Standard Double Sink Size

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Standard Double Sink Size

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Your sink drain needs to be cleaned to prevent unpleasant odors and blockages. But that doesn’t mean it’s fun and there isn’t always an obvious way to do it. Understandably, there are many… Your sink is an essential part of your bathroom, which is why buying a new bathroom sink is one of the most effective updates you can make to your space.

When looking for a new sink, the last thing you want to do is measure your sink wrong – and then order the wrong one! Knowing the size of your bathroom sink and the right size bathroom sink is key to finding the best sink for your space.

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Fortunately, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find a beautiful and suitable new sink for your space. Learn how to measure a bathroom sink, find out standard bathroom sink sizes, and learn how to read important sink dimensions and specifications on product pages!

You can determine the size of the sink you need by measuring the basic dimensions of the sink and the area around it.

The most important bathroom sink dimensions to measure when looking for a new sink are length (right to left), width (front to back) and depth (top to bottom) in inches. The replacement should meet these specifications.

, measure from one outer edge of the sink to the other side (for most sinks), or from the edge of the counter to the other edge lengthwise (for undermount). For round and oval sinks, measure the diameter or length at the widest point of the sink.

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, measure from the top of the sink or where it meets the countertop to the deepest point.

Think about the space in which you will install the new sink. Measure the available space (wall and/or countertop) and note where the plumbing outlets are. On countertops, leave a few inches of breathing space around bathroom vanity sinks, if available.

For basement or built-in sinks, check that the height of the sink is clear in your cabinet.

It’s pretty handy to have a double sink, so proper adjustments and measurements are key to getting enough space so you don’t bump into your partner.

How To Measure A Vanity Sink: Bathroom Sink Dimensions & Standard Size

Although you can find double bathroom sinks in a variety of sizes, the standard size and shape is circular between 18-20 inches and about 8 inches deep. The distance between two sinks, measured from the center of each, should be at least 30 inches, if not more, depending on the overall length of your sink.

… Find a sink in the exact shape and size of your current sink, or you will have to resize the cut opening (which means more cost and more work).

… Make sure there is at least an inch of space between the edge of the sink and the cutout so the edge can sit securely. The new sink cannot be smaller than the cutout.

… Measure the horizontal and vertical space for possible height and width (as you may want lower or higher depending on who is using it).

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… Any size can fit your countertop as long as the edge of the sink is one inch from the edge of the countertop. You may also need to plan space for an additional faucet if it is not included in the sink. The size of the work surface will determine what size will fit in it.

Bathroom sink size refers to the horizontal width of the sink (front to back) in square and rectangular shapes or the diameter in round shapes.

Here are some standard sizes of bathroom sinks that will make your search for a new sink easier.

16 inches is one of the smallest sizes available, especially for bathroom sinks to make the most of small spaces. It is usually found as a rectangular lower bathroom sink. They can vary slightly in width and length to fit your space.

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17 inches is a common, affordable bathroom sink size. Wall-mounted bathroom sinks usually come in 17-inch sizes and work great in small bathrooms with limited space.

18 inches is another common bathroom sink size, whether it is wall mounted, under mounted, or in a drop-in form. A nice option if you have limited sink space but want something a little bigger than the smallest sinks.

For a larger bathroom sink, a 20-21 inch sink size might hit the mark. This sink size is best suited for a medium-sized bathroom with work space. A popular size for pedestal sinks, which stand on a pedestal attached to the floor and also set into the wall behind it.

22 inches is another larger size for the bathroom or sink, often found in undermount, drop-in, pan, or wall-mounted styles.

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Large sinks often come in sizes around 24 inches, although they are precisely measured to ensure they fit properly in your sink opening. A quarter inch difference can make or break the fit. Large sinks can also be around this size.

On average, round or oval sinks are 16 to 20 inches wide, while rectangular sinks are between 19 and 24 inches and 16 to 23 inches from front to back. In terms of depth, a sink typically ranges between 4” and 8”, although larger sinks can be 10” deep.

Generally, bathroom sinks come in different sizes and even more shapes. Choose the size that best suits your space and sink needs.

The height of the bathroom sink refers to the distance from the floor to the edge of the sink. Bathroom sinks can be found in heights from 29” to 36” high, depending on your height preferences and needs.

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For more detail, bathroom cabinets with built-in sinks can be between 30” and 36”, while pedestal sinks are often built between 29” and 33” tall.

Sinks also come in different heights, so choose the size that works for you based on the height of your countertop.

When looking for a bathroom sink online, it can be overwhelming to have different specifications and measurements that are not clear to you. Let’s break down the basic sink dimensions you’ll need to know when shopping for a new bathroom sink. All of this is measured in inches.

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Pool Width – How wide the pool is from left to right. Measure from the edge of the sink wall to the opposite edge along its length.

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Sink shape – Sinks are made in several styles, from classic circular to modern square or rectangular sinks. Several unique sink shapes are available based on the zinc material.

Sink height – The vertical distance from the bottom to the top of the sink, edge to edge, measured from the outside.

Faucet Centers – The distance between the mounting holes for the faucet handles, measured from the center of the outside holes.

With these conditions and a measuring tape, you will be able to find the right size sink for your bathroom.

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Buying a new or replacement sink for your bathroom can be very easy when you know what size you’re looking for. We hope this sink sizing guide helps you on your way to finding the perfect one. As always, think about what’s in proportion with your cabinet, countertop or bathroom and let your personal style show through a sink that also matches your taste! If you have decided to build your own home and want to choose a sink yourself, then you must know that the market is full of options. Gone are the days when simple sinks were used in bathrooms and kitchens. The availability of modern sinks as well as simple models can make the process of choosing a sink difficult. Furthermore, sinks are available in all shapes, sizes and materials. Man is spoiled for choice and that’s why we’ve brought you a simple guide to picking and choosing the perfect sink for your kitchen.

Before you go to the market to buy a sink, you must first know the dimensions of your sink. There are single sinks, rectangular sinks, double sinks and double sinks of the same size for rinsing and washing. So know exactly what you want and what size it must be before you buy.


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