How To Make Safe Candles

How To Make Safe Candles – I decided to try making candles. I actually volunteered to teach how to make candles for a church activity and I had never made a candle. I was willing to try. I thought candle making would be a fun activity, sign me up! The only problem. Besides, I never made a candle, we were doing outdoor activities. No stove. No double broiler. After some research I found out that the candles are made in a crock pot. But not the way I wanted to do it. It is useless to say that. I experimented. And maybe because it was a church activity, it totally worked! This is the easiest way to make candles at home. A great way to make candles with kids. And a fun way to make candles with a large group! Plus they are free of toxic ingredients that you may find in some candles.

Also I am looking for non-toxic all natural candles. Making your own, hand-picking the ingredients and what goes into your candle is one way to make sure it’s a non-toxic candle. And did I mention this is the easiest way to make a candle? Well it is, I’ll show you!

How To Make Safe Candles

Jars – You can reuse jars, pots, cups, mugs that you already have or buy new ones. If you’re using glass jars you’ll want to keep them on the small side so they don’t overheat and break the glass.

Easiest Way To Make Candles Non Toxic And Natural

Candle Wicks – I used these candle wicks for my jars which were mostly 2-4″. Just be aware of the size of the jar from the size of the vat. Too thin a wick may not burn strongly enough to melt the wax evenly. So you may need two thin wicks per candle. Or too large a wick can become strong and burn the jar. *Avoid- Lead Vicks

Wick Stickerer Glue Gun or Tape – You can buy wick stickers to keep the wick in place on the bottom of the jar. Or use a glue gun to put a drop of glue or wax on the bottom of the jar. Tape also works to hold your wick in place. It’s also good to use tape to keep your wick centered on the rod (see blow).

Wax- I use natural soy wax. You can use wax, it burns slower. *Avoid paraffin wax. Paraffin can create unhealthy airborne chemicals. You can also reuse wax that has been used in other candles that are non-toxic.

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Oil- This is what you will mix with the wax. I used coconut oil because it is a more sustainable oil than palm oil and is more economical.

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Essential Oils – I used pure essential oils. Be careful, your essential oils are free of perfumes and fragrances and are only 100% pure essential oils.

Crockpot and Crockpot Liners-I melted my beeswax and coconut oil in my crockpot. The first time I did it I didn’t use liner. It cleans up really easily with warm water and soap. You don’t want to pour wax down your drain so make sure the wax is basically all gone before you try to clean it. Or you can use a crockpot liner, which I recommend. I’ve never used it to cook food (and never will) but with something I don’t eat like hot wax it makes sense!

Ladle-I used a ladle to pour the melted wax from the crockpot into my jar and it worked great (just make sure to keep the jar on top of the crockpot so the wax doesn’t get everywhere).

Candle jars with wax still left on the bottom can be placed in the freezer for at least three hours and the wax should come right out! I had a jar that was a little funky shaped and the wax wasn’t coming out right so I poured boiling hot water into the jar and over the wax. The wax floated to the right and came out fine. When I made the candles I mixed both of these leftover waxes with my natural soy wax.

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Above shows natural soy wax with coconut oil after melting for about an hour. There were still bits of wax that we broke up with a spoon.

Another reason I love making candles in the crockpot- the kids can help! (I stayed close and made sure she didn’t touch the sides of the crockpot or the hot wax).

Pour your melted wax and oil into the jar while placing the jar over the crockpot. Notice that we used clothespins to hold the wick apart.

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You can use two clothespins to center the wick then we used straws and clothespins below us. This is the point where you want to add any scented oils after the wax has cooled slightly.

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When we made candles for our big group we used blue tape and it worked perfectly. Once the wax hardens you cannot see the tape.

I tell you what, I’m hooked!! I’ve learned a lot the three times I’ve made them. Which wicks are best and how much oil to use. You can put your own spin on them. You will never see the last of the jar or wax left in the candle.

When we made candles for our church group I shared a short message on being a light to others. And what we need to do to receive and cultivate that light. We can help others when our light of Christ and life burns. (poetry source)

Have you made candles before? Leave any comments or tricks you do while making candles! Love to hear any ideas!

How To Make Your Own Candles With Natural Wax

Join my newsletter subscription and get a chance to have your design question answered live or on the blog!Tis candle season, y’all, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Does anyone else live for this time of year? (According to Instagram, that’s a stupid question.) The only thing I love more than filling my house with gorgeous candles is making gorgeous candles because, well, they don’t last forever and they’re precious.

This year I decided to experiment with making dried flower candles and, despite my gloomy expectations, it turned out.

Don’t let the number of steps fool you. They’re really easy, and with just a few supplies and a little know-how you can make your own herbal candles, just for holiday gifting.

And, well, it didn’t work for me. My biggest problem was that no matter what I did, the flowers quickly hid behind a layer of wax. And since I used non-toxic soy wax, even a super thin layer turns opaque once it cools, completely hiding the flowers and making everything look like a gradient.

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Next I experimented with different waxes. Wax is slightly less opaque than soy, but it’s expensive and you don’t really gain much in the way of visibility. So, I switched to paraffin wax. While I’m not really a fan of paraffin (it’s a petroleum byproduct and especially hard on the lungs), I made an exception because it was the only thing that really worked. To see the embedded flowers, you

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To press the flowers into the side of the container, I first made a candle using a few small containers and let it cool. Then I took out the candle and placed it inside a large container. I sandwiched the flowers between the candle and the glass, and poured another layer of wax.

If you prefer not to inhale the paraffin when burning your dried flower candles, simply use soy wax for the first pour and paraffin wax for the second. This way you will end up with gorgeous looking pressed flowers

In the end, though, I loved how they turned out and would happily put these babies in the “would make again” category. I tied them with a simple hemp cord and added a tag for fun because the holidays are coming and a girl has to get ready, eh?

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1. Pour 1-2 cups of wax (if using soy wax for the center, melt it now) in a pyrex measuring cup and place it in the center of a small saucepan. Add enough water to the saucepan so that it comes 1-2 inches up the side of your measuring cup. Simmer over low heat until the wax is completely dissolved.

2. Place a wick in the center of a narrow glass container and hold it in place with a clothes pin. Pour the melted wax into a bowl and place in the freezer until completely chilled (45 minutes to an hour).

3. Place the candle in the center of your 8-ounce container and use a clothespin to hold the wick in place. Dried flowers and greenery sandwiched between the candle and the glass.

4. Melt your wax again (if you used soy wax originally, use paraffin for this second pour) and pour it over the candle, making sure to coat the flowers well. Allow to cool completely before lighting.

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These pressed flower candles are a great one

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