How To Buy Jeans That Fit

How To Buy Jeans That Fit – : Find you and your best friends an affordable pair of jeans that flatter everyone and hug every curve.

We tried to apply this concept to our real life and sorted through over 300 jeans to find the perfect models for every body type, size and style preference.

How To Buy Jeans That Fit

Six real women between the ages of 20 and 40, each with their own unique interests and business interests, led the process.

How To Buy The Perfect Denim Jacket

Style Director Lori Bergamotto and Fashion Director Kristen Saladino. The result? Some amazing scenes and many dance moves later, these women can’t get enough of how they feel (and look) in these cutest jeans. From cuts to sizes, we’ve found affordable styles that can lengthen your legs, cinch your waist and, yes, they’re very comfortable.

What she looks for: “I only buy jeans that are long, skinny jeans because I’m very sharp and I don’t like anything that cuts in the middle,” Sanji says. “My biggest problem when it comes to jeans is that they can go up my legs and butt and have a gap in my waist.”

Our stylists say: Check out this dress. “Elissa always chooses leather pants that cinch in the leg,” says Saladino. “But I want her to try straightening her legs to straighten her body.”

Vintage 70’s style meets modern silhouette! “I was surprised how slowly they landed on my waist and I was caught,” Sanji said. Don’t be afraid of wide back pockets – the soft V-neck on these bags will make your bottom look slim and balanced.

How To Shrink Your Jeans At Home

Available in sizes up to 24, these black jeans are as comfortable as they are stylish, and the straight leg/flare adjusts to the flared crotch. “All my jeans are skinny and tight,” Sanji said, aware of his slightly swollen leg. “But these really smoothed out my legs and created a wonderful mud.”

Stretch is the best style tactic for a curvy girl because it allows the fabric to reveal your best features without pulling or chafing. However, jeans should fit like pants. “A common mistake with long jeans is that they’re too tight,” says Saladino. “You want the jeans to fit, not the jeans.”

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What she’s looking for: “I want jeans that make my legs look good and feel good,” says Merker. “Weight is important to me. I don’t want to hide my bum because it’s light, so if I can find a pair that actually holds it and feels comfortable, I’m sold! ”

Our experts say: Pair with comfortable shoes, long jeans and don’t be afraid to rock some big nails for a booty look.

A New ‘denim Cycle’? After A Decade, Jeans Move From Skinny To Loose

Thanks to the strategically placed back pocket, this sleek silhouette enhances your outfit. “The back door also went up a little bit and lifted off the ground,” Saladino said. “Look for jeans that are a little longer so they hug all the right places and don’t fall down.”

An easy way to get you back? Get up! “A medium or large build does wonders for back support and shape,” says Saladino. When you lift, you lift back! But not everyone likes the big “mom jeans” look, so the cheapest is something that’s about 3 inches long around the belly button.

“I would never wear these jeans myself,” Merker said. “But they’re really taking my booty.” With open-front dresses and flares, these stretchy leathers are definitely more of a modern pair, but they’re more practical than you might think. “You can wear them with sneakers or heels and make them look fun,” says Saladino.

What she looks for: “Length is always my biggest problem with jeans because I’m 4’11,” Potters says. “I’m wearing all my jeans!”

How To Shop For The

Our experts say: Play with unique styles (vertical stripes, anyone?) and pair them with the right shoes for tall legs.

Jeans can be intimidating when you’re young, but Saladino offers some tips. “You want them to sit on the thigh, but they’re wider than mid-thigh, so you can see the toe and a little bit of the shoe’s flesh.” The Potters responded: “I’ve never worn these before, but honestly I feel like I’ve grown a few inches!”

Pairing straight leg pants with heels instantly adds length to short legs. “And if you put vertical stripes on any pant, you create the illusion of height,” Saladino said. Case in point: these noble, black foot-long boots that are as long as the Potters’ little feet.

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“I liked these jeans because I saw a lot of people wearing them and they looked good,” Potters said. “I’m glad they came!” They really do and have 23 1/2 inches to boot. The secret of their popularity is the small size that features a subtle fade wash placed, a comfortable fit on the hips and thighs, and just the right amount of leg. .

How To Buy Comfortable Skinny Jeans: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

What she’s looking for: ‘I’m 5’9’, so my struggle with buying jeans is that I can’t always find the right length unless I go to a specific site or shop in ‘the runway’. said Watson. . “Yes, too. I’m skeptical of high-rise denim because I’m not trying to make my legs look long – I want to look good.”

Our experts say, “Women with long legs should own pants with wide legs,” says Saladino. In addition, a high waist (but not too high!) is good.

High altitude climbing can be difficult on a tall figure because they sit on a natural knot. This position brings together these famous people to rise above the internal button and create a fit that balances the whole process. “I was surprised at how much I wanted to cut the shoe,” Watson said. “They looked modern, but they were very comfortable.”

“These add fullness to the legs, which gives the illusion of an hourglass shape on tall, small figures – they’re beautiful,” says Saladino. In addition, when it is black, it is good for work, but comfortable to wear on the weekend.

Jeans For Short Men

Made of a classic piece, this long silhouette is designed for the shape of the legs and runs a leg of 29 “which is longer than the middle. “I’m afraid they will look like shorts on me – but the sea in them. it’s long. It was perfect.”

What she’s looking for: “I’m looking for a pair of jeans that hugs my curves but doesn’t constrict them – not a muffin top!” Drepaul said. “My perfect friend is resting his midsection, he comes behind me and it feels good!”

Our experts say: Try vintage “shoes” and stick with a dark wash to match your features.

“The skin tone of this pair sold me,” Saladino said. “People think it’s difficult to take off shoes or clothes, but it proves that small details can improve the style.” As for the fit, Drepaul enthuses: “Jeans are usually big in the waist and tight all over, but the high rise solves that.”

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Denim Brands To Shop And Add To Your Jean Vocabulary

Relaxation style should not look alike. Choose a pair that falls below the knee through the hips and thighs. Says Saladino: “We combined it with a finger pump to lengthen her leg. The point created a long, clean line all over the place. It was really beautiful.”

Dark wash = instant class. This pair – designed to cut in half and remove the booty – was amazing and comfortable and overall. Also, focus on the back to really complete your outfit. “A soft V-neck is the most flattering, no matter what your body type is,” says Saladino. “It spreads the top of the flower, it makes the bottom round.”

What she looks for: “I feel like I’ll never be able to find jeans that fit perfectly,” Saporita says. “The fit is amazing and it’s weird if a pair fits my thighs but doesn’t fit in the back. I’m looking for jeans that hug my thighs and make me fit.”

Our stylists say: It’s all about flattering your waistline. Look for a pair of high heels and step out of your comfort zone with a slim fit.

Best Jeans For Women 2020

High waist jeans are the easiest way to slim your thighs. “When you look up and see a slim waistline, everything instantly becomes slimmer,” Saladino said. This pair in mid-blue also offers stretch with great elasticity, but it looks like trying on true denim.

“I’m more afraid of jeans because they feel like early 2000s horror,” Saporita said. “But these are tall and shapely.” A modern torch – this way

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