Renewable Energy In New Mexico

Renewable Energy In New Mexico – Despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting energy demand in New Mexico and the world, and fossil fuel inventories hitting historic lows and renewable production next, the industry continues to move forward. renewable energy in the state as New Mexico leaders are determined to improve New Mexico’s energy economy. beyond the oil and gas cycle.

At the New Mexico State Land Trust, six leases are active for solar projects with a capacity of 221 megawatts, according to New Mexico State Land records, and 27 lease applications is set for an additional capacity of 2,917 megawatts.

Renewable Energy In New Mexico

For wind power, nine leases are in operation with a capacity of 245 megawatts and 19 lease applications have been submitted to add 1,835 megawatts of wind power on State Trust Land.

This Company Helps Roughnecks Find Renewable Energy Jobs

Recently, construction began on 35,000 acres of State Trust land in Torrance County, about 10 miles west of Encino, for the La Joya Wind Farm, which has 111 turbines will produce 306 megawatts of electricity.

Over the life of the project, it is expected to generate $41 million for New Mexico public schools, according to a news release from the New Mexico Office of Land Resources.

“This project demonstrates how New Mexico is leveraging public resources to create a sustainable economy and lead us on the path to a clean energy future,” said Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

“Lensing through the Land Office benefits New Mexico residents: it puts our land to work raising funds for schools and helping to grow our portfolio of economy.”

Nm Groups Push For More Renewable Energy

New Mexico Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard said the state’s Office of Renewable Energy continues to receive applications, permit applications and general questions about renewable energy development every week and interest is high despite declining demand for renewable energy. restrictions. and asks to stay at home.

He said the recent decline in fossil fuels provides an opportunity for New Mexico to tap into renewable energy — part of a larger effort to increase the use of the state’s land and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. oil and gas variable heads.

“New Mexico is an ideal place to develop all kinds of energy, but only a small fraction is renewable,” said Garcia Richard. “Now it has become a powerful force.”

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Legislation passed during the 2020 New Mexico Legislative Session, along with the creation of the Renewable Energy Transfer Authority (RETA) positions the state this year to expand its renewable portfolio, said Garcia Richard.

Mexico Sees Its Energy Future In Fossil Fuels, Not Renewables

“Just for economic growth, renewable energy has become a viable option,” he said. “I think it will be more peaceful. The price per kilowatt has fallen over the past decade. This energy is much cheaper to produce than it was a decade ago. “

However, he pointed out the challenges in the state in storing renewable energy and the change in obtaining energy from the countryside that it generates to the big cities where it is needed.

“With advances in storage technology, it’s getting more powerful,” Garcia Richard said. “Obviously it’s a challenge. Another challenge is transportation. We must use it according to its production. “

The Arizona Department of Public Works wants to focus on renewable energy — and is unwittingly advocating for reduced investment, according to reporter Robert Robb.

New Mexico’s Case For Public Ownership Of Its Clean Energy Infrastructure

And renewable energy alone won’t replace the revenue the state will lose if it moves away from fossil fuels, he said, which means New Mexico State Trust lands will also have to be developed to accommodate manufacturing, technology. , agriculture and recreational use.

“Even with the current interest in renewable energy, compared to the loss of income from oil and gas, we cannot fill this gap,” said Garcia Richard.

“There are a lot of shale reserves, but they are also limited,” he said. “No one thought they would last forever. I think it’s time to implement these transformative ideas. “

A May 4 study by the Institute for Energy Economics and Business Analysis found that nationwide renewable energy generated more electricity than coal each day in April, the first time in story.

What Are The Current Trends In Renewable Energy?

“The transition from coal to electricity generation has accelerated in 2020 for many reasons, especially low gas prices, a warming climate, the amount of renewable energy connected to the grid last year, and more recently, the decline in energy demand from the economy. due to the coronavirus,” said the study.

In the biggest blow to the renewable energy industry so far, President Donald Trump on Monday decided to impose tariffs on imported solar panels. We seem to have found nothing in this situation. Maybe try one of the links below or search?

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Federal Incentives Accelerate New Mexico’s Hydrogen Economy … Santa Fe, NM, electric utility, PNM, is fighting over the utility’s heavy reliance on large fossil-fuel power plants there in a state that has some of the best solar and wind resources in the country. Democratic Energy Director John Farrell joins Santa Fe City Councilwoman Patti Bushee to discuss options for Santa Fe’s energy future with show host David Bacon January 22, 2015 at KSFR Santa Fe.

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Want to know more about the Battle of Santa Fe? Watch our January 2014 interview with Mariel Nanasi of New Energy Business and read on for more information on clean energy for this southwestern city.

The following map shows the potential for residential and commercial rooftop solar to meet New Mexico’s electricity demand. More than a quarter of all electricity demand can be supplied by rooftop solar systems.

And wind power? New Mexico can generate 89 times more electricity from wind resources than it uses annually.

Inside Clean Energy: Wind And Solar Costs Have Risen. How Long Should We Expect This Trend To Last?

With this type of energy, the new energy saving proposal for 23% wind and 9% solar (shown in the following statement) balances well, especially if wind and solar competes with most of the fossil and nuclear fuel sources that PNM plans to rely on.

Wind power with the quality of New Mexico’s resources is likely to be more expensive than new energy from fossil fuels. Solar power will also be cheaper because it is not competing with traditional wholesale energy companies but with higher power generators that meet higher demand (on hot, sunny days).

Santa Fe has done its homework, analyzing the possibility of building a municipal power plant in place of PNM and dealing with possible changes in energy supply and costs. The potential is huge: cutting energy use, eliminating coal use and more than doubling renewable energy production, reducing energy bills.

What are they waiting for? It’s time to challenge your mandatory monopoly. Something strange happened.

New Mexico Renewable Energy Project Reveals Dangers Of Geothermal

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