How To Get Out Of The Afternoon Slump

How To Get Out Of The Afternoon Slump – There’s no denying the fact that naps are commonplace. Even the most energetic people can feel very tired at lunch. And whether it’s from lack of sleep or from eating too much lunch, it doesn’t matter. What?

As we wrote earlier, there are many factors that contribute to our energy, motivation and focus throughout the day. And knowing what to do when you feel sleepy in the afternoon can help you stay productive no matter what.

How To Get Out Of The Afternoon Slump

Let’s take a look back at that afternoon’s nightmare and consider five practical ways to deal with it.

How To Survive The Afternoon Slump

Unfortunately, there is no source of sleep during the day. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a biologist or doctor to understand the many causes.

First, let’s start with the practical reasons why you fall in the afternoon. Feeling like a crash after lunch is actually part of your Circadian Rhythm – our body clock or sleep/wake clock that determines our energy levels throughout the day. Although we all have slightly different rhythms, most adults’ circadian rhythms tend to be more sleepy between 2-4 a.m. and 1-3 a.m.

But beyond your mental and physical well-being, your lunch schedule is not in your favor. We all know the feeling of needing to sleep after a heavy meal. Researchers have found that certain foods and portions also contribute to feelings of tiredness in the afternoon.

Worse, the way we plan our day doesn’t account for these accidents. Afternoon meetings are common in many businesses. And yawning while planning an important project or listening to a client’s needs can give the impression that you don’t care.

How To Get Past The Afternoon Slump

You may also feel ‘foggy’ during sleep, making it difficult to concentrate on mentally demanding tasks and feeling sluggish when you can’t concentrate. This means that when you are under pressure, you not only have more to do, but less time to be productive.

However, there are still ways to counteract the effects of a nap (decaffeinated).

As we wrote earlier, we all have our ups and downs throughout the day (besides napping). You can think of that as your result — and it explains why some people prefer to do their most intellectual work early, while others prefer to wait until later.

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Them instead of fighting them every day. This means scheduling your most demanding tasks when you’re doing well and giving them breaks (or easy tasks) when you’re down (like in the afternoon).

Exercises To Avoid Fatigue In The Afternoon

If you often find your lists overwhelming and overwhelmed when your energy levels drop, try the 1-3-5 method. This consists of completing one large task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks per day. All you need to do is place it in the right place for your energy level.

Exercise is one of the simplest things you can do to feel more alert. Standing straight and stretching your arms to the ceiling helps release the stress of sitting at a desk and staring at a screen all day.

If your schedule allows, take a short walk or hit the gym for some light exercise. Mobility access can help you and enjoy many benefits. Several studies have shown a link between walking in nature and experiencing work-related benefits.

And this doesn’t require an hour’s drive or walk. According to an article published in 2018, participants experienced the sensation of being outside in just five minutes.

Five Brilliant Ways To Beat The Afternoon Slump

For these reasons and more, there are many advocates that most employers should also outsource their work. Some companies heed the advice and place park benches and picnic tables in sunny, grassy areas to encourage people to set up temporary workspaces outside. Even if people don’t have that option, they can still enjoy quality time outdoors.

However you do it during your work day, walking can help you prevent a drop in productivity before it happens. Try to adjust your body and move when you feel the first signs of laziness.

Music affects us on a fundamental level. Not only does it keep us entertained, it also helps us explore and focus, be creative or even be outdoors and be productive when we’re bored.

You find that listening to your favorite music reduces feelings of anger, making you happier and more productive in stressful situations (such as at work).

Actionable Strategies To Push Through Your Afternoon Slump

However, that does not mean all music is good. When tackling lunch issues, it’s important to incorporate appropriate workplace best practices:

As always, it’s best to find what works for you. Add some music in the afternoon and track your productivity with a tool like RescueTime to see if that helps.

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One of the greatest benefits of a partnership is setting boundaries and protecting your day. When you’re tired in the afternoon, you can easily spend hours emailing or zoning while trying to write a document. But when you work with other people, you cannot fall into this trap.

If you don’t have experience working with other people (or you work remotely), there’s another technique you can use to get similar benefits: the Pomodoro Technique.

Three Easy Ways To Avoid The Afternoon Slump

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the best time management techniques out there to keep you motivated and focused when you’re tired.

We are not allowed to work continuously all day long. In contrast, the Pomodoro Technique involves working out for 25 consecutive minutes, resting 5 minutes in between, and then taking a long break after 5 to 25 minutes.

Following this route helps you avoid the monotony of dealing with only one issue at a time, but helps you stay engaged and strong.

Lastly, if you’re taking a nap, there’s another way you can try.

Suffering From The Afternoon Slump?

Essential oils: Some essential oils have a relaxing effect, but menthol has the opposite effect for most people. Try placing a drop in your hand and rubbing it quickly over your face (but away from your eyes). You don’t need much to get results. And the oil bottle on the table or in the bag is very convenient.

Chewing your teeth: Research shows that chewing your teeth can increase your concentration time. Experts say it works best when performing tasks that require constant monitoring, such as data entry or text editing. Choose flavors like mint or cinnamon over fruit. Or, if you’re adventurous, you can even find ghost pepper gum gummies to get you thinking.

When you pay attention to your energy and follow some of these tips, you can not only prevent naps, but also take precautions to eliminate them altogether. And if all else fails, you can always find a quiet place to take a quick nap. We won’t say that.

Kayla Matthews is a technology producer and writer who has published on Lifewire, MakeUseOf, and others. To see more of his work, visit or follow him on Twitter @KaylaEMatthews We’ve all been there before. You have been sitting at your desk all day and suddenly your energy level drops. You look at your phone and it’s 3pm. What is it about the time of day that causes us to collide so often? There are many contributing factors, but the biggest one is low blood sugar, which prompts your body to demand a quick and inexpensive energy boost. A long-term plan to cut back on refined carbohydrates and excess sugar will set you up for long-term success, but in the meantime, here’s what you can do to stay sober and get it done: effectively your day without reaching for that cup. candy (or that 4th cup of coffee).

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Beat The Afternoon Slump

You’ve heard this 1000 times before. You may be sick of hearing it now, but it may not be true. Water and life go hand in hand. Not only does it keep you energized, taking a break to wake up and refilling your water bottle is a great way to stretch and get started. Although it varies depending on your activity level, try to drink one to four ounces for every pound you weigh. For example, if you weigh 150 kg, you will drink 75-150 liters of water. (source)

I know it’s hard. Motivation drops and your blood sugar and a bowl of office candy sing good things for your ears (and stomach) but to boost your energy and prevent drowsiness, stay away. Fill a water bottle or get Bai instead. You got this!

Help your heart pump blood and pump blood! Walking during the day will help you maintain your overall energy level. We love this dessert idea from our palette at Greatist. Want to make it better? Place your partner. There’s nothing like a desert that connects midday.

Sitting all day can affect your energy and overall health

How To Boost Energy & Avoid The Mid Afternoon Slump

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