How To Delete Text Messages From Android Phone

How To Delete Text Messages From Android Phone – With so many emails stored on your phone, keep your inbox in sync and Android allows you to have unlimited email addresses associated with your phone. With whatsapp, social networks, messaging everywhere, we have expanded the sharing of messages for friends and family. Every night I get atleast one SMS from my bank account because SMS banking means debit, credit and spam SMS arrive every hour on a regular basis. This way you get a lot of messages in your inbox and the size grows day by day creating a huge load.

Messages stored in Inbox, Outbox, Sent and Drafts create a block, resulting in more processing time and more time to open the messaging app. This generally results in fast battery drain, RAM drain, and more. Therefore, it is always recommended to save a limited number of messages on your phone. Android is an open source operating system and unlike the iPhone, it has an answer for everything you need. Yes, Android can automatically delete old messages that you no longer care about after a few days. Before you wonder how to automatically delete those older messages from your Android phone, let me show you the tutorial on how to do it.

How To Delete Text Messages From Android Phone

Automatically deleting text messages on your phone is easy and simple. For this you need to configure your settings, follow the instructions below –

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Setting a message storage limit on your phone is a good way to delete older SMS files from your phone. Below the Delete Old Messages option, you’ll find the Text Message Limit option. The default value is 200, which means that when your Android phone reaches 200, it will automatically delete old messages and keep a constant message storage.

Please note that a message has a maximum of 160 words. It is recommended to set a low number for better phone performance. This is very easy to set up and quite simple. Let us know if you have any concerns about these phone settings. Text messages as a form of communication can often contain sensitive content and information. As Android phones have evolved over time, texting has become even more prominent. Your texts can appear on the lock screen or in a drop-down menu.

Fortunately, there are many ways to hide text messages on your Android phone, and we’ll cover them in this article. Whether you want to hide text notifications or hide texts using a third-party app, we’ve got you covered.

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One of the most common problems with texting and privacy is allowing others to see who texted you and the content of the message. Fortunately, there are ways to control your privacy. In this section, we’ll show you how to customize text notifications and effectively hide your texts from prying eyes.

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It is important to note that Android is a popular operating system, which is why you see it on devices from different manufacturers. In this section we will show you how to prevent your texts from appearing as notifications. However, instructions may vary slightly depending on your Android device.

First, let’s see how you can turn off text notifications completely. If you want to receive text messages without notifying anyone, do the following:

If you follow these steps, you will not receive a text message notification. This might be a bit extreme for some users, so we have more options to keep your texts private.

One of the latest additions to the Android operating system is the ability to display text messages on the lock screen. This feature allows you to quickly check content someone has sent you without having to unlock your screen. Unfortunately, this makes it easier for snoopers to read your posts.

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Now your new text messages will not appear on your phone’s home screen or lock screen. However, you will receive a notification that an SMS has arrived, but the content will not be displayed for all to see.

Note: As mentioned above, the steps may vary depending on the phone manufacturer. If you’re having trouble, use the search feature in your phone’s settings to quickly find message previews.

Another useful feature that can be used to hide messages is the ability to mute one’s texts. While the feature is designed to relax you when you have an annoying contact, you can also use it to hide notifications if that person sends you messages you don’t want others to know.

Now, when the user sends you a text message, no notification or warning will appear. However, the new message can still be read in the messaging app.

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Sometimes we need a little help beyond what the native operating system can provide. This is where third-party apps come into play. The apps we cover in this article will help you hide text messages. Let’s start.

Message Locker takes a different approach than the other apps listed here. It is not an SMS app. Message Locker detects all messaging apps on your computer and lets you lock them.

Shortly after launching the app for the first time, you will be prompted to set a new PIN. This is necessary to protect your applications.

There is one more step that needs to be completed before you start blocking your messaging apps. As indicated in the screenshot below, you need to grant access to use Message Locker.

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Go SMS Pro is not only a valuable tool for hiding sensitive text messages. SMS is a great application period.

On the surface, it really looks like an SMS app, with no immediate indication that the app is anything special.

But if you go to the tab on the right side of the app screen, you can access what it’s called.

You must set a password to avoid prying eyes. They must go through the usual process of adding contacts to your private list and their messages will be sent

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You will also find the SMS blocker a useful feature. Automatically filters spam text messages.

Vault is a security app that not only protects your text messages from prying eyes, but also your photos, videos, apps and bookmarks.

Call logs of contacts added to your private list are also hidden in Vault.

The above apps are effective in hiding your sensitive text messages. Message Locker locks all your messaging apps like Whatsapp which is great and Go SMS Pro hides private messages in a well packaged SMS app.

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Finally, Vault lets you lock apps, text messages, images, videos, and bookmarks while taking a holistic approach as a complete privacy app.

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Your phone’s messaging app can prove to be a storage space. Whether you use Messages on iOS or Google Messages on Android, your settings can take up some of your device’s storage space. Switching to deleting message attachments is a quick way to free up space on your phone.

Don’t be surprised if your messaging app is the second largest on your phone. Every photo you send or proactively save is in your photo library and Apple’s messaging app.

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To delete attachments in messages, open the app, tap a conversation, then tap the info icon below the contact’s avatar. Scroll down and you will see one or more categories of attachments, e.g. B. Photos, Links and Documents. In the category you want to delete, tap Show All, tap Select at the top right, and tap the categories you want to remove. Once you’ve selected the ones you want to move to Trash, tap Delete at the bottom right and confirm Delete when the attachment appears.

It is worth noting that the photos category is divided into All, Photos and Screenshots. So if you want to focus on just one group of images, you can narrow down your options that way. Even if messages are synced between devices, they are not deleted. So if you use Messages on your computer, attachments you delete from your phone are available on your desktop or laptop.

If you don’t want to jump from conversation to conversation, you can control large attachments in your iPhone settings. Open the Settings app, go to iPhone Storage and select Messages. Click on Check Large Attachments and you will see a list of files larger than 4MB. Click Edit

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