ wheel. Another important thing to remember is my car is an ’89 turbo, the rear quarters have been rolled down almost 10mm plus outside clearance. this is true of

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