Sewing For 5 Year Olds

Sewing For 5 Year Olds – Evangeline Do ofHandmade Beginnings shares 5 great tips to help teach sewing to kids. Plus, enter a giveaway for a chance to win a spot at

, and I’m so glad Jean invited me here to share with you how to introduce sewing to kids!

Sewing For 5 Year Olds

I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Evangeline and I am a mother of four children. In my family, sewing was passed down a generation, so I didn’t learn to sew as a child, but instead learned to sew in high school fashion class.

Free Girls Dress Patterns You Can Sew Now!

Since then I have been sewing: creating clothes for myself, my children, as well as handmade toys for my online store.

For the past 8 years, I have taught children how to sew, either my younger brothers and sisters, my children, or students who come to my home studio for sewing lessons. Over the years, I have learned a lot about working with children and the best ways and ages to teach children how to sew.

A child’s age can play an important role in what we teach them about sewing, as it is directly related to their fine motor skills. Here’s a general timeline of what and when to introduce sewing to kids based on my experience:

That being said, every parent and educator knows that every child is unique and will master skills and concepts in their own time. Some children will be ready to make clothes by the age of 8 and some will be ready by the age of 12. There is neither right nor wrong and it is always a good idea to follow the child’s lead.

Sewing Patterns For Toddlers

I always get to know my students in our first lessons together and get a sense of where they are. Some kids need five lessons to control the speed of a sewing machine pedal and thread a machine, while some master it on the first day.

You can introduce new concepts according to age, but also know their individual level and take care of it, as no two children are alike.

Learning to sew is also learning the art of patience. Sewing can often be frustrating and very time consuming. Helping children break projects down into steps can help build their confidence and ensure they don’t get overwhelmed.

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I like to choose projects for my beginning students that I know they can complete within our 1-2 hour class time frame. This allows them to take their work home and feel a sense of accomplishment. It also encourages a willingness to come back and create something new next week.

Beginner Hand Sewing Projects For Kids

Experienced sewers can sew more complex projects that span a few weeks, but even then it’s a good idea to break them down into clear goals and benchmarks.

Mastery of sewing takes hours of practice. After sewing several hundred handmade toys, I can still say that I have more to learn about sewing.

If your child struggles with a particular technique, for example sewing on a button. try to give them several projects that incorporate buttons until they are confident in the skill. Or document the child’s progress by photographing their projects and returning to them a few months or even a year later to see how far they’ve come.

There’s a famous saying in the sewing world “Measure twice, cut once” and it’s for good reason. Mistakes are bound to happen. It’s exactly why the seam ripper was invented.

Travel Pillow Tutorial

Teaching children how to undo their mistakes is just as important as teaching them how to sew. Even the most skilled seamstress makes mistakes and that’s okay. Consult your sewing machine manual and or Google if you get stuck.

If your child is having a sewing problem, it’s a great opportunity to work through problem solving and decide on the best course of action. Sometimes mistakes can’t be undone and there will be times when we have to start over, but that’s all part of the learning process.

I am very passionate about not just teaching kids to sew and follow a pattern step by step. I want to teach children sewing skills so they can confidently design and sew their own masterpieces.

If you give a child a brush and they paint, most of the time, you would let the experience be limitless. The child is allowed to draw whatever his heart desires. It is important that it is open in the same way as sewing.

Sewing With Kids — The Workspace For Children

Once your child has learned the basics of sewing, give some fabric and thread and room to create. Everyone’s uniqueness and bright ideas shine best when they are given the time and space to explore and play with materials.

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I hope you enjoyed my top 5 tips for introducing sewing to kids. I love it when I see more kids learning to sew. It’s a bit of a lost art but it’s definitely making a comeback!

Do you have a child who is interested in learning to sew? I’d love for you to follow along with me on Instagram where I share lots of sewing tips and projects made by kids in my new online Sewing Camp program.

Evangeline Do is an Early Childhood Educator with a passion for sewing and working with children. She blogs at where she shares her adventures in creating, mothering and teaching in Toronto with her husband and 4 children. You can also find her on Instagram. She works at where she teaches online sewing classes to children.

Fun And Easy Sewing Projects With Kids

Evangeline is offering a three-month membership position at herSewing Camp for kids to one lucky family! Sewing Camp is a monthly, online subscription program designed to instill creativity, build confidence, and teach the craft of sewing to children ages 8+. This online sewing program for kids includes: weekly video lessons and assignments, the chance to win fun embroidered badges, a monthly magazine, and more!

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Sewing Lion Kit

Artful Parent is a resource for families and educators. We help you raise creative kids with art activities, seasonal crafts and family fun! I was very young when my interest in sewing and crafts started. I wish I could remember what the first thing I ever made was, I have a vague memory of a velvet satin heart and a little dolphin I made from scrap denim! I’ve always been making something and I still do! Start young with one of these easy sewing projects for kids!

If you have a mischievous child in your home, encourage him! I know sometimes the last thing you want to do is take a sewing class or clean up after a messy craft project. But kids are so proud when they make things! It’s a great confidence booster.

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So dig into your stash of craft supplies and get your little ones crafting with one of these great sewing projects for beginners!

I’m crazy about this idea! I am trying to create a collection of reusable party decorations to use for birthdays and holidays. I am trying very hard to remove unnecessary single use plastics like balloons and banners from our house. I will definitely be getting the kids to help make this chain!

Free Must Sew Dress Patterns For Girls

If you need more party ideas, check out mine: Bowling Party Printables and 62 Free Printables for Kids’ Birthdays

If the laundry bag is cute, do you think the kids will put their clothes in it instead of on the floor? Asking for a friend.

Children can make a whole collection of them and give them as gifts to teachers and classmates.

Kids always have little collections of random things. With this tutorial they can make their own DIY drawstring bags to store their treasures!

Hand Sewing Projects For Beginners That Kids Design

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