Drive Traffic To My Website Free

Drive Traffic To My Website Free – Everyone wants to know how to get more visitors to their website… and for good reason. The increase in the number of websites means:

And although there are many methods you can use, the ones that start are:

Drive Traffic To My Website Free

Now. We all know it takes a lot more effort than that. BUT….when you boil it down, this is an easy process to follow, eh?

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All you have to do now is create your plan of attack (which I’m linking you to today!) then start taking action – anything – to start growing your traffic and using your most powerful marketing tool to #WERK.

So if you’re busy and ready to get traffic to your website right now (more friends! more customers! business growth!), then check out this list of over twenty-five free ways to drive traffic to your home. website.

Well, don’t hate me for putting this together…

Every day there are billions of people who want to learn something new, do better, feel like they’re not alone, get inspired, hear a story, connect with someone, and MUCH MORE.

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We all have something to share about our business or our point of view, and blogging is an easy way to do that. SO! Here are some ways you can use blogging to increase traffic to your website:

The idea here is to build authority and trust in those groups. For example, I regularly blog about Squarespace and business. Now that I’ve been around for a while, I have a loyal readership that likes to think of me when they need Squarespace or business-related resources.

This is where you only refer to the relevant posts you have written in the past when writing a new post for each group.

For example, whenever I write a post about Squarespace and CSS, I make sure to include other posts I’ve written on the topic. The idea is, if someone is interested in something, then they will be interested in knowing more about the same thing… you need to make sure your readers know what’s available πŸ˜ƒ

How Do I Get More Traffic To My Website For Free

The easiest way to do this is to create a list and refer to previous posts in your posts. Here’s an example: “In parts 1 + 2 we covered THING 1 (link to post 1) and THING 2 (link to post 2), which prepares us to cover THING 3 today!”

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As an added benefit, listing or posting the same content over and over again will help your website visitors see you as an authority and therefore trust you more, which leads to more visitors. !)

Another idea to get your content in front of new people is to write a guest post on someone else’s blog.

(Hi! That’s how you know who I am now!) Just make sure the blogger you’re writing for has an audience that might be right for your business, otherwise you’re just wasting your time!

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Or you can ask bloggers to write your blog for you – like Allison did for this post!

This is a smart move because Allison now provides her readers with useful information (thereby increasing her value) and she can also show up in search results related to the amount of traffic on the site… SMART).

Plus, I’m promoting this on my blog + social media, so Allison will get tons of new traffic from people who might not have known her site existed πŸŽ‰ Your Blogger guests can do the same πŸ™‚

You can also create a great post full of MANY contributors, like I did here and here. This is a similar process as a traffic provider, but now you have more people driving traffic your way and increasing your analytics πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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This is good because you don’t have to create things without a problem: the story or the work already exists. You just need to edit it into a post (complete with visuals) and send it to someone. GOVERNMENT!

Social media is the second largest source of traffic to my website (second only to traffic from my blog). To be honest, I’m not even active on social media, but I know some tricks that help me get noticed and create an audience that likes to be updated on what’s going on in MBD (←that’s my business!). Let me tell you some of my favorites:

This is my #1 source for social media even though I don’t own it! The key is to A) think of Pinterest as a search engine and B) create compelling images.

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The easiest way to market yourself on Pinterest is to drive traffic to your site and create artwork for any of your services, products and/or projects.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

I have done this in the selection process, the services I provide, the products and the customer service. You’ll notice that these are all long shots (vs. short/full) and I’m not trying to sell, sell, sell. Instead, I’m just trying to provide value or just let my work speak for itself.

I sometimes create these to go along with my blog posts, and they’re great for Pinterest because their length helps them stand out, plus they’re full of important information that people can get to right away.

All you have to do is write the most important parts of your post or highlight a particular part, like I did here + here for what I wrote last year about characters. In the last 30 days alone these babies have been viewed by almost 40,000 people, compared to only 7,000 on the hero image I posted.

Try to think of how someone would phrase the search query, then use that same language in your title. (Hint: do it

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Filled with technical or corporate information, such as “help with ______”, “best way to ______”, etc.).

On this platform, think about building a community that is excited about what you are doing (so that when you share behind-the-scenes footage, launch a new project, update your store with exciting new products, or update your profile. about you and this new project…. you will have an audience that will be HAPPY You REALLY took the time to tell them about it). Seriously guys!

I think the best way to get your audience interested in what you’re doing is through Instagram Stories. It’s the first thing people see when they open the app, and some people don’t even go through their feed (they just look at the news and look for updates there). Plus, it’s a quick and easy way for people to connect with you πŸ™‚

Remember that your posts don’t have to be perfect or overly emotional, so everything you like on Instagram minus the NETWORK STRESS (can I get an amen?)

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An easy way to use stories: make a quick video showing people how excited you are about something on your website (a new product! a great blog post! a new project you’ve added to your profile!). Make sure you tell your audience why you’re excited or why they should watch.

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You can also upload a mobile image of your website and include text that gives people more information. GOVERNMENT. Now people know about the beautiful thing you have for them on your website!

In order to have an additional way to use your Instagram network (and build a group / get noticed immediately!) Why not make a challenge and use a special hashtag and invite others to be part of it?

You can ask your followers to use hashtags when posting content, which will get you in front of new people (aka

Seo & Visibility Strategist

Audience). Basically this is another great way to create buzz around your business, and the more buzz the better!

Remember: the purpose of this is to get new eyes on your business and get noticed by your community so you have a community of people who are excited about you! This doesn’t help you with traffic if you don’t get people to visit your site, so remember to stay busy on your site and give people a reason to go there πŸ™‚

These ideas are my favorite because they’re so simple, but they can have a HUUUUUGE impact on your social media traffic.

This is the method I came across when I was checking my analytics the other day. I realized that I had a lot of traffic coming from the website of a developer (with a large audience) that I was following

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When I started my business. I reply from time to time to thank him for being transparent or to let him know that I appreciate his knowledge and guess what? There are thousands of people

By reading those notes, fake them

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