Where To Stay During Oktoberfest

Where To Stay During Oktoberfest – Are you planning a trip to the world famous Munich Oktoberfest in Germany? Before booking your vacation, read this handy guide to the basics of this fantastic festival. We let you into the most luxurious hotels, the most authentic costumes and more so you can do the German festival in style.

In the early 1800s, the Crown Prince of Bavaria celebrated his wedding by inviting all citizens of Munich to a lavish party. Since that year, Munich has organized a festival to celebrate this day and celebrate Bavarian culture. This festival is called Oktoberfest. Every year for several weeks from mid-September to early October, Oktoberfest takes place at the “Theresienwiese” in Munich. Millions of visitors attend Oktoberfest every year.

Where To Stay During Oktoberfest

Where To Stay During Oktoberfest

Munich offers many comfortable places to stay, but there are some luxury hotels that stand out from the crowd. The Mandarin Oriental is a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Old Monaco. Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski is also located in the Altstadt (Old Town) sector of Munich. Their Oktoberfest package for a 2 night stay, a reserved table in the beer tent and a cleansing massage for the morning after a good night’s sleep. Finally, the beautiful Sofitel Hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the Oktoberfest park. It is conveniently located near Munich’s main train station.

Best Cities For Oktoberfest

Whichever hotel you choose, be prepared to book in advance. The whole city books early and premium rooms start first.

Yes, the men attending Oktoberfest really wear lederhosen! While it is not necessary to dress in traditional Bavarian clothing, it will definitely help you get into the spirit of the festival. Instead of opting for a cheaply made dress, go for a traditional dress. Ludwig & Therese is a company based in Münch that specializes in beautiful Bavarian clothes.

The women chose the traditional dirndl to wear at Oktoberfest. Just make sure you tie the dindal apron correctly!

Probably the most popular Oktoberfest activity is sitting at a table inside one of the festival’s 14 beer tents. Entrance to the festival and beer tents is free, but seats can be hard to find. If you plan well in advance, you can reserve tables inside each tent. Reservations sometimes start as early as February, so don’t be late making your reservation! While in the tent, enjoy a delicious German beer from one of the festival’s 6 official breweries. The tents will be filled with music, food and new friends!

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However, Oktoberfest is more than just beer tents. The festival features a full fair, complete with rides, games, souvenirs, and food stalls.

If planning an Oktoberfest trip seems too difficult, you can always book a seat on an Oktoberfest tour. This Zikaso tour gives you an authentic Oktoberfest experience. Plus, you will explore Munich and the surrounding area of ​​Bavaria.

Tailor-made for 2018, this beer and Oktoberfest-focused tour of historic Munich will take you back in time, long ago, when the Bavarian royal family ruled the land and beer changed the course of history more than once. . You’ll learn about the origins of Oktoberfest and get to know its culture better by joining a traditional costumed shopping tour, an authentic Bavarian cooking class, a tour of the historic city of Landshut and the village of Eing. wine tour. .

Where To Stay During Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest Hotels For 2023 In Munich, Germany

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Oktoberfest 2023 In Munich, Germany: What You Need To Know

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Agents not only enjoy your trip, they also save you the energy of researching your destination thoroughly for the best accommodation. Like other festivals around the world, Munich’s Oktoberfest is easy to put on, eliminating the burden of choosing a dress. With us and replaced by our two new favorite German words, dirndl and lederhosen. Dirndl, for women, and lederhosen for men and some women, are made with Munich Oktoberfest trachtenstein, or traditional clothing, and over 90% of the guests in the beer halls wear Oktoberfest dirndl or lederhosen, even shorts. – Time visitors who invest in some Oktoberfest clothing can really enhance the experience.

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What may surprise you, given the prices they fetched in those days, both dirndl and lederhosen had humble origins as peasant clothing from rural and alpine Germany. Their use spread around the Middle Ages, when lederhosen, literally leather breeches, seemed to combine German practicality with a European option: the pedal pusher below the knee.Made of leather according to hard work and high mountain. Dundal entered the scene around the same time, as a garment for servants and laborers, but made of durable wool, not the leather or silk we see today.

Where To Stay During Oktoberfest

Both lederhosen and dirndls first went out of fashion around Oktoberfest, before being revived to celebrate German folk history and become the official Oktoberfest costume in 1887. They have since become mainstream clothing more easily recognizable to the world. Not just with Oktoberfest, but with Germany in general, and every time someone walks around in their leather ¾ pants it’s almost guaranteed to be drinking beer.

Young Couple Kissing During Oktoberfest, …

No, you don’t have to, but you want to. As previously mentioned, most of the guests in the breweries are locals, or from other parts of Germany, and they take truchten very seriously, with clothes and trinkets that mean – from every club. . Either associations or professions – and many items are passed down from generation to generation. So even if there is no real dress code, so to speak, you will really enjoy yourself if you try something with what you wear and at least some of the men’s and women’s Oktoberfest outfits.

Women wear what they want, because who runs the world, etc, but if women want to face part of German culture and dress up the part they wear. Now the dirndl, in the Bavarian language, is both a girl and a dress that women wear for Oktoberfest, that’s how this dress is related in the local culture, and dirndls have some different parts.

In addition to the traditional trichten, women attending the festival should remember that the weather is different during Oktoberfest, and while your blouse, skirt, bodice and apron combine during the day, or in the beer halls, getting there and in the brewery is Good . It can be cold at home in the evening, so it is advisable to complement it with a cute cardigan or overcoat and down with a pair of socks or something similar. Pairing it with a hat is also fun if you have a face that likes this type of ornament. On your feet, wear sneakers, flat soles, or whatever is comfortable and cute. Avoid sandals because you will end up standing / putting them on the brewery floorboards and sneakers may go a little wrong on the comfy side to look warm.

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The length of the dangling skirt is the subject of much controversy. You can go for a traditional long leg cut, a more modest midi or legs that reveal a mini. The choice is entirely yours, and while some may advise against minis, they’re just insults. Show your badges if you want, it’s Oktoberfest after all and we live in 20-20. Just remember that you will be dancing on the tables, so get your outfit ready for this emergency.

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From years of wearing literally hundreds of dirndls in our on-site Trichtin shop, we have some advice on sizing. Because Oktoberfest is fun, and you’ll be dancing around sipping beers, and basically moving a little better, if you get it right, you don’t want your swing to be too tight, at least you’re in the zip. Pop it. behind while riding on the shoulders of a couple of Boers. You should be able to tighten the piece around your waist so you can be sure you have some room to move as the beer starts to work. But you can definitely go small with your blouse, as its sole purpose is to raise a puppy.

Dirndls are famous (adorable) for their low-cut blouses and high abrasion resistance

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