Free Computer Desk Woodworking Plans

Free Computer Desk Woodworking Plans – You may have seen my post for the DIY Farmhouse X Desk I built a year ago. This is a good article with lots of color pictures but not clear enough to create the same table. Wait no more because I’ve created downloadable plans to build the DIY Farmhouse X end table!

A styled farm table is easy to make with a little time and the right tools. It took me a few days to put it together in my spare time around the holidays and I was able to finish it in a week! This farmhouse table looks great in my dining room, giving me more space for my work items.

Free Computer Desk Woodworking Plans

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L Shape Modern Plywood Desk

Click below to get your free DIY Farmhouse Desk plans. Enter your email address and the link will be sent directly to you! If you didn’t get the link to the free diy farmhouse table plan x in a few minutes check your spam or junk folders. Enjoy and let me know if you like these free plans to make a Farmhouse X table.

Don’t forget to order your own pocket jig, I used the Kreg Jig, but there are other brands out there. This DIY computer desk has multiple shelves, light desk suction, and metal material for good business! Build your own out of 2×4 wood and plywood! I’m stupid when it comes to building furniture for other people, as long as they agree to be my sanding slave. 😉 So when a friend asked me if I could design his new desk, I quickly agreed. After sending a lot of changes back and forth on the planning table, we finally turned on the pattern and I got to work! Materials Needed for DIY Computer Desk Tools How to Build Business Equipment Download the PlansCut 2×4 and 1×4 pieces Cut Pocket Holes PlywoodDrill and Sand Assemble the Plywood Shelves FrameInset Assemble the TopAssemble the Top FrameStainStain or Paint, and Attach to your equipment. simple. Buying these links can earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Visit my disclosure page for more information. Our friend’s house has lots of business details, including a set of pipe books that I helped make a few years ago (and forgot to blog about!) while searching. Pinterest for inspiration, I came across this table with Simpson Strong -Tie. linked products. He likes the look, but would like to change a few things. And of course, I gave it a spin myself too. Here’s how to make my version! Materials needed for a DIY Computer Desk One 4’x8′ sheet of ¾” plywood Nine 2 x 4 boards One 1 x 4 board You can replace the edge banding instead of framing the top or assembling a six-corner square small size Six rigid corner connectors ( RTC2Z) Two T straps Four large corner brackets⅝” screwsPaint or stain Tools needed Kreg Jig If you’re trying to decide which one to buy, here’s my solution Comparison of Kreg Jig R3 and K5 . DrillMiter sawTable saw or circular saw Orbital sanderBrad nailer How to build an Industrial Desk Download the Plans You can download a DIY desk plan by clicking the button below! The printable plans include detailed cutaway and plywood diagrams, step-by-step instructions with 3D models, and checklists to keep you on track. Cut pieces 2×4 and 1×4 There are a lot of pieces to cut for this table computer, but after stopping my miter saw it makes it very fast! I’ve laid out all the pieces in the wood plank cut diagram so you can get the most bang for your buck. When working with 2×4 lumber, I like to cut the corners off evenly with a table saw. I cut ¼” from both edges of the 3 ½” side, making it 3″ wide. See the difference? 24″ connects to 1 ½” wide, you can replace the step with 2×2 boards this. Finally, cut the 1×4 board into ¾” wide strips. You will need three to make the outside of the table top. Leave them all for a while. We will cut them to fit later. Alternatively, you can cut the top plywood ¾” larger on all four sides and use edge banding Cutting Plywood I like to cut my plywood to fit my design, but it is difficult to fry large sheets . On the table saw! You can use to make these cuts, but you can ask your home improvement store to cut them into more manageable sizes Pocket Hole Drill and Two Pocket Sand Drill at 1½” spacings on both side. the 2×4 maps in the plans. Check out my pocket guide for more information. After all the pockets are made, sand everything with 80 grit and 120-150 grit sandpaper. (This is what my friend did when I started the next step.) Assemble the Frame Pull the two long sides and the short legs to one side of the table. The short legs are installed on the inside of the table. Create frames for two shelves. Create a mirror image of the shelves on the outside, with two long legs on the outside of the frame. If you’re confused, download the computer table ready to see how all the pieces fit together! Inset Plywood Shelves Measure the opening of each shelf, and cut the plywood to fit. If you cut the plywood first, you need to cut them or adjust the frame. Change your Kreg Jig to ¾” board thickness and drill pocket holes around the perimeter of the small plywood, lay the frame on its side, and clamp the three boards across the top of the shelf. Tap it into place with a hammer, it should fit snugly, The remaining boards on top will hold the plywood flush with the top of the shelf when you screw it in with the 1 ¼” pocket hole screws. Now you have completed the shelves! Assembling the Table Top There are several ways you can customize the table top. You can set up a few 1 x 6 boards with pocket holes like I did for my wood and metal table…enlarge the raw edges. But I decided to cut the plywood a little smaller than the table top and put a thin border of wood products on the edges. This smoothly combines plywood with a firm edge. Cut one of the ¾” strips you cut on the table saw earlier to match the short length of the top plywood Apply wood glue to one edge, then attach it with a nailer brad. Then measure the length. ” strips a would fit. Tie them front and back. Fill all the gaps and nail holes with wood filler, and sand smooth when dry. Assemble the Top Frame Instead of attaching the top frame to the shelves, I made it into the desk for easy movement. All he has to do is remove a few screws from the hardware in the front and the entire top is removed! Turn the table upside down and place the frame on top of it. Using the remaining 24″ piece as a space on both ends, line up the frame with the top. Use small L brackets or figure 8 brackets to connect them together. Finally, add two 24″ tall leg pieces ” extra on the shelves included. . 2 ½” pocket hole screws. Stain or paint, and Attach Hardware After checking my gray wood stain color, decided to go with the same gray wood stain as our dining table. I love it! Cool wood first to protect against disease and even out color, the pine frame only needs one coat of gel stain, but the birch plywood needs two coats to even out which I finished with a General Finishes gel top coat.

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