Renewable Energy Sources Quizlet

Renewable Energy Sources Quizlet – It is flexible What are the advantages of using fossil fuels for energy? This increases the chances of finding oil quickly, reducing drilling costs Why is it important to review ground exploration for oil reserves? Hydraulic fracturing water mixed with sand and chemicals is delivered under high pressure to underground shale deposits to extract natural gas and oil. America is less dependent on the Middle East for fuel It requires less excavation space, better for the environment 3. Brings new jobs to the area Benefits of Fracking 1 Chemicals seep into ground water 2. Water is properly treated and drained 3. Disease and cancer for people living nearby What are the risks of fracking/ah? Are there spaces? Fossil fuels are burned to generate electricity while nuclear power emits energy at the core of atoms . Power generation between nuclear power and fossil fuels The units are expensive to build and there are concerns about radioactive waste storage Why isn’t America using nuclear power? Does not emit CO2 2. Condensed source of energy 3. Emits little radioactivity while generating electricity Advantages of nuclear power: All use superheated steam to rotate turbines and generate electricity. ? The French have no natural resources of their own and want to reduce fuel imports from other countries Why did the French embrace nuclear power more than the US? The Three Mile Island nuclear disaster involved a bomb failure in the cooling circuit. There is minor damage Renewable energy sources that are constantly being created Agriculture is produced on land, so it is renewable Biofuel facility Geothermal/solar energy can only be produced where the sun is present Why are geothermal and solar energy considered regional? It is intermittent, not always windy What makes an efficient hybrid car? Found in water, can be burned as fuel and used in fuel cells Why is hydrogen a fuel source for the future? They do not produce greenhouse gases Energy produced by the movement of water What do hydroelectricity and geothermal have in common? What is hydroelectric power? – Use more public transport – Control homes – Control temperature thermostats What is energy efficiency? High GDP countries also have high energy consumption correlations between energy consumption and gross domestic product Wind Energy Renewable Energy Solar Energy Renewable Energy Biomass Renewable Energy

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When you decide you want “$10” of a product, what function(s) does money serve? I. Medium of exchange II Inventory of value III Unit of accounting A. I only B. II only C. III only D. I and II only E. I, II and III.

Renewable Energy Sources Quizlet

On a separate sheet of paper, match the letter of the word that best describes each statement below A given change in price causes a relatively large change in quantity demanded demand fulfillment b. Demand Elastic Demand c. Change in demand Shift the production curve marginal utility Law of Demand Unit of Elastic Demand begintext & text \ text & text \ text & text \ text & text \ text & text \ end a. Demand B. Elasticity of demand c. A change in demand d. demand curve e. Law of Demand f. complement g. Elastic demand h changes I. Marginal utility j. Unit Elastic Demand

Solar Energy: Harnessing The Sun Ri8.2 Key Ideas & Details Diagram

Use a graphic organizer like the one below to explain how marginal product changes during the three stages of production. Stage of Production Marginal Product IIIIII Start Text & Text \ Text \ Text \ Text \ End Production Stage I II III Marginal Product

Visit your local grocery store and make a list of at least 10 products that reflect globalization. Create a poster depicting these products and show where each one comes from (or where the producer is) Present your poster to the class and explain why you do not benefit from globalization. Be prepared to defend your position

Which type of refrigerator will cost more to run: a 350 kWh or a 475 kWhh?

In 1979, what did President Jimmy Carter put on the roof of the White House? Where is this item today?

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Lab Assignment 17 Geologic Structures And Energy Resources

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Fossil fuels come from fossilized plants and animals There are three main sources of fuel: oil, coal and natural gas These three fuel sources are the primary sources used to meet the world’s electricity and energy needs They are not renewable, so they will eventually run out Fossil fuels are mined and sold in global commodity markets, and prices have fluctuated around the world since the 1960s. Fossil fuels are expensive for oil-producing countries However, we have seen a reversal since oil prices fell in the summer of 2014 but are now slowly recovering. The growing global demand for renewable energy is challenging the dominance of fossil fuels in the world.

This infographic explains the reasons behind the rise of renewable energy, specifically how renewable energy competes with the demand for fossil fuels, illustrating the rise of global investment in renewable energy.

Finally, the transition to fossil and renewable fuels is something to think about for the future as we gradually run out of fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources are on the rise and will surely overtake fossil fuels now

The 5 Countries That Produce The Most Solar Energy

Source: McKinsey & Company “Oil Prices But More Renewables, What’s Going On?” and Frankfurt School FS-UNEP Collaboration for Climate and Sustainability in Financial Economics “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investments”

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We strive to connect our customers with the right products and suppliers Do you want to participate in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs?

Educate, join an organization, vote, contact elected officials, use your skills (art, writing, etc.)

Renewable energy sources produce less greenhouse gases than other sources, are compatible with most engines, require less maintenance, ensure job savings because they are reliable, reducing independence from foreign oil.

Reasons Behind The Rise Of Renewables

High cost of production, monotony (growing the same crop every year to generate biofuels can deprive the soil of nutrients returned to the soil through crop rotation), use of fertilizers (required in production and can be some nuisance), water use ( of irrigating fuel crops requires a lot of water),

A finite source of energy, fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal) are all non-renewable, formed from the buried remains of plants and animals that lived years ago. They are not permanent

Renewable energy sources are infinite sources of energy, naturally renewable Includes: wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass energy storage methods Recycling saves energy and materials, which reduces waste For example, recycling used aluminum products consumes a much smaller amount of energy than it would cost to manufacture new aluminum products. Another benefit is that people save money for the economy Money is spent on workers’ compensation, technology, and other areas to produce new goods This makes the product more expensive because each person pays for the production and cost of the new product Recycling requires less effort and costs less for producers and consumers (Straight from the slide: Conservation offers great potential for expanding our economic supply of minerals and reducing the impact of mining and processing. Wind Power Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy. Operations (such as grinding grain or pumping water) or a A generator can convert this mechanical energy

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