Build Your Own Infrared Sauna Kit

Build Your Own Infrared Sauna Kit – How to Build a Portable DIY Sauna with a “Near Infrared” Heat Lamp (For Under $250, No Tools or Experience)

Welcome to the DIY near infrared sauna guide. In this course, you’ll learn how to build your own DIY sauna tent by following these step-by-step plans. Your heat lamp sauna tent will heat and detoxify you just as efficiently as larger, more expensive saunas. At the end of this guide, you will have your own inexpensive infrared sauna in your own home, which you can use whenever you want.

Build Your Own Infrared Sauna Kit

“I’ve wanted to put one together for over a year and haven’t given up because of the uncertainty and nature of other DIY videos. With your course I was up and running in less than a week. I’ll tackle something more permanent down there, but by then I’m either starting or done sauna day instead of dreaming about it. Great for both my body and mind, especially with a hard winter coming up here in Michigan.”

How To Build A Near Infrared Heat Lamp Sauna With $171 And A Screwdriver — Brezinski Nutrition

“I bought all the parts based on your guide and was up and running in an hour, just like you said. I’m glad I wasn’t drawn into a more expensive solution that I can’t afford right now. Thanks!”

“Wow, I got all the supplies and built my DIY sauna last night. It looks like a great setup, I have everything very secure and the lights are so nice and warm. I can’t wait to actually try it out tonight. Thank you so much for all your hard work that you put into this Matt. Your guide is super informative and well put together. Well worth the $9.99 spent.”

“The information in this Guide is invaluable! I’m new to building a sauna and I’m so thankful I found you on you tube before I went ahead and did it. It’s great that you are able and willing to add content if needed, THANK YOU! “

“As I stated in my previous comment about sauna accessories. I really appreciated these saunas live video saunas. I got all the information I wanted and now I can justify spending a little money to get myself in a better health position. Winter is coming to Canada and this will be one of my happy places. Thanks again”

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The Best Outdoor Saunas For 2023 (chosen By Our Clients)

Most of the feedback from customers using this course to build their own tent sauna has been excellent. Many say they have put off building an indoor infrared sauna for themselves because they couldn’t figure out how to get the sauna enclosure or heater mounting system up and running after months of playing around on pinterest.

Many who have intended to build a DIY portable steam sauna have given up on it and opted for infrared instead for two main reasons: 1) infrared is easier to handle without water/moisture and 2) the sauna tent isn’t filled with condensation when you’re done, so you don’t need to wipe off all the water with a towel after each session.

Users report temperatures reaching over 140 degrees Fahrenheit in their portable near-infrared tent saunas they built using this course. Some opt for a more insulated design, which allows for even higher temperatures. While others prefer more openness/airflow and use it successfully at lower temperatures between 125 – 135F.

It is important to note that the temperature range in an infrared sauna is not the same as in a traditional dry electric or steam sauna. They require 175 F – 200 F to heat the air enough for you to sweat well. Infrared saunas only need to be around 125F to start sweating well, and around 133F – 138F is the optimal temperature range for long sessions like a sweat ceremony.

Far Vs. Near Infrared Sauna: Which Is Better For You?

We are working on a large cab design that will allow you to drive a chair and a transfer bench inside side by side for healthcare facilities. It won’t be perfect, but for those with limited transportation, it will be an effective and inexpensive solution that you can get anywhere in the country.

The portable two-person sauna will also be the same, just a smaller enclosure tent size. Cabin for up to 6 people fits in a large cabin, if you want to emulate a sweat lodge.

A portable infrared sauna with a carry bag would be easier to travel with. But for most people who are tight on cash or currently living in a small space like I was, a tented NIR sauna is one of the best options for the money.

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Below is information about me, a brief overview of my health detox story and a few other items…

Premier Far Infrared Saunas

Did you need a sauna in your own home, either for personal health or sports recovery… but just couldn’t find the space or money for one?

If that’s you, you’re in the right place. My name is Matt Justice and in 2017 I lived in a tiny 500 square foot apartment that I nicknamed the “Tree House”. I moved there to cut costs, start a new business and experience minimalism to develop better focus and achieve my business goals faster.

That stopped pretty quickly in about May of 2017, and after years of battling chronic sinus infections, I miraculously discovered that my mercury amalgam fillings had been irritating my sinus cavities for decades.

Next thing I remember, I’m at the dentist getting them taken out, thinking I’m almost out of the woods.

Diy Sauna Guide: How To Build A Sauna At Home

I didn’t know this was just the beginning. I would later find out that 22 years of microscopic metals leaching from the fillings in my teeth needed to be detoxified from my body.

Because this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, and this story is the only reason why I went out of my way to bring you this DIY sauna guide. This previous health experience completely ruined my life. I spent thousands of $$, $$$.$$ dollars on detox supplements, functional medicine doctors, even months and months of researching saunas because I couldn’t figure out what would give me the most benefit in my small space.

If someone could give me a cheap, easy to assemble and portable solution I could try in less than a week to see if the saunas would help, that would shave off a year of my recovery.

So that’s what it’s about. My goal is to save you time, money, frustration, and most of all… skip wasting months researching crazy things like I did, and simply try a sauna solution in your own home to see the health benefits firsthand.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Your Own Sauna?

And for Pete’s sake, at least give this thing a try before you spend $3,000.00 on a “near infrared sauna” on the market today in 2020. You can accomplish the same thing with this, for under $250, in under 1 hour, and take your time .

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At the end of the day, there are people who need the healing benefits of an infrared sauna like I did. This thing isn’t perfect, but not everyone has the space, extra money, time, etc… to buy a big heavy wooden sauna.

I get tons of questions about portable saunas, heat lamp saunas, nir/fir saunas, etc… from YouTube and blog comments. Here are some frequently asked related questions in one place.

Many people see reviews of my saunas online and often ask me if they can just build their own sauna. Sure, but for most people it’s not worth the hassle of framing a room, ordering a sauna kit, etc… For those who live in small spaces like apartments or rent and are likely to move again soon, I made this DIY portable sauna guide that will help you in the meantime.

How To Build Saunas: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

There are several good ways, but all but two require a wood shop and a lot of tools. I could show you how to build a homemade wooden sauna, but most people wouldn’t be able to replicate it without great expense and labor. In this tutorial, we use a sauna tent to form an enclosure, add NIR heat lamp bulbs to create dry heat, and try it all out together in a small, portable package that’s cheap and easy to assemble with little or no tools.

You can spend anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 on a wood-style sauna. For most people, a DIY portable infrared sauna can be built for under $300. If your budget is higher and you’re looking to have something done for you, check out my favorites at

Any low VOC organic materials are the best choice. However, when trying to build a budget DIY sauna tent, we don’t always have that luxury. We do everything we can for the available budget, so that everyone can enjoy the healing benefits of a sauna in their own home. In the course we use some hacks that talk about how to vent gas generating materials to keep you safe.

This is my version of DIY sauna plans. Instead of putting together a static book

How To Build A Diy Near Infrared Portable Sauna Tent (for Under $250)

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