Prepac Floating Desk Instructions

Prepac Floating Desk Instructions – 1 Assembly Instructions DATE STAMP Floating Desk with Storage Model # EHW CONTACT US FIRST PREPAC Mon – Fri 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST For assembly assistance If you have a damaged or defective part or missing. We process replacement parts within 2 business days or less. Parts are shipped via UPS Ground or mail. Before you call: 1) Write the following information from the shipping label on the outside of the box. You will need this for warranty purposes: Ship to name Sales order number 2) Write down the model number of the product. Total weight limit 100 pounds 3) Check the contents of your shipment to determine what you are missing. Online Option Complete the replacement parts order form in the Product Support section of our website: Tools Required 3/16 in. Chuck Locator Requires 2 Person Assembly Caution Do not overtighten any screw. The last few turns of each screw should be done very slowly or by hand. Prepac Manufacturing Ltd. Dennett Place Delta, BC V4G 1N4 LB

2 desk parts D1 D2 D3 D4 D3 D9 D7 D6 D7 D8 D5 D10 D12 D11 D1 D2 D13 Top stabilizer (1) ST B black ST E espresso ST W white Borak (1) SH B black SH E espresso SH W white D3 D4 D5 Small Top Trim (2) TR B black TR E espresso TR W white Large Top Trim (1) TR B black TR E espresso TR W white Left side (1) SL B black SL E espresso SL W white D6 D7 D8 D9 Right side (1) SR B black SR E espresso SR W white Removable shelves (4) SH B black SH E espresso SH W white Left facade (1) GA B black GA E espresso GA W white Right facade (1) GA B black GA E espresso GA W white D10 D11 D12 D13 tabletop (1) TP B black TP E espresso TP W white Middle stabilizer (1) ST B black ST E espresso ST W white Lower shelf (1) SH untreated Lower stabilizer (1) ST B black ST E espresso ST W white Page 2 of 16

Prepac Floating Desk Instructions

3 Desk Hardware Grommet (1) RM-0838 Metal Wall Mount Rail (1) RM Wood Screw (3) RM-0835 Nylon Lock Nut (8) RM-0837 Rail Hook (4) RM-0834 Standoffs (4) RM-0841 Hex Wrench RM mm Zinc Cam (12) RM mm Green Twister Dowel (12) RM-0501 Fixing screw (16) RM-0001 Cover for screw (12) RM-0226 black RM-0304 espresso RM-0008 white JCB Bolt (12 ) ) RM-0314 black RM -0310 bronze RM-0311 chrome Plastic dowel (7) RM-0072 Shelf bracket (16) RM-0225 black RM-0229 espresso RM-0010 white JRN Nut (4) RM-0312 Page 3 of 16

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4 STEP 1 1a Estimated time: 5 minutes Insert lugs into the middle stabilizer (D11) and bottom shelf (D12). Set these pieces aside. Place cams in the unlocked position, with the opening facing the hole for the dial. D11 D12 1b Insert lugs and black plastic tabs into top shelf (D2) D2 1c Attach rail hooks to left (D8) and right (D9) gables as shown. Use wrench to tighten nuts D9 Nylon locknut Rail hook D8 JCB bolt ONLINE HELP Visit the product support page on our website to watch a video showing how to use cams and connectors: Page 4 of 16

5 STEP 2 Estimated time: 5 minutes 2a Attach rail hooks to the inside of the left side (D5) and right side (D6). Use wrench to tighten nuts D6 Bottom D5 Top Nylon Lock Nut Rail Hook Spacers JCB Bolt 2b Insert Green Hinge Pins Left (D5) and Right (D6) Sides D6 Bottom D5 Top Page 5 of 16

6 STEP 3 Estimated time: 10 minutes 3a Attach top shelf (D2) to right side (D6) D6 D2 Clamping lugs 3b Attach left (D8) and right (D9) gables to top shelf (D2) with fixing screws. Complete with screw caps. D2 D9 D8 Page 6 of 16

