How To Make A Wall Safe

How To Make A Wall Safe – As a child I always wanted a secret door to something. When we chose to open a store, we had to build a wall to divide the large space into the front and back of the store with offices. I saw a golden opportunity to create something cool, beautiful, and reuse some pallets that were going to be thrown away.

In this instructable I am assuming some knowledge of carpentry as far as wall framing and then the subsequent dry wall installation. The reason I chose to cover this in a broad way has to do with the fact that people may want to make changes or apply this in a different way.

How To Make A Wall Safe

I looked far and wide for what I had in mind and did not find. I saw other similar symmetrical applications, but I wanted some chaos!

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Here, I want to record how I choose to solve the irregularity and imperfections to make them really beautiful and useful than what other people will throw away! And…it also has my secret door!! 🙂

Make sure it is solid and not flexible especially where the door will hang on the hinges. To accomplish this, I nailed several 2x4s (using 3″ long solid deck screws) to the hinge posts.

This part does not have to be beautiful but necessary, because taking the mud and tape up will help to solidify the drywall as a unit and stiffen the whole wall.

I chose paint as an option for some of the walls. I wanted to use less paint so I could be sure I had enough for the whole wall.

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Make sure that your doors and walls are flush and that you cut recesses for the hinges so that the door can close completely. Do not cut recesses too deep or too shallow. A flushed face is the key! At the back of the door fasten a piece of plywood that is at least 1/2 inch. This will keep your door from sagging and also keep it square. Thanks Jerry for suggesting this! Make sure you use plenty of screws and even liquid nails to keep the door solid.

Test your door and make adjustments because it will be easier to solve the problem now, before the drywall or the facade is installed.

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Finally, use pallet slats to cover the wall. There is no right or wrong path here. In some cases I stack slats. In other cases, the slats are not flat or straight. I used a brad nailer to fasten it to the wall. The small holes Brad nailer makes literally disappear into the pallet slats. This is perfect for my application.

Note: be sure to use safe pallet wood. Here is a good link to help those who don’t know the difference.

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Well … now we use the walls and doors every day they work well and the doors are fun to use! I hope you have enjoyed how I took some trash and dressed it up to be functional and cool. Please leave comments and questions and I will do my best to get back to you. Thanks for checking out this instructable!! As a father of four, I keep all firearms and ammunition locked up 24/7 beyond those to carry those who are in me or those in transit for some. Often I hear many people note that they do not have a physical place or mention that the cost is very safe. Stack-On has a solution with In-Wall Steel Cabinets that meet strict California Department of Justice standards, take up zero space, and are all under $100.

I love my full-size safe, but convenience dictated some extra safe storage options around the house placed where a free-standing safe will not work. In my case, I wanted to add extra hidden storage that was easier to place in the kitchen area and guest bedroom around the house for some firearms, jewelry, money, and documents and took Full-Length and Mid-Size. In-Wall steel cabinets from Stack-On. All in, a pair of in-Wall Steel safes/closets were less than $200 total for both; approximately $89.99 and $99.99 respectively.

Stack-On was founded in 1972 to deliver Storage Organization, Garage Organization, Tool Storage, and Secure Storage solutions for home, office and industrial applications. Today, the company offers a variety of products to meet these needs, but in the firearms and sports industry, they are best known for creating affordable steel firearm storage solutions that keep firearms safe from tampering and provide a secure barrier to theft and steal. Most people know Stack-On offers light weight locking safes, but I was surprised to see this years SHOT show that they also offer an expansive line of fire rated heavy duty combination locks as well as free safes. For the application, I am interested in the in-Wall safe / cabinet which can be installed on the wall between the stud wall and safe in place.

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Stack-On’s In-Wall Steel Full-Length and Mid-Sized Cabinets weigh about 16lbs and 34lbs, respectively, so they obviously don’t offer heavy-duty security. A 800lb freestanding safe with ¼” steel walls will undoubtedly provide exponentially more protection than this Steel Security Cabinet, but on the other hand, they are not $100.

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With enough time and intent, the Stack-On Steel Security Cabinet’s steel chassis can be beaten, but Stack-On has engineered all of these lighter weight steel cabinets to be durable enough to exceed the California Department of Justice’s stringent security standards. All steel construction featuring a welded box and three point locking mechanism. The general rule with burglary is that if you can delay entering a house or object for more than three minutes, the person will usually give up and look for an easier target and I’m sure he will easily exceed the level of intrusion that tries and keeps the kids nosy. and visitors home out of important documents, electronics, money and firearms.

The solid welded steel chassis is painted beige, but can be painted any color to match the walls or blend in with the interior. I think a lot of people just disguise these In-Wall safes as electrical boxes clearly because they look the same except they have a key lock – sneaky, but it works.

Both Stack-On In-wall Cabinets feature removable/movable shelves with pads on all shelves and bottom interior surfaces and resistant locks for unique lock selection. The Full-Length Cabinet has three shelves and the Mid-Sized includes two. One of the reasons I added the Full-Length In-Wall cabinet was that it was long enough to store my rifle and shotgun.

The only feature I really like is the plain but good-looking Stack-On logo that screams “Hey Look, I’m In Wall Safe”. I popped mine off after installation and replaced it with a “high voltage warning” sticker from a local electrical supply store.

Fireproof Safe, Household Small Password Key Safe 25cm High, Office Full Steel Anti Theft Alarm,can Be Put Into Wall Safe Box,used To Store Jewelry Cash Valuables (color

Both of these In-wall safes / cabinets are simple but effective and deliver a level of security I feel comfortable with as a trade off for size and cost. Surprisingly, there is a lot of storage only 3-⅞” deep. The installation concept is simple – cut a hole in the wall between two walls to fit the width of the cabinet, place it, and screw it into the wall on each side to secure the cabinet to the wall.

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One note is to make sure you know what’s on the wall you want to cut, or you may find that the right location has pipes or electrical wires that need to be repositioned or moved to a different location. Always make a small observation hole to see what is in the wall before cutting a giant hole in your wall. Fortunately, I already know where the cables and pipes are located and have holes cut out with a drywall bit on the Dremel Tool and have two In-Wall Safes installed in 30 minutes. If you are even an average marginal DIY’er, this is a very simple installation. I have been told that because of the price and added value, many landlords will approve the installation of an In-Wall safe as long as it is left with a lock after you end the lease.

I chose to cover one of the cabinets with a large wall mirror and it worked perfectly to completely hide the safe. This In-Wall Cabinet allows you to be creative with placement, for example – behind the clothes in the closet, in the hall closet, on the floor, in the open space labeled “Warning High Voltage Electricity”, or in my case. behind a mirror or a painting.

Considering the zero footprint, hiding potential, and prohibitive cost, it’s hard to find a reason not to consider an inexpensive Stack-On In-Wall Steel Cabinet. With or without children, your firearms and valuables need to be secured and this is a simple, effective, safe, and inexpensive way to ensure your valuables and firearms never end up.

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