Puppy Training Private Lessons Near Me

Puppy Training Private Lessons Near Me – Get great results with our virtual dog and puppy training and online classes while training in the comfort of your own home.

An online virtual session consultation in the comfort of your own home. for an hour. We can help with new puppy issues, minor behavior issues and starting a training plan. It’s not the same as personal training, but it gives you a head start during this time of social distancing. Video homework and/or written homework provided.

Puppy Training Private Lessons Near Me

This is a great course for dogs of all ages, from 10-week-old puppies to 14-year-old seniors.

In Home Private Dog Training Lessons That Work! Toronto & Gta

This course presents 13 fun, interesting and useful tricks for you and your dog! It also includes the introduction of simple obedience and the use of reward markers. Teaching your dog tricks isn’t just for fun. Tricks can help develop motor skills, increase your dog’s vocabulary, teach them to learn, think and solve problems independently, strengthen your bond with your dog, and work both mind and body. All of these things are very beneficial for your dog, regardless of their age.

There is also an opportunity to submit video of work completed in this course for assessment. After the evaluation of the work, a certificate is issued.

$39.55 (Limited Time, Regularly $62.15) HST Included – Self-paced for 6 months of access – Sign up for this virtual session anytime.

This is a great starting point for all puppies between the ages of 8 and 20 weeks and sets them up for success.

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This course covers important topics such as behavior, crate training, house training, biting, communication and all general puppy issues. This course has lots of great information and activities to complete with your pup. It introduces you and your puppy to basic obedience training in a fun and positive way – sit, put, come, name.

$75.00 (Limited Time, Regularly $113) HST Included – 6 Months Access – Sign up anytime for this virtual session

Our Basic Skills class is now in an online format! This one size fits all classes, all ages, all castes and all sizes.

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This course for puppies and dogs 16 weeks and older will teach you how to control your canine companion with all the basics of obedience – come, stay, sit, down, carry, release, go and more! Work on your dog’s communication, focus and attention in the comfort of your own home with this highly sought-after class!

Pawsitive Puppy Dog Training

We want our students to succeed, so this course offers a video test that is graded by the instructor. Upon passing, you will be awarded a certificate in assessment and have the opportunity to join our in-person bootcamp classes.

Equipment Required: 6-foot leash, 15-foot leash (optional), slip leash, martingale, prong collar, halter, soft lead or pull-free harness, treats, toys

$113.00 including HST (limited time, regularly $152.55) – 6 months access – Sign up for this virtual session anytime.

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Starting with the basics—house training, appropriate play, and crate training—we’ll work through the many behavioral issues every puppy owner faces, and I’ll work with you—one on one and for you. Home – If you learn to continue the process confidently and successfully.

Due to the pandemic, many people have found themselves at home more often than their old routines. A puppy that is rarely left alone can have a hard time when things start to change.

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We’ve all heard about puppy socialization, but how and when is the right time to go outside?

He steals socks, tissues, children’s toys, and oh no! A mask he found on the street and he won’t throw it away!

Welcome — Beyond My Leash

This is a common situation for puppies these days. This is where I come in. You will be my student and your puppy will be yours. It is a team approach that fosters respect and compassion for all of us.

“Claire was very professional from the start. She was very patient and ready for anything Benito asked. I especially liked how personalized our sessions were and how aware she was of making sure we were getting the most out of our sessions. Amazing follow up and instrumental to both of our successes. !I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed working with him to finally walk together.

Clicker training is a unique method of positive reinforcement that uses a small hand-held mechanical noise maker called a clicker. We connect voice and payment. It’s a technique that’s been used for decades in zoo co-care and marine mammal training, and it now gives us a clear and concise way to talk to our dogs.

I know you probably have thousands of questions about training your puppy, and I’ll try to answer the most popular questions here.

Beamsville Ontario Canada (905) 563 7191

If you have any questions not mentioned here, be sure to get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer anything you want to know.

Although he has a shorter attention span and is more prone to distraction than an older puppy or dog, he still has the same potential.

We make sure he learns things that make him more confident and easier to live with instead of habits that need to be changed later.

$365 for 5 sessions. Save $17 per session at Companion Avenue when you choose a package of 4 or more dog training lessons. Each package session is only $73 for customized and personal attention. Other personal trainers may charge $100 or more per session. And while group classes may be less expensive, you can’t get a one-on-one program at home that’s designed for your unique family and pup.

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Private Lessons. Dog Training Lessons, — Top Dog Canine Training (778)960 8863

The five-session puppy package is designed to last 4-6 weeks, but the date and time of the lessons is entirely up to you, and if you want to combine or spread out the sessions, you can do so.

You only need to devote 3-5 minutes to practicing yourself three times a day to see results.

During the first year of your puppy’s life, he will go through different stages and learning goals will progress; There is no final timetable, but you can expect a good footing at the end of the package.

No, the clicker is a learning tool that is invaluable when learning a new behavior, but once the skill is solidified for the dog, it can be replaced with a verbal marker such as “yes.” You should continue to reinforce your puppy so that the behavior remains strong, but you are not married to the clicker indefinitely.

Dog Training Classes

Children can often learn to use a clicker and master the mechanics and timing, and whole families are welcome to sessions and training sessions.

Children under 7 may find it difficult to accurately mark clicker behavior and may delay the puppy’s learning, but the process is very forgiving.

Adults in the household should learn the technique at the same time so that they can guide and assist the young instructor.

Yes and no. As we continue to manage the pandemic, outdoor spaces are ideal. If you have a yard or quiet outdoor area near your home, I can meet you there. When the weather is good, it is good. No cancellation penalty applies for weather-related schedule changes. However, a park is not the right choice for a puppy just starting training, as there are too many distractions. If you don’t have a suitable space in your home, you can come to my training studio near Lawrence and Dawn Mills, or we can work virtually while you are in your home.

Private And Group Dog Training Lessons

Crate training is never punishment or confinement and is done without teaching the puppy to choose its own litter box voluntarily.

Box training is actually a