Transition To Renewable Energy

Transition To Renewable Energy – And Groundstation.Space continues to turn climate challenges into space opportunities. The third webinar in the series brought together space research, industry and government experts to advance the transition to renewable energy.

Europe in 2010 It aims to be climate neutral by 2050. To this end, we need to rapidly transform our energy supply system, which currently accounts for 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. Space can play a central role in decarbonizing our economy. For several years, he has been working on satellite applications to transition to renewable energy sources. In the year In 2018, he organized a workshop on sustainable energy management with the European Space Agency, showing how space can bring different applications to the energy sector. For example, ground monitoring can help identify hazards such as vegetation or landslides that threaten the efficient operation of energy infrastructure. It also uses all kinds of remote sensing techniques to monitor activity in power grids and provides valuable weather information, including solar radiation forecasts, wind patterns, information on hydroelectric production pools to name a few. . Satellite navigation provides the positioning and timing services required for smart energy distribution grids, as well as autonomous vehicles such as drones. Finally, satellite communication services can provide backup systems for terrestrial networks while increasing the interconnection and digitization of power grids.

Transition To Renewable Energy

By supporting the capabilities of front-line and satellite data, it will help develop economically sustainable solutions that contribute to the green transition of many economic sectors. For this purpose, the association participates in several European and international projects.

Fast Transition To Renewable Energy Could Save $12 Trillion By 2050

The first speaker of the webinar was Marion Lafuma, head of Reuniwatt, an atmospheric science and solar radiation assessment company. Marion provides the company’s solar energy assessment and forecasting services with five geostationary satellites covering the entire planet. Using satellite records and real-time data, Reuniwatt provides on-site assessments of solar production for solar plant optimization and grid management forecasting services. Before building a solar system, a historical site evaluation is necessary to ensure that it is a good place to install it in order to maximize the amount of energy that the solar system generates. In terms of solar forecasting, Reuniwatt’s expertise is in retrieving cloud characteristics and movements for global forecasted horizontal irradiance maps. Real-time data forecasting of solar radiation (amount of solar radiation reaching solar modules) helps grid operators better manage and plan energy production.

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Harald Warmelink, R&D project manager and researcher at Breda University of Applied Sciences, presented the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) challenge. It is a multi-user client-server application based on a real marine environment of the North Sea. The map provides multiple layers such as wind speed, wave height and sediment along with Earth observation satellites and other in-situ data. The map also shows where offshore wind farms are currently located and where new wind farms are being developed. The MSP Test App provides students and young professionals with an exciting tool for offshore planning for wind farms. It provides a simulation model that calculates the infrastructure (such as cables and landing sites) needed to generate power and deliver maximum wind farms to the national grid.

Arnaud van den Berg, business developer at Orbital Eye, presented satellite-based technology for reliable energy transport and distribution. Power must be transported through a complex network. One of the biggest challenges here is the development of the European hydrogen infrastructure and the transformation of this network from gas pipelines to hydrogen distributors. An important aspect of the power distribution is the prevention of leakage in the pipes. Orbital Eye uses satellite remote sensing (optical and radar) combined with artificial intelligence to continuously monitor activity and changes around the power grid to prevent accidents and reduce harmful emissions. Once potential hazards are identified, Orbital Eye notifies the energy grid operator. This results in less accidents, less leaks and less harmful emissions. Despite these advantages, satellite-based surveillance still faces challenges such as regulatory challenges and conservative industries unwilling to change and innovate. These barriers will continue to be removed to encourage the spread of satellite-based services.

The last speaker, Peter Tigia (CEO of Aratos Systems), talked about how to use space data, for example to harvest renewable energy. Aratos aims to provide training in the use of spatial data by developing a spatial data center. It will be a lab connected to an open architecture to bring data into users’ personal space. Along with their ground stations, they provide data at certain levels, such as through the Aratos hazard monitoring GIS application.

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Will The Ukraine War Derail The Green Energy Transition?

We are currently in the transition phase from Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe. The new program will have a digital, industrial and space-focused cluster, which will include several resilience-building calls. More information will be released in the coming months, so let’s look at other options for now.

The European Space Agency promotes feasibility and demonstration projects that integrate space facilities to meet safety and security needs. Other opportunities include the Clean Energy Transition sub-programme under the LIFE program and the associated European Facility for European Transformation Networks for Digital Energy and Transport. Finally, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) proposes the InnoEnergy thematic area, including two initiatives. Highway for beginners and tolls for high ups.

Hywel Curtis launches SatSearch, an online marketplace for space products and services. The second proposal comes from Marcel Vroom, who talks about the H2arvester, a circular energy system that generates energy by converting energy into hydrogen on farmland. Francesca Piato from EARSC gave final comments about the e-form project. This H2020-funded project brings together Europe’s Earth observation resources, from agriculture to energy and climate change.More information on the website shows Europe’s contribution to the global Earth observation system.

In the meantime, you can join the Open Campus Network forum where you can find more information about previous sessions.

Why The Grid Isn’t Ready For A Transition To Renewable Energy

Want to see footage from a previous session? Access all recordings and presentations here!

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The Outlook For The Global Clean Energy Transition

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On the one hand, we have gradual changes. This means missing the deadline for the purposes of the Paris Agreement, but giving energy sector actors enough time to develop themselves during the transition.

On the other hand, a rapid transition allows for the timely implementation of the Paris Agreement, but it may disrupt the actors of the energy sector due to the speed of change.

Constanta, 21 September 2022 – Earlier this month we visited our new office in the coastal city to become part of the company.

How The Race For Renewable Energy Is Reshaping Global Politics

As labor markets recover from the pandemic, the case of the Netherlands stands out across countries. Expectations: Long-term unemployment is what labor markets are expecting.

Engineering is behind everything we do. From inventing, designing and building, engineering solves everyday problems and makes things work better and more efficiently. However, however

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Renewable Energy’s Credibility Under Attack As The U.s. Is On The Verge Of Energy Transition

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