Puppy Training Seminar Near Me

Puppy Training Seminar Near Me – In all of our classes, the aim is to develop your dog’s interest, confidence and cooperation. We strive to teach exercises that will help in real life to make life more enjoyable for you and your dog.

This class is suitable for dogs that have completed puppy training or are beginners or have a good understanding of exercise.

Puppy Training Seminar Near Me

We teach basic exercises like emergency stops that will help keep your dog safe in real life situations.

Dog Training 101: How To Completely Train Your Dog

This class is suitable for dogs that have undergone novice or advanced training.

Our advanced class is where dogs can continue to hang out, we have dogs that have been in this class for many years and still love learning new things.

As part of the course we also have an end of course competition where everyone works towards competing during the week.

“I took my dog ​​(Milo) to the first class and was nervous about meeting the former trainer.

Competition Obedience Seminar With Christine Kisser

Jolene was lovely from the start! We are now graduating from college and moving on to advanced classes and hoop classes.

Milo was afraid to let me in class at first, but with Jolene’s patience, he’s now happy to see her. I love that Jolene allows Milo (and the other dogs) to gain confidence in their time.

I like that the course is a permanent reward. Jolene sets the dogs up for success by breaking down each task into small groups.

They can adjust the class to fit each dog. Jolene clearly explains tasks and is always happy to re-explain if (like me) you have a goldfish memory!

Best Dog Trainer Los Angeles

The lessons are fun and it’s clear that Jolene cares about the dogs. They are always on the lookout for opportunities to praise and encourage dogs. When things don’t go as planned, Jolene is patient and sees the funny side instead of feeling judged.

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to train their dog in a fun way with a friendly, knowledgeable and caring instructor without too much hassle!

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Training Classes For Puppies

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Best Puppy Training Los Angeles

Our private lessons are adapted to your needs, take place at your home or in a place agreed by mutual agreement.

We offer a variety of training packages especially for dog owners before they return home or for a few weeks of ownership.

We offer a variety of training options for puppies and dogs of all ages to meet your (and their) needs.

Our group training sessions are based in Leyland, but we often travel 10 miles for individual training, in many parts of South Lancashire.

Puppy Training Classes In Mansfield

Our 7 week Puppy Foundation course is for puppies who are under 18 weeks old on the day the course starts. These courses take place at Halls for All in Leyland. We usually have introductory classes every three weeks. In this course, we learn all the important skills that a puppy should acquire during its lifetime. In addition to personal training, participants also have access to our Puppy Training Hub on our website where you can view all training sessions. physical and video clips that support all the exercises performed in the course.

We have no more than 6 children in each class to allow plenty of space between the puppies and individual attention from the trainer so your child gets the most out of their time with us.

For puppies who have completed our dog training or trained with us, these classes help you progress your training from the basics to developing actual training skills. In these classes we use our Confident Canines Life Skills Award program to see how well your dog is doing compared to what he has been doing.

If private or one-on-one training suits your needs well, our sessions are tailored to other topics you might need help with. These sessions take place at your home or in a public place that you have agreed upon prior to the session. Advance reservations are essential!

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Online Dog Training

If you are interested in welcoming a new puppy into your home, we offer a variety of puppy training packages designed to help prepare you for becoming a new puppy owner and can help you during the first few weeks after bringing your puppy at home. Advance reservations are essential!

As well as being our Head Trainer, Emma is a Certified Canine Hoopers UK Instructor and a Platinum Pro UK Hoopers Instructor, training dogs for competition. They run Canine Hoopers introductory workshops as well as regular Hoopers classes for those looking for something different (and fun!) to do with their dogs on a regular basis. If you prefer, there is also an individual training option for Hoopers.

We offer a variety of exciting courses to improve your teaching skills and most importantly; have fun with your dog! Choose from Reliable Rappel, Guided Walking Techniques, Canine Hoopers, Scentwork, and Dog Parkour.

In addition to the training sessions, Emma has built a strong community of dog owners and regularly organizes walks, visits and get-togethers so like-minded owners can get together, socialize with their dogs and practice their training. if they want!

Dog Training Classes

Emma has been a true goddess since our lives were changed by our Pointer X rescuers.

The foundation she helped us set up made our lives so much easier and made our stressed dog a comfortable and happy member of the family.

It’s still a work in progress, but Emma’s results and her good training methods will get us there.

He taught us how to teach our children! We currently have an 11 year old puppy who sits, lies down, rests and sleeps in his crate, walks well on walks and is currently learning to remember!

Dog Training Classes In Kelowna

Our pup is off to a great start, thanks to Emma, ​​her skills, knowledge and patience! Thanks!

Emma is very knowledgeable and professional. He is always ready to answer any question – no matter how silly it seems!

Woody had a blast and learned the basics of a confident, well-behaved puppy. I will have future classes to build on