Where To Stay For Us Open Tennis

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After their match at the US Open Tennis Plays for Peace event on Wednesday, the author spoke … [+] Blair Henley and Rafael Nadal, Iga Sviatek, Koka Gauff and John McEnroe. (Mike Lawrence / USA)

Where To Stay For Us Open Tennis

Where To Stay For Us Open Tennis

US Open tennis stars are rebelling against Ukraine in more ways than one. On Wednesday night, as part of the Tennis for Peace event in New York, they announced that the tennis world is focusing on the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. And in the process, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and its partners have already contributed more than $ 1.2 million to aid projects in Ukraine. At the same time, they and the tennis stars who participated in the event, such as Rafael Nadal, Iga Sviatek, Coco Gauff, John McEnroe, Diana Jastremska and Serhiy Stakhovsky, attracted great demand in what happened in Ukraine. This is the new tournament in the Ukrainian tennis tournament since the Russian team tried to invade the country at the end of February.

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It may be hard to imagine that such a violent attack from Russia has not received enough attention. In just six months, the invasion killed 5,587 Ukrainians and 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers, displaced 6.6 million people and cost the country $113.5 billion, according to New York Times reporter Alan Yuhas. . . There are also reports of Russian soldiers committing crimes such as murder, torture, theft and rape. The Russian military also opened fire on schools and orphans, but not a direct military attack, unless you consider children, toys and bedtime to be a serious threat. All this is in line with what Stakhovsky, the Ukrainian tennis player who was ranked 31st in the world in 2010 and 33rd in doubles in 2011, said before returning to Ukraine in on Thursday, the day after the .Tennis match. on the peace conference: “Russian forces seem more interested in destroying Ukraine than just occupying it.” The truth is, when a country tries to do these things in another country, especially a small country, it should be paid attention to.

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However, these days the attention span can be as long as it takes for someone to change clothes in a TikTok video. In fact, there was a change in the original news in the news shortly after the Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of a “special military action” in Ukraine on February 24, which like calling guns or pizza with a headache. “special delivery”. Since then, however, the number and popularity of news from Ukraine has gradually declined, as many people have turned their attention to traditional news, such as the way the team talks. American politicians about themselves, as conveyed by reality TV. Stachovsky said how, “The lack of coverage of the conflict in Ukraine has decreased significantly even as the war continues.” He emphasized the way “Ukraine does not ask others to fight for them.” “Ukraine is fighting and will definitely fight until the end.” He added: “But the dispute is not about us. It helps to have support to level the playing field. “With the Ukrainian people putting up a strong resistance to this day, it can be easy to forget how Russia invaded Ukraine.

Author Blair Henley joins Sebastian Korda, Daria Snigur, Frances Tiafoe, Patrick McEnroe, … [+] Diana Jastremska, Olga Savchuk, Katrina Zavatska, Sergiy Stakhovski and Nick McCarwell participated in the Tennis for Peace event . (Mike Lawrence / USA)

Not long after the invasion of Russia, the tennis competition increased. US Open director Stacey Alastair explained how the T7, which includes the four Grand Slam tennis associations, the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the Professional Tennis Association (ATP) and the Women’s Tennis Association ( WTA), “They came together immediately. We will donate 100 thousand dollars to the International Organization.”

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In April, the USTA and its partners raised nearly $250,000 for charity at the Billie Jean King Cup in Asheville, N.C., where the U.S. played Ukraine. As Alastair explained, “we wanted to welcome Ukrainian players at home. So we deliberately changed it to a “USA hosts Ukraine” and not an American-Ukraine competition. The In fact, you feel welcome at a party or any event that doesn’t include your name and the word “contrary” already in the title. Alastair added that, “The staff of USA helped the Ukrainian team with uniforms in the colors of Ukraine,” which if you haven’t seen them are blue and yellow.

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The success of that weekend in April caused the USTA to float other ideas such as holding the US Open, “as a way to remind the world that the fight is still going on,” in Alastair’s words. This can be a big base or a big base, because the US Open and all its players from different countries and values ​​have a greater reach to the world than any other individual sports tournament. Yes, the US Open was opened to support Ukrainian relief efforts.

Where To Stay For Us Open Tennis

The only thing the USTA and its partners do together is Tennis for Peace which will be held during the US Open Fan Week before the opening of the US Open main draw. Incidentally, Ukraine’s Independence Day falls in the middle of this week. It is appropriate to hold the meeting today because independence is the very thing that Russia is trying to oppose to peace.

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Getting players to play for peace is a piece of cake, so to speak. “That’s one of the easiest questions to ask a player,” Alastair said. “Many quickly responded yes, saying they would be honored to participate. “Actually, we have a lot of players who want to participate.” That left many options to fill this two-hour tennis show, which began with twelve-year-old Ustin Chorny of the Dumka Ukrainian Choir in New York singing the Ukrainian national anthem.

In the first exhibition match, 2022 French Open champion Nadal and Sviatek meet Gauff and McEnroe to see who can advance to the quarter-finals. During the match, Svyatek and Nadal hit some impressive shots, including a backhand, a leg-to-leg volley and a leg-to-leg lob return, as seen here:

Meanwhile, McEnroe dropped the racket several times. But McEnroe can’t be serious every time he does this, because it’s a fun show for a good cause.

After the match, Svyatek said: “I want to use every opportunity to show people that we can all be united and that we can do something to help things in Ukraine.”

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U.s. Open Tennis

In total, the number of doubles matches includes a total of 21 current and former players. Although you can play tennis at almost any age you can hold a racket, the best tennis players of the “old days” are still playing tennis today. The schedule includes Ukrainian players Katarina Zavatska and Daria Snigur, as well as Ukrainian pros Stakhovsky and Olga Savchuk, who is currently the captain of the Ukrainian team Billie Jean King. The 6,000 people who attended could also watch Carlos Alcaraz, Leila Fernandez, Felix Auger-Aliasime, Jessica Pegula, Matteo Berretini, Maria Sakari, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Francis Tiafoe, Taylor Fritz, Tommy Paul, Sebastian Korda hit. the court. Speaking of size, here’s a video of Paul using a racket that’s too big for him and someone less than twenty feet tall:

Talk about raising a big racket for Ukraine. Participants wore blue and yellow on the field and throughout the Louis Armstrong field.

All proceeds from the event will go to GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, the official charity of the Tennis for Peace program. These two will go to “about 20 non-governmental organizations [NGOs] that are working on the ground in Ukraine,” Alastair said. Examples of projects supported by the fund include Emergency and Health Aid for Ukrainian Refugees by Peace Wind Korea, Helping Children with Cancer by the Tabletochki Charitable Foundation, Supporting Children’s Hospitals by the Bright Kids Charity, and Supporting Children and Families in Ukraine by UNICEF USA. . The goal of the USTA and its partners is to raise $2 million for GlobalGiving by the end of the US Open.

Where To Stay For Us Open Tennis

Felix Auger-Aliasime, Leila Fernandez, Ben Shelton and Jessica Pegula

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