How To Read Your Palms

How To Read Your Palms – I remember in high school a buck said he could read palms. She went around telling us all if we were going to live a long life and if we were going to have a boy or a girl. Half in awe and half in tears, she probably got her so-called talent from a Cosmopolitan page.

The truth is that palmistry is much more complicated than that and it takes someone with experience to understand the information our palm can tell us. Some call it pseudoscience, a practice that claims to be scientific or factual but does not actually have a scientific approach. That said, this has stopped many cultures from using palmistry to predict the future.

How To Read Your Palms

Some of the earliest evidence of palmistry dates to early modern China, India, and Tibet. Some have difficulty believing the predictions because as the practice spread, different cultures added their own interpretations. A palmist in New York will see things differently than a Persian Buddha. Like many predictions, it often comes down to finding a palmist you trust and connect with.

Learn Palm Reading Lines & Read Your Own Palm

Some people say that hands are like fossils because they are formed in the early stages of development. When reading a palm, one will look at all the characteristics of the hand from the length of the fingers to the different lines. They will then take this information and see how it relates to planetary movements and events in your life.

Palm readers should look at both left and right hands. This is because your dominant hand gives a glimpse of the qualities practiced, while the non-dominant hand shows the reader more about your natural personality. When combined, the reader can see the bigger picture.

Many people prefer to start by looking at the big picture and then turn to the smallest details. A good place to start is to understand the four elements and their relationship to the lines in the palm.

The shape of your hand can indicate one of the various elements, earth, fire, air or water. Your star sign might be Aries, a fire sign, but your palm might point to the air and show a more complex personality. The shape of the hand can also indicate an element. Earth hands have square palms with shorter fingers, unlike air hands which have square palms and longer fingers.

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Palm Reading Love Line: Palmistry Explanation

In fact, topography is a wonderful way to express bumps or mountains as opposed to flatter areas. The center of your palm is known as the planet Mars. As you run your other hand over your palm, you feel a series of other shocks. From the base of the thumb and clockwise, they correspond to:

The higher some elevated areas are, the more dominant a certain trait can be and vice versa. For example, a severely exalted Jupiter may indicate a high degree of self-confidence, while a low Jupiter may indicate a lack of self-confidence. Mercury points to intelligence and communication, the square of Mars can show how balanced your qualities are.

The lines on the hand can provide insight into the future. The palm will take each of the 5 main lines and look at the length, depth and curve. They must also take into account whether the lines cross each other and the unevenness they pass through. Roughly, this is what the 5 lines can show:

When the palmist takes all these into account, he will be able to provide insight into your personality, circumstances and predict your future.

How To Read Palm Lines Apk Pour Android Télécharger

Yes, anyone can read a palm, but there are some things that can affect the accuracy of the reading. First, it will be the palmist’s experience and it takes time to be able to read such details.

Our hands, like the rest of us, age. Not only does this mean that reading will change over time, but it also means that as our hands age, it can become harder to see the lines clearly. Micro events can also interfere with reading.

Due to the nature of the industry, it is easy for anyone with the confidence and ability to tell a good story to market themselves as a palm reader. As with psychics and mediums, techniques such as cold reading can be used to convince a client of abilities that do not exist. A middle-aged man who is overweight is likely to suffer from health problems. Also, the clothes, jewelry and colors a person wears can provide information about a person’s personality.

Others may use research to generate their insights. Men with longer ring fingers than index fingers tend to be more athletic and have more children.

Chinese Palm Reading

Handles can be fun and provide incredible insight. There is a good reason why the practice has survived for thousands of years. Trust your guidance and remember that nothing said in a palm reading is set in stone. For thousands of years, and even today, palmistry is one of the most popular ways to predict the future. And it’s easy to see why: unlike other divination methods that rely on external tools, you literally have your destiny in the palm of your hand.

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Whether you’re an expert palmist or a curious novice, you can easily tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands.

Usually the left hand represents your past while the right represents the future. Specifically, it also depends on the age and gender of the person.

If you are female and under 30, your left hand should be used for basic readings and your right hand for more information.

How To Read Your Palm And Decipher What The Lines Mean

For women under 30, the right hand is best for basic reading. The opposite should be done if the person is over 30 years old.

In any case, you can always choose your dominant hand to represent your past / present and your non-dominant hand to represent your future.

The oldest form of palm reading dates back to China during the Zhou Dynasty, more than three thousand years ago.

Modern variations of the craft have retained the basic structure of Chinese palmistry, particularly the reliance on the four main elements of the palm: lines, pillars, signs and shapes.

How To Read The Heart Line On Your Palm & What It Means

Less pronounced lines indicate areas in your life that need more work, while deeper lines indicate that you have achieved a certain goal.

The life line starts at the edge of the palm between the thumb and index finger and extends to the thumb. In addition to indicating one’s life expectancy, it reflects your physical vitality or “life force.”

Also called the love line, this line starts at the edge of the palm and extends to the middle or index finger.

The shape of the line should also be considered. A straight and long line indicates the ability to control your emotions, while a curved line indicates that you are easily hurt or injured.

All You Need To Know About Children Lines In Palmistry

Sometimes called the wisdom line, it lies in the middle of the palm, just below the heart line.

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Apart from these three main lines, it is also important to read these other lines, but remember that not everyone has them:

It runs from the base of the palm to the middle finger and indicates success in work or occupation.

It starts at the bottom of the palm near the little finger and indicates a desire for fame or popularity. A short line or its absence means that a person wants to live an ordinary life.

A+ Palmistry 101

It is placed under the little finger just above the marriage line and indicates the number of children a person will have. A split end indicates twins.

The ridges or bumps on your palm play an important role in palmistry. Each arm has seven (7) stands, each with its own characteristics depending on whether they are flat or raised:

If a sign resembling a cross is found in any of the three main lines, it means obstacles or difficulties in any of the three areas of your life.

If it is placed under the index finger, it means that you are talented. If it is below the ring finger, it means wealth. If it is under the little finger, it shows spirituality and a desire to be closer to God.

Palmistry 101: A Beginners Guide To Reading Palms

The zodiac sign is formed by three or more lines intersecting in the palm. It indicates either good luck or bad luck, depending on where it is.

It is therefore always good to read your palms every few years and notice the changes.

Think of your hands as mirrors – whatever you do now will affect the lines in your palms, especially in your dominant hand. When you change, so do your hands and with them your destiny.

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The Four Major Lines

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