Renewable Energy Leaders

Renewable Energy Leaders – The US Energy Information Administration recently published a special profile on New York’s leadership and renewable energy divide. However, what I find particularly interesting in this section is the variation in the distribution of renewable energy in the various peak states.

In New York, Oregon, and Washington, hydropower is the dominant source of renewable electricity, while wind power is the dominant source of electricity in Texas and California, with a clear divide between solar, hydro, wind, geothermal, and biomass electricity.

Renewable Energy Leaders

At the top of the ladder, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas and Illinois all have wind-dominated renewable energy industries.

Young Leaders Reflect On The Global Energy Transition

On the other hand, North Carolina shows something like California’s balanced distribution — a lot of solar power and some hydropower.

With wind and solar power so cheap, there should be a more balanced renewable energy gap in many states. Every state in the country has huge solar potential, and solar power can quickly scale to the level seen in North Carolina, California and beyond. Texas is now moving in that direction.

As we’ve talked about for more than a decade, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) is seeing this country’s long-term shift to renewables and linking it to New York’s own shift. “In the United States, electricity generation sources have been shifting from coal to natural gas and renewables since the mid-2000s. Changes in New York’s power generation mix have contributed to this trend. Coal’s share of New York’s electricity generation will increase from 14 percent in 2005 to 14 percent in 2019. It fell less than 1 percent, while electricity from natural gas rose from 22 percent to 36 percent.

Electricity generated from renewable energy technologies grew from 19 percent to 29 percent over that period. New York adopted the Sustainable Portfolio Standard in 2004 and the Clean Energy Standard (CES) in 2015. CES currently plans to generate 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040 and achieve net zero carbon emissions in the economy by 2050.

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Similar trends can be seen in California, Texas, Iowa and beyond. However, the coming decades should show an even faster transition to renewables as long-term downward cost trends for renewables increasingly reach breaking points. Consider the solar bars in other states and the growing wind bars as you see for California in the chart above.

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As I wrote a few months ago, solar panels were 12x more expensive in 2010 than they are now, and 459x more in 1977. The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently reported that solar energy is now the cheapest. Electricity in history. In addition, chief analyst Lazard pointed out that the price of electricity from new solar and wind power plants should now be competitive with electricity.

Growth in renewable energy generation has been strong but slow in recent years, but now it looks like we should see strong and rapid growth, especially in the leading states.

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Canadian Renewable Energy Association

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World Leaders Pledge $400 Billion To Boost Clean Energy And Renewables

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Green Energy plans to create up to 250 jobs at its first US power plant.

New York Governor Cathy Hochul recently tweeted that by 2035, all new vehicles sold in the state must be zero-emissions.

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Start New Project With One Of Renewable Energy Leaders

Last week, California became the first state in the United States to pledge to end the sale of polluting fossil-fueled equipment — especially … as big companies in the renewable energy marketplace are buying up clean energy.

RECs, SRECs, PPAs, VPPAs, CCAs, Taxes. Acronyms are flying fast and furious, like last week’s REM16 renewable energy event in San Francisco.

There are also plenty of prizes to be won at REM16 – if you’re a champion of renewable energy, that is. There are EPA Green Energy Partner Awards for outstanding buyers and suppliers, as well as Center for Utility Solutions (CRS) Market Development Awards for leaders building the green energy market.

These awards reflect a market shift in recent years, with large corporate buyers becoming a key driver of new renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Leaders Set To Receive Honors At Renew Wisconsin 2020 Summit

“We are working with utilities, competitive suppliers and other private and public sector leaders to accelerate the transition to clean energy,” said CRS Executive Director Jennifer Martin.

Among the various winners, CRS Market Development Awards went to Apple, Department of the Navy REPO, Bloomberg and Google, and California Governor Jerry Brown was named Green Power Leader of the Year. EPA Green Power Awards went to Biogen, GMA, Intel, Coles, SC Johnson, Binnie Mellon, Cisco, the District of Columbia and others.

Simplicity is the holy grail of emerging renewable energy markets. PPAs and other renewable energy procurement frameworks continue to be difficult to understand and financially analyze, especially for companies that do not have a large energy team to assist in the evaluation process.

PPAs are not the only game in town. Several sessions at the event highlighted the emergence of green tariff provision from utilities to simplify the procurement process and provide another mechanism to grow the market. Green tariffs are still in their infancy, they offer only a few utilities, many of which are still unpopular. But it should grow from time to time.

The World Needs All Forms Of Energy For Decades To Come

In response to this complexity, developers, service providers and organizations like REBA and RE100 are working to streamline the process.

According to Marty Spitzer, executive director of climate and renewable energy at the World Wildlife Fund, “companies want it easy” because most people don’t have many assets to manage energy projects. And all companies want a choice, and that was it. That’s not the case with Energy.”

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Another attractive trend is the potential for scaling adoption between companies. As noted in my piece at the REBA event in Redmond, Washington in May, companies that have implemented renewable energy projects are a small percentage of the number of companies that have set climate and sustainability goals.

“It’s amazing to see the growth, evolution and commitment of companies to green energy,” said Marty Seidler, Intel’s director of global utilities and infrastructure. “We’ve seen a lot of growth in new businesses over the past nine years, but the continued activity of those early adopters is just as exciting.”

Europe Leads The Global Clean Energy Transition, Latest Eurostat Data Confirms

The potential remains for a broader group of companies to move beyond the few tech companies and retailers that have led the pack so far.

In particular, industries and medium-sized companies, including geographically dispersed energy loads, seem to have a great opportunity to join the fight for renewable energy. This market will grow if there are offers to “companies that don’t buy 100 megawatts and aren’t Google,” one speaker said.

John Powers, Vice President of Strategic Renewable Innovations at Renewable Choice Energy, identified three drivers of sustainable corporate procurement: achieving environmental goals; Hedging energy prices; And getting pure ROI. “We need to make sure that at least two of these companies exist, if not all three.”

A study on sustainable corporate purchasing patterns by Jorge Favalaro, Director of Sustainable Business Solutions at PwC, confirmed this trend. The study, which was first announced at the group’s VERGE conference in September, found that of the 72 percent of companies that are actively acquiring renewable energy, 85 percent are making climate and greenhouse gas targets. 76p per cent as it delivers an impressive ROI; and 59 percent hedge against energy price volatility.

Facebook Just Made A Huge Commitment On Renewable Energy

There is also room for growth in geographic diversity. Most of the 30 virtual power purchase agreements came in five states: California, Texas, Virginia, New

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