How To Sell Project Management Services

How To Sell Project Management Services – One thing is true about working in sales (whether it’s B2C or B2B sales) – it’s never boring.

In fact, many choose to work in sales because they believe it will give them more freedom and less structure.

How To Sell Project Management Services

A job in sales gives you a certain level of independence in how you manage your day-to-day activities. As a seller, you have to be flexible and willing to prepare to get what you want.”

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Another “fun” part of selling lies in the fact that buyers can be very picky, overly cautious, impulsive and even suspicious. That’s why sellers have to be creative and often change their sales methods according to the needs of a potential customer and sometimes – whims.

This is a question that this article aims to address. In addition, it will prove that you need a formal sales process after all because it will make your work more efficient, improve performance and even help you close the sale faster.

A sales process is a set of iterative steps that a salesperson takes to take a buyer from an early stage of awareness to a closed sale.

Simply put, it’s a customer’s journey from realizing they need a product to actually buying.

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A sales funnel is a snapshot of active sales activity and interaction between a prospect and a company. Think of it as a hypothesis that describes a customer’s journey towards a purchase.

Although most sales teams are aware that they are going through a similar process, many of them do not decide to define and coordinate the process, leaving it up to salespeople individually decide what steps to take and when.

However, if you are not a natural born salesperson, you can greatly benefit from a standardized sales process and improve measurement, forecasting and general management of sales.

So let’s look at the numbers and see why following a defined sales process in business is more than just a good idea.

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According to research by the Sales Management Association, 90% of all companies that used a formal, guided sales process were rated as top performers.

Studies by TAS Group, Harvard Business Review have also found that companies that implement a sales process outperform companies that do not.

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What these numbers show is that three key sales parameters—revenue, performance, and forecast accuracy—tend to increase dramatically when a company adopts a standardized sales process.

However, according to the Goal Management Group, 68% of salespeople do not follow a sales process at all.

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According to Gartner, 75% of B2B sales organizations will add artificial intelligence (AI) guided sales solutions to their traditional sales playbooks by 2025.

Due to large amounts of data and rapid development of sales enhancement technology, sales leaders around the world are starting to invest in AI and machine learning (ML) technologies.

Instead of relying on intuition and “natural sales skills,” AI is used to analyze data and recommend the next best course of action.

Relying on your talents and resourcefulness is a great way to work. However, sales is not a game of intuition and creativity. Selling is a structured set of tactical steps.

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Each level consists of actions that a salesperson follows to move a prospect from one level to another.

The first step is to fully understand what your sales team is currently doing to convert prospects into customers.

Interview your sales team to learn their language, strategies, and methods to bring it into a cohesive plan that can be replicated and organized for others.

Having a defined process with specific steps will give you a better understanding of what is and isn’t working in your sales.

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Defining the triggers (actions) that make prospects move from one stage to the next makes it easy to identify the RIGHT actions and get rid of bottlenecks and those actions that produce little to no results.

Following a road map does not mean asking a salesperson to “do this, do that”. Instead, a sales process will work like a GPS system with clear steps and milestones. Knowing what each step involves helps salespeople understand where they are in the process, when it’s time to move to the next step, and when to you should change your course.

You can use your gut instincts and creative talents to get you from one step to the next, because the sales process won’t dictate:

Often, companies create a sales process that reflects how they want to sell, not how their customers want to buy.

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An effective sales process should be able to adapt to different sales situations and customer needs. Designing a sales process with your customer in mind means asking the following open-ended questions:

According to Gartner, “Members of the next generation of customers are coming to companies that treat them as special, rather than ‘just another number.’ Customers want a connection, a relationship, with the organizations that they are dealing with.”

When you get prospective attention, take a relationship-driven approach and communicate what it means to your salespeople.

Active listening, empathy, note-taking, building trust, and follow-up are great skills for building and deepening relationships with clients.

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By adopting a sales process, salespeople can identify the root cause of stagnant sales. By following a set of steps, you can check whether or not your tasks were enough, how many of them you needed, and what turned out to be a mistake or a waste of time.

This means that if you are working on a sales process, you can not only see what has and hasn’t been achieved; but also how it was or was not achieved.

Adopting a clearly defined sales process will help your sales team address their biggest pain point – filtering out potential leads and identifying prospects for purchase .

In fact, over 70% of B2B sales cycles take between 4-12 months to close, which is why identifying qualified leads earlier in the process will not only help shorten your sales cycle and more targeted, but it will also help your sales team maximize their efforts.

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Having a clear picture of where your salespeople are in the sales process helps sales managers come up with more accurate sales forecasts.

Because a sales process is a repeatable set of steps, it provides a more consistent picture of how many deals your team closes from a given number of prospects.

During a (often long) sales interaction, salespeople can forget to follow up with prospects. This alone can lead to a whole sale going down the drain.

A standard sales process will constantly remind you when to follow up with prospects and maintain a healthy sales pipeline. It may even provide some sort of follow-up activity and even a template to use.

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Often, a salesperson pushes a customer too quickly into the next stage of sales, which they may not be ready for yet.

This can not only damage the relationship, but just break the deal. A well-designed, customer-focused sales process can turn random and often random sales into a smooth customer experience.

Based on your customer’s buying behavior and expectations, a sales process will provide the steps that sell value, increase trust, and create a stronger connection with prospects – all at the right time.

If, instead of proper training, your new salespeople are asked to shadow (watch) their colleagues to sell, you definitely need a sales process.

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A defined sales process makes it easy to train rookies and coach your sales team. Not only will it give them concrete sales steps to follow, but it will also show what behaviors and skills are required for each level of sales, what results are expected at each level, and what individual strengths that should be used at different levels of sales. .

A standardized and structured sales process can help you do the right things right and know exactly what’s working and what’s not. With this knowledge, you can avoid making the same sales mistakes over and over again.

For a sales manager, a standardized sales process creates an opportunity to focus on what matters most:

A CRM system will automate each sales step and ask what actions should be taken, when to follow up, send information and when to start preparing your sales pitch.

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CRM allows you to easily program all sales steps, record all communications and move a prospect from one level to another at the right time.

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