How To Send Animated Gif On Whatsapp

How To Send Animated Gif On Whatsapp – GIFs, or Graphic Interchange Format, are short, silent animated images commonly used online to express reactions. Popular in the early days of the Internet, the simple GIF has made a comeback thanks to the rise of social media – Twitter, Facebook and iMessage now support it.

Finally, they’ve been added to WhatsApp for iOS, letting you send over-the-top GIFs to your heart’s content.

How To Send Animated Gif On Whatsapp

However, since iOS doesn’t support GIF files, the save and send process isn’t as simple. First, you need to download version 2.16.15 from the App Store. If you did, here’s how to send a GIF.

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You can send any video as a GIF, as long as it’s under six seconds. To do this, select the video by clicking the “plus” button to the left of the text box, select “Photos and video library” and choose what you want to send.

At the top right of the screen you can choose to send as a video or as a GIF. If you choose a GIF, you can change its length just like a video.

WhatsApp allows you to use iOS’s Live Photos – the software’s own animated images – as GIFS, but this only works if you send them from a phone with 3D Touch functionality, and the process is a little difficult.

As before, to add a photo, go and find the photo you want to send, but from here you’ll need to 3D press on the photo to see it live, then scroll up to find “Select as GIF.”

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Live Photos is supported on iPhone 6s and 7 as well as their Plus versions as well as iPhone SE. But SE doesn’t support 3D touch, which means you can’t enable that option.

You can’t save GIFs on iOS and then send them via WhatsApp, but you can work around this by copying and pasting.

If you find a GIF you like online, you can copy it by long-pressing and selecting the copy button. Then paste in the WhatsApp text field and it will be displayed.

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For really advanced GIF use, you can download a GIF-enabled keyboard like Giphy, iGIF, or Gboard. Download it from the App Store, open it and follow the instructions (this includes enabling the keyboard in the settings menu)

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From there, you can select Keyboard in the WhatsApp chat window and copy and paste the GIF to download.

This feature is not yet available on WhatsApp for Android, but it is coming soon. The beta version of the app has GIF support and WhatsApp is usually quick to add features across platforms.

We encourage you to disable your ad blocker for the website to continue receiving quality content in the future. WhatsApp lets users send and receive GIFs, and the app has a library of saved GIFs. Senders can edit images like still images and add captions.

Sending GIF text is easy. After opening your favorite messaging app like iMessage or WhatsApp or installing the default messenger on your Android phone, your keyboard may offer you a GIF option. Just clicking on it will open the GIF files and you can select the one you want and click to send.

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Why can’t I send GIFs on WhatsApp? On the WhatsApp website, GIFs can only be sent using the GIPHY function. To access GIPHY, click the smiley to the left of the chat bar, then click the GIF icon in the lower left. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not support linking to animated GIFs. . GIF files cannot be uploaded to the WhatsApp website.

Click on the small smiley emoji icon in the WhatsApp text box to open your GIF library. By default you will be shown emojis. Look at the bottom, center of the screen and you’ll find the option to switch to your GIF or sticker library.

In iMessage, go to the App Store. Open any active conversation in the Messages app and tap the App Store icon in the iMessage app tray. Search for Giphy in the App Store and install it. . You can use the “Giphy” app on iMessage to search for GIFs, similar to the #Images app.

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Stop slowing down. The first common tip to solve GIFs not working on iPhone is to turn off motion reduction. This feature is designed to limit screen movement and save your phone’s battery life. However, it generally reduces some functionality, such as limiting animated GIFs.

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Answer: A: Open the message, then open the message. Now go to the scroll bar, there are three dots at the end. Select it and choose Edit and you can add it again.

If you’re using a messenger like WhatsApp (which now supports GIFs and videos on Android), make sure both users are using the same version of the app. Otherwise, send a link to a GIF instead of a GIF. This will prevent problems when saving GIF files.

Make sure the #images app is open: swipe left in the app drawer, then tap Edit, then tap to activate the #photos app.

Scroll down to the list of apps that use mobile data. Search for hashtag images and make sure data is enabled for it. If it turns off, turn the switch on. Go to iMessage and try to find the GIF again.

How To Send A Gif On Whatsapp

WhatsApp uses lossy compression to save internet bandwidth, reduce the size of media files and upload them to their servers. So, when you share photos, music or videos on WhatsApp, the recipient gets a low-quality version of the original file.

Reason: WhatsApp reduces image size before sending to recipient. This, in turn, reduces the quality of the image. There could be many reasons why they do this, from reducing bandwidth, reducing the load on their servers, to reducing the time it takes to send and receive images.

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If you’re on a Mac, ImageOptim is the best solution. In addition to lossless GIF compression, it can also handle JPEG and PNG files. For Windows users, FileOptimizer also uses Gifsicle to enhance GIF compression. Like images, FileOptimizer seems to compress almost anything.

The world’s largest library of free GIFs, clips and stickers! GIPHY for iOS – Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat and more. The fastest, easiest way to curate and share form content and animated reactions across all your favorite social channels

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Go to your phone’s settings, then “manage apps” and find the gboard app. Tap on it and you will see options to clear cache and app data. Just click on it and it will be done. Now exit and see if the gif on gboard works again.

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