7 STEP 4 Estimated time: 10 minutes 4a Attach the desktop (D10) to the left and right facades with fixing screws D10 4b Attach the side of the desktop (D10) to the right side (D6) Insert the JRN nut into the bottom of the desk (D10 ). Hold the nut in place with a flat head screwdriver and tighten the JCB bolt using the supplied Allen key D6 D10 JCB bolt JRN nut Page 7 of 16

Floating Desks For Small Apartments — These Chic Desks Are Perfect For Your Home Office

8 STEP 5 Estimated time: 10 minutes Attach the center stabilizer (D11) to the right side (D6) and tighten the cams D11 D6 tension cams Page 8 of 16

9 STEP 6 Estimated time: 10 minutes Attach the bottom shelf (D12) to the right side (D6) and tighten the tabs D11 D12 D6 Page 9 of 16

10 STEP 7 Estimated time: 10 minutes 7a Attach the left side (D5) and tighten the cams on the top shelf (D2), middle stabilizer (D11) and bottom shelf (D12) D5 D11 D2 D12 7b Attach the side of the desktop (D10 ) ) on the left side (D5) with JRN nuts and JCB bolts D5 D10 Page 10 of 16

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11 STEP 8 Estimated time: 10 minutes 8a Attach the lower stabilizer (D13) with fixing screws. Finish with cover caps D13 8b Fasten the upper stabilizer (D1) with fixing screws. Finish with screw cap D1 Page 11 of 16

Winslow White Kurv Floating Desk

12 STEP 9 Estimated time: 30 minutes Read all installation steps before starting ONLINE HELP Desk hanging Requires 2 people To watch a tutorial video, click How to install the metal wall hanging system on the product support page on our website: 9a Decide on the location and height to mount your floating desk with storage height. Typically, desk surfaces are between inches from the floor. Think about how much legroom you need. What is a comfortable height for your keyboard/monitor or laptop Whether your chair is adjustable How many people will be using the desk Location: Bottom metal rail is 45 from the floor Make sure you can attach it to 3 wall brackets. Make sure you are near power outlets and power outlets. Leg Clearance 26 As an example, the following steps show the desk mounted with a 26 inch leg clearance from the floor. FLOOR Page 12 of 16

13 9b Measure 45 inches from the floor and make 3 to 4 marks along the wall 16 9c Find the center of the wall studs and mark the location of each stud along the line. Studs are usually 16 inches apart from center to center. 45 9d Using the underside of the metal rail as a guide, draw a line to connect the marks and make sure the line is even. The bottom of your Metal Track will be mounted on this line. mark to identify stud 9e Make a mark to indicate the center of the slot on the metal track in line with each of the marks you made to identify the studs. Page 13 of 16

14 9f Set the railing aside and drill holes 7.5 cm deep at the marked locations. Using a 3/16 inch drill bit 3/16 inch drill bit 9g Attach the metal rail and screw the 3 inch wood screws into the pre-drilled holes with the Allen key provided Page 14 of 16

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15 9h Carefully hang the desk on the metal rail until it clicks into place. Make sure the Rail Hook slides all the way into the notch on the Metail Rail Track. R T Wall Wall Page 15 of 16

Prepac 43 In. Rectangular White Floating Desk With Cable Management Wehw 0200 1

16 STEP 10 Estimated time: 10 minutes 10a 10b 10c 10d Attach the large (D4) and small (D3) cutouts to the underside of the top shelf (D2) Insert the grommet into the hole in the back of the desk (D10) ) Pull in the drawers and insert 4 small shelves (D7) If desired, feed cables through the notch at the back of the facades D2 D3 10a D4 D7 10c D3 10b 10d Give us your feedback Call us: PREPAC1 ( ) Mon – Fri 7:00 am – 4pm PST / 10am – 7pm EST Wed: page 16 of 16

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Prepac Black Kurv Floating Desk

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