How To Choose Your Engagement Ring

How To Choose Your Engagement Ring – Are you wondering how to choose an engagement ring to match your hand? While this might not be the first thing you think about when you start looking for the type of ring you want, it’s important to consider.

You want a ring that looks as good in the box as it will look on your hand. We are all different and this means that we all have different hands: little fingers, thin fingers, big fingers, little fingers, etc.

How To Choose Your Engagement Ring

When you look at a diamond ring on a hand, some styles look better on some fingers and others on others. Something that needs attention. To help you understand this, we give you some tips on how to choose an engagement ring that fits your wrist. Finally, it’s important to find a style that you absolutely love to wear.

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The first task is to find out what hand shape you have. Notice the size of your hands – are they on the larger side? are you young Do you like how tall and thin he is or are you self conscious about height? Do you have big fingers or big toes? These are all important factors to consider when you start looking for your dream ring.

While all engagement rings are beautiful, they don’t look the same on different hand shapes. Knowing what type of hand and finger shape you have will help you narrow down the process and choose the perfect ring.

Your engagement ring should elongate your fingers and there are diamond designs that will help you do this. Choose diamonds with classic shapes such as oval, emerald, pear or marquise stones to elongate the look of your finger and not weigh down your fingers if they are short. Classic designs like our bold oval ring or our Barcelona ring will help elongate your finger while adding a touch of eye-catching sparkle.

Long fingers allow you to experiment with many types of engagement rings. Different and creative styles look good on long fingers, so don’t be afraid to play something outside the box. Escher-cut and cushion-cut diamonds are a great choice for long, thin fingers and are especially attractive when paired with a vintage setting. Try our Fifth Avenue ring with a round diamond set in a halo. Or, for a more modern look, our soprano ring features a center stone that floats between curved, sparkling hands.

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With small hands, it’s best to keep the overall shape of the ring and the size of the diamond small as well. We recommend that you avoid heavy and exaggerated settings. Choose small stones like round, princess or heart-shaped diamonds for small hands to hold. Our Serene Beauty solitaire ring features our thin band style, with a row of diamonds hidden beneath the center stone for added sparkle. This simple design helps make engagement rings for little hands.

A small ring looks good on a small hand, while a small ring does not look good on a small hand. Fortunately, lab-grown diamonds cost 20-40% less than mined diamonds, so you can use these savings to choose other options, such as larger diamond sizes or halo settings. Big hands can also sport big diamonds on solitaire bands, so whatever style you choose, know that you have plenty of options. We love the Halo Oval Journey Ring with two rows of stunning lab diamonds. Larger bands also work well for larger hands, such as our Venus ring, which features three rows of lab-cut diamonds.

For larger fingers, choose a larger diamond. Narrow stones will make your finger appear wider, as they show more skin on either side of the ring, exaggerating the size of your finger. Large stones allow you to show off the beauty of your fingers and add some sparkle to the setting. The best stones for wide fingers are oval, marquise or wide cut emeralds. Three sets of stones balance the look of the big toe. Try our Oval TwoJorse ring, which also features an oval center stone that helps elongate the finger. Wide fingers can also carry asymmetrical or geometric styles better than wide fingers, like our Cleopatra ring.

Exaggerated, high-end ring styles can overwhelm slender fingers. For this type of finger, we recommend a minimal way to make a ring. A traditionally designed setting will add just the right amount of elegance to your ring that will enhance your slender finger beautifully. Choose marquise or pear-shaped diamonds paired with a thick band to give the illusion of a wider finger. We love our colonial ring, with its thick band that matches any diamond shape! Another great option is our Perfect Fit Chanel Set Rings. The perfect design will prevent your ring from rolling on your finger, providing a more comfortable fit!

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These are just tips and not rules you should follow. If you have your heart set on a certain style of ring, go for it. Take your time to find the perfect ring that you will love to wear every day.

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Pure Origins offers an excellent 100-day return policy with free shipping and handling, giving you plenty of time to try on your engagement ring and make sure everything fits and looks good. If you are unsure of your ring size, we recommend that you use our size guide to help you determine your size before purchasing.

A well-fitting ring will give you the best idea of ​​how it will look on your finger. We offer free ring resizing within 100 days of purchase. If you are still stuck between two sizes, go for the larger size as it will be easier to resize. If you have any questions, contact our team and we will help you find the ring of your dreams.

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