Harry Potter Crafts For Your Room

Harry Potter Crafts For Your Room

Harry Potter Crafts For Your Room – I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I love reading books and watching movies. You’ll find Harry Potter crafts and activities for all ages, from kids to adults. All the DIY you need as a Harry Potter fan! Good night.

As a Potter-head who belongs to Hufflepuff House at Hogwarts, you need to do something handmade to show your love and appreciation for the story that millions of people around the world love. So let’s begin this magical DIY journey into the world of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Crafts For Your Room

We hope you enjoy these DIY magic wands that are easy and quick to make and then battle with your friends. Leave me any suggestions or ideas you’d like to see next. Until then, keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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K4 Craft, part of K4 Media & Technologies, participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may receive a paid commission on editorially selected products purchased through links on retail sites. © 2022 K4 Media & Technologies LLP. All rights reserved. Play this fun Harry Potter game using free printable playing cards! Players will have to overcome all seven obstacles in the underground hall to find the Sorcerer’s Stone and win this game! As a snap-to-win game, these are perfect for playing at home with the family or at a Harry Potter themed party.

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How are you? Today I’m excited to share with you a fun DIY Harry Potter toy! Last summer, my kids finished reading one book in the Harry Potter series, and we planned to watch the first movie on Harry Potter Day, July 31st. As a huge fan, I was really looking forward to making this a fun and special day for our family! I made this game based on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to play that day.

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The object of the game is to overcome all seven obstacles in the underground chambers to get the Sorcerer’s Stone – just like Harry did at the end of the first book. I looked online for a similar game but couldn’t find anything – so I decided to play my own! I made printable game cards for each challenge and organized a simple activity to represent each obstacle.

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Start from one end of the house and move to the other, play indoors or play outside. I have placed obstacles and challenge cards in each room/area of ​​my house. The kids loved all of our activities, even chess was the most challenging, so we didn’t want to miss out on chess!

We only played this game with our kids, but I think it would be really fun to play with a group. I’m sharing free printable cards and accessories I made for the game so you can try it out too! We used things around the house to make each challenge work (I found a green sprinkler in my basement) but if you have to buy supplies, there aren’t many and you can switch them out as needed.

Hope you enjoy the game if you play it! I’d love to know if you give it a try – tag me @ 🙂

Harry Potter Home Office

Download and print free printable playing cards from my resource library. Cut them all out, including the spinner and small pill label cards. Specific preparations and items required for each challenge are listed below each obstacle. You’ll also find a complete supply list with links at the end of this post 🙂

Give the game participants your start sheet and let them know you have a mission! The Sorcerer’s Stone is in danger, so it’s up to them to find and protect it! If you’re playing this at a themed party, encourage everyone to dress up and bring their sticks – you never know when they’ll need it 🙂

The first obstacle Harry faces is Fluffy, created by Hagrid. The group will have to compose a song to put Fluffy to sleep and then sing to overcome this obstacle. I put out some toy instruments and my kids had a lot of fun making up songs. Was there a harp? No! But they didn’t care. Set a timer to continue the game.

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Next, Devil’s Trap! Secure this barrier with one or two strips of green crepe paper. We wrapped our kids in streamers and they had to loosen up. It took a lot longer than wrapping them up, but they still loved it. If you have a big group, they can wrap around each other!

Free Harry Potter Svg Cut Files

The third obstacle is Filius Flitwick’s Winged Key. Overcoming this obstacle requires some preparation. The group will have to find the right key, which in our case means the key with the damaged wing. We hid all the keys in one room and they had to find all 16 keys, including the one with damaged wings. You can just search for the right key if you want, but I made 16 keys and I think they’ll find them all!

To make the key, you can buy real skeleton keys and add wings or even buy a winged key kit on Amazon! How cool is that? I was thinking about it the day before our party, so I decided to print my own keys and make paper wings out of glitter paper. They did a great job! I printed a gold and silver vintage keyring key file from Freepik.com and then added glitter wings with glue. I bent one of the wings of a special key.

The fourth hurdle, the chessboard. This obstacle was the most difficult to find suitable activities. One of my kids knows how to play chess, but we both didn’t want to sit around and play chess! Instead, I created a life-size chessboard, and the goal is to move from one side to the other, just like Harry, Ron, and Hermione try to do in the books. I’ll add that in a pawn chess game, I can move one space forward but not one back…if that’s going to bother you, you can easily switch to another game that overcomes this obstacle. It didn’t bother us, so this game was perfect! 🙂

Setup was simple and you can print my spinner for free. First, lay a sheet of black and white paper on the floor to create a checkerboard. You can cut your pieces to make them square, I kept mine at 8.5″ x 11″. Make your chessboard at least 3 sizes and decide how long you want to make it. You can make it 8 pieces of paper to match a real chess board or whatever you want!

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Harry Potter Bedroom Makeover

The player can move from one side of the board to the other by turning the paper spinner. They can choose what color they want and they have to stay that color.

Create a spinner by printing out my free printable spinner, use a plastic spinner if you have one or want to buy one, or create one using paper clips. This video from Early Learning Ideas (starting at the 2 minute mark) is great for showing how to make a paper clip spinner. The main thing is not to make the paper clips too tight. Alternatively, you can use a dice and players can roll one forward for numbers 3-6 and roll one back for numbers 1-2. Spinners are weighted to keep the game going – especially helpful if you have more groups!

The fifth obstacle is a mountain troll created by Quirrell, which Quirrell has already defeated! This obstacle was already written in the book, so I put a huge pillow and silently let my children fall on it, as if they were trolls 🙂

Next up is the potions puzzle created by Severus Snape! To overcome this obstacle, I printed out an actual puzzle and had seven cups of liquid matching the description on the container and asked my kids to solve it. Neither my kids nor my husband could remember the answer to this puzzle from that book, so we worked together.

Harry Potter Crafts Diy Idea

To make this part more group friendly, I created little medicine labels

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