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Renewable Energy Companies New York City – New York City currently ranks 14th in renewable energy consumption. While this puts New York in the top half of the country for renewable energy, it leaves plenty of room for improvement. As a New York business, you are in a unique position to help green and grow the state and the city’s overall renewable energy footprint. But with so much of New York covered in skyscrapers, you might wonder if New York has the potential for renewable energy. Read on to learn about your options for renewable energy in New York and how to find the right one for your business. Does New York have renewable energy? When you think of renewable energy, you imagine wind turbines and rooftops covered in solar panels. Anyone familiar with New York knows that the city is full of buildings. But surprisingly, New York still has plenty of options for renewable energy. In fact, there are about 80 renewable energy companies in and around New York City. You might wonder why these companies hide wind turbines and solar panels in so many buildings in New York. Well, they aren’t. How do New York companies sell renewable energy? Most of these companies do not own wind or solar power plants, but act as third parties or energy brokers. Specifically, they partner with existing wind and solar farms or existing hydroelectric plants to sell renewable energy credits (RECs) generated by these facilities. Renewable energy credits are units of green energy produced and sold by renewable energy companies. These entities then sell the RES energy, which can be purchased by businesses or individuals. After purchase, this REC helps the purchasing company to change its energy consumption without installing solar panels or wind turbines. How to Find Renewable Energy in New York If you’re ready to switch to green and renewable energy in New York, you’re in luck. There are many companies ready to help you meet your renewable energy needs. But switching phone providers is not easy. Step 1: Assess Your Needs Before shopping for a renewable energy partner, you need to assess your business’s energy needs. See last year’s energy statements. Keep in mind that your energy consumption will change over time. For example, electricity consumption typically increases during the hot summer months, while gas consumption increases during the colder months. Calculate your annual energy consumption in kWh per month. This prepares you for the second step. Tip: Before buying any new appliance, think about its energy impact. Be sure to use an energy calculator to find out how much you can pay for your appliances or cars each month. Step 2: Building a renewable energy budget has become much cheaper over the years, but in some cases it can still be more expensive than non-renewables. To prepare for this, create a budget that you cannot exceed. This will help you set limits and not settle for an energy offer you can’t handle. You can take steps to reduce your energy use each month to stick to your budget. Most of these steps are small and will not have a significant impact on your life. For example, you can reduce energy consumption by switching to more efficient light bulbs. Step 3: Choose a Provider With your needs defined and your budget complete, you’re ready to shop for a renewable energy provider. As mentioned above, there are so many offers in and around New York that it is difficult to choose just one. You can start searching on Google, but look for companies that have great reviews. Also read reviews, make sure they are authentic and look for consistent complaints. You can also ask your professional network and friends if you know other business owners who use renewable energy. This is a great way to get a first impression of someone you trust. Finally, you can get an estimate and contact us for a free consultation, where we’ll go over your options, potential costs, and how you can transition to a renewable future. New York City’s Renewable Energy Future Despite the staggering number of renewable energy companies in and around New York, less than 25 percent of New York’s energy comes from renewable sources. With a little prep work, you can responsibly plan for your company’s green future and help grow New York as a whole. Going green used to require a major lifestyle change, but with today’s advancements, it’s almost seamless and easier than ever. Don’t dream of tomorrow – build a modern future by switching to renewable energy today.

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Renewable Energy Companies New York City

We’re committed to making it easy for you to get Phoenix Energy blog posts and news delivered straight to your inbox. Renewable energy in New York Most electricity comes from dirty sources – but you can choose an energy source that can power your home in 2 minutes.

Emissions Cap Has Landlords Scrambling For Clean Energy

By switching to CleanChoice Energy, residential and commercial New Yorkers can power their homes or small businesses with clean, renewable wind and solar energy while reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Our renewable energy comes from farms in the areas we serve, so converting means you’re supporting the growth of the renewable energy industry throughout New York and beyond.

CleanChoice Energy serves the following companies in the New York area: Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp., Consolidated Edison Co. New York, Inc., National Grid Co., New York State Electric & Gas Corp., Orange & Rockland Utilities, Inc., Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.

You can easily register within 2 minutes and we never charge registration or cancellation fees. All you need is a utility bill.

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We have a BBB A+ rating, a Green America Gold Certified Business, and a Certified B Corp.

I am very happy to have this option and to be able to spend money for my services according to my moral values.”

“I am a happy customer. I want 100% renewable electricity and CleanChoice Energy offers it at reasonable rates. Plus, I found your support staff to be knowledgeable and nice to talk to.”

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“I support climate change and global warming and the transition to 100% renewable, sustainable and clean energy. CleanChoice Energy is at the top of my support list!” Apex Clean Energy, one of the most dynamic and fastest growing clean energy companies in the United States, has announced plans for its new headquarters, and William McDonough + Partners has been selected as the architect for the highly anticipated project. Apex, an architecture firm founded by architect, designer, thought leader and author William McDonough, is pleased to add clean energy to its long list of important corporate clients.

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The company uses its positive and principled design philosophy, which takes its cues from living systems and processes, and develops consistent standards of design quality. The approach was inspired by Mr McDonough, who was described as a “master of sustainable design” at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio.

McDonagh has a long history of leadership in design thinking, green buildings and the circular economy. In particular, the firm designed Oberlin University’s Lewis Center, the leading zero-energy building in the United States. McDonagh contributed to the writing of this book

“It’s exciting that a leading wind energy company in the United States will have a new solar-powered workplace,” McDonagh said. We are proud to be the architect of this project and look forward to its implementation process.”

Apex Clean Energy is a leader in the development, construction and operation of wind and solar farms throughout North America. The Apex office will be a carbon-footprint-optimized wood structure and will bring together the company’s 200+ renewable energy professionals in a building designed for collaboration, health and wellness. McDonagh presented the initial design philosophy and architectural concepts for creating the “tree-like structure” at the company’s quarterly general meeting earlier this month.

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Dirty Energy, Big Money

“Designing a building requires careful imagination and a creative process,” said Apex Senior Vice President John Bahot. “Our direction was clear: achieve financial efficiencies that meet or reduce our current obligations while setting a new standard in terms of sustainability. Fortunately, our process led to a collaboration with world-renowned architect Bill McDonough It was actually a book about sustainable design

Apex Clean Energy’s selection of William McDonough + Partners reinforces the architecture firm’s status as the first choice among large firms for location and high performance.

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