How To Make An Ebook For Free

How To Make An Ebook For Free – Happiness! If you’re looking for a stress-free (and free) way to create an eBook, let us introduce you to your new favorite app.

Reedsy Book Editor (or RBE as we call it) is a powerful tool for writing, formatting and editing eBooks. Tens of thousands of authors have used it to create beautiful books without spending a dime – and in this post, we’ll show you how to do the same.

How To Make An Ebook For Free

How To Make An Ebook For Free

First, let’s talk about raw content. There are three ways to get your text (and photos, if you have them) into RBE:

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When importing, make sure that your chapters are labeled “Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2”, etc. so that they are divided into sections correctly. You can also use “heading” formatting to show chapter titles (for example, Page 1 and Page 2). Don’t worry about other formatting as RBE will print bold/italic/underlined text, hyperlinks, etc.

If you haven’t finished writing your eBook yet, RBE is also a great resource – just add a new chapter and start writing. You can create text and insert images, break scenes and write right in the application. For a little extra motivation, you can create content counting goals and set reminders to help you reach them!

Finally, whether you’re submitting your manuscript or writing directly into RBE, you’ll want to edit your text before preparing your ebook file. If you’re burned out on reviews, consider having a professional review! You can export your projects and share them, or look forward to the integration in the app (now).

When your body is polished and segmented properly, you can turn your attention to the more “exciting” parts of your e-book – especially the front and back. These sections are what they sound like: the parts of the book that come before and after the main text.

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The operating plan includes your legal rights, guarantees, terms and conditions. (The latter will appear in the back of the physical book, but many e-books have them in the front.) When you create an e-book in RBE, you come Optionally include a name, quote, or quote to identify you. book.

Ignore is the copyright page that you get a template in RBE. We recommend that you include a table of contents as well – in the e-book, this table will be extended to make it easier for readers to follow your book.

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Butt, at this time, there are only two sections in RBE: your author biography and the list of other books you have written. You also get a template for this with space to add pictures, descriptions, and even a newsletter signup and link to buy more books.

How To Make An Ebook For Free

When everything is done, turn it back and forth to make sure nothing is out of place. Then you can go for something

How To Create An Ebook In Canva

Although most ebook sellers require you to send your cover separately, it’s a good idea to have it embedded in the original file so you can send ARCs to readers and reviewers. Go ahead and upload your cover to RBE as soon as it’s ready! You can do this from book settings – just go back to the My Books page and click on the tablet icon next to the title.

When uploading, but to ensure that the book cover design is attractive, appropriate format, and size. This post takes a look at the entire cover design process, but here’s a quick checklist before submitting:

✅ Does your wrapper have the correct file size and size for your chosen platform? For example, Amazon KDP requires a .jpg or .tiff file with dimensions of 2,560 pixels high x 1,600 pixels wide for book covers.

✅ Does your packaging look good in the thumbnail image? Most readers will judge your book by thumb, so make sure it’s good. If your cover is up to 200 pixels high, your cover should still stand out and your text should be clear.

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✅ Are you 100% satisfied with this cover? Even if the size is correct and the thumbnail looks good, something can still bother you. Although it is true that you can change your cover at any time when it is published, it is better to clear the doubts first – you only have one chance to market your book with the cover is perfect!

Regarding the best advertising, if you are not confident in your design, we recommend hiring a professional book cover designer to give your ebook the best chance for success. . Remember, your cover is the first thing readers see about your book, and you can’t put a price on a good first impression.

Or can you? If you’re still not sure about the importance of cover design, check out this research that shows how much the business value of a professional cover is. 4. Customize the final layout

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How To Make An Ebook For Free

You don’t have to worry about all the small adjustments: you can give your book the same look with a few simple clicks! To edit the layout, click the Export icon in the right sidebar to take you to the page shown above.

How To Easily Create Ebook Cover Online For Free

RBE allows you to choose from three different themes – Reedsy, Romance and Classic – to suit your needs. Think about your target audience and the ideas you want to make for them, however slowly. Is it an emotional book that readers will appreciate a bit of style in the chapter titles, or is it a work of nonsense where even the choice of font should reveal a serious problem ?

Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can tweak a few other things to customize it. These include the title or if you like the little caps at the beginning of each chapter. You can hide the numbers if you don’t want them in your last sentence, for example if you have written a book with multiple POVs and want each sentence to show the name of the POV character of That chapter is not a number.

Finally, when you have these features in place, go back to the book, overview, and book settings. Proofread absolutely everything, even your book description, because you can’t be too careful.

To submit your eBook, click that green button and it should be ready in 30 seconds or less. The final e-book will be delivered to your inbox as a downloadable EPUB file – the e-book file of choice for most online retailers today.

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However, you should take a look at the EPUB file before sending your e-book to these sellers. This post may seem like a broken record when it comes to reviewing your work, but better safe than sorry! At the very least, click on each chapter title in the table of contents to make sure it’s referring to the correct section, and scroll down through the first few sentences of each chapter to make sure nothing is thrown in. conversion process.

And if all of this still leaves you wanting more, here are some great resources for more information on RBE, plus layouts and cover design inspiration:

Now, with your beautiful, customizable eBook in hand (or on your screen), you’re ready for the next part of this guide: publishing your eBook! The following sections also provide useful tips for e-book distribution and marketing.

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How To Make An Ebook For Free

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How To Create An Ebook Landing Page That Generates Leads

Learn how to create an ebook business in Creating an ebook business has never been easier. Once you have your content ready, you can take your ebook marketing to the next level by following these simple steps.

Keep products consistent and protect your intellectual property by adding products to your eBooks business. Upload your logo, colors, fonts and typography in one go and then use it for all your future eBooks.

One of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy is creating and distributing relevant content to leads. It is convenient because it allows you to convert PDF files into interactive e-books that you can use later to generate leads.

Add a customizable aluminum sheet to it and fill in all the information you need: email address, name, company name, phone number, etc. It is up to you to add the lead wherever you want. Reach readers and write leads through gated content.

How To Create An Epub Ebook From Your Help Project

After collecting the information from the lead sheet, you can email your e-book to your customers.

Make your ebook marketing directly part of your website. Just embed it to make it more accessible to your readers.

Do you want to know how much time readers spend on your e-books? Or

How To Make An Ebook For Free

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