How Often Do You Trim Cat's Nails

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When it comes to clipping your cat’s toes, first let your cat get used to holding its paws. Photo: alexyo1968

How Often Do You Trim Cat's Nails

Cat personalities are very different, and some cats will not easily be touched, manipulated, and clawed by humans.

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Scratchers and “unsanitary” clipping levels help maintain the shape of indoor cat nails, but most indoor cats have smooth nails.

It’s never too early to start clipping your cat’s fingers or getting your cat used to touching your hands.

In fact, it may take a while if you have an older cat that has never clipped its nails and won’t understand why you want to start now.

You can choose from several types of animal nail clippers and human nail clippers. Five options are presented below.

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Personally, I prefer human nail clippings to cat claws. They are not complicated and give you a good idea of ​​where to cut.

These nail clippers are like scissors specially designed for cutting the nails of small animals. You may find that they are easy to use.

The professional nail clippers your vet uses on your dog and maybe your cat are a good investment.

Check out for example Millers Forge. These powerful clippers usually last a lifetime and have easy-to-use handles, stainless steel blades, and a safety lock.

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This type of clipper is still professional quality, but I don’t think the guillotine design is as easy to use as some other machines. I think it’s easier to hurt a cat.

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The perfect insertion of nails into a small guillotine window takes time and skill. The guillotine must be perpendicular to the nail. The few extra minutes it takes to file your nails properly can mean you’re missing out on your golden opportunity.

Many people find that a human nail clipper, any household tool, is the easiest tool to cut a cat’s nails – and I agree. They are small so you are close to the cat’s claw and you can cut the nail quickly.

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These activities are best done alongside trimming a cat’s toenails, as opposed to trimming your own nails.

Watch for advertising for all Dremel tools sold online and in stores. They make it sound so easy, but it’s not.

Dremels make noise, vibrate and can take a while to polish your nails. Most cats don’t like noisy, vibrating equipment that disturbs them.

Some cats need a bit of restraint, but here are some tips for scared, anxious, or feral cats.

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Pressing or sliding gently on your forearm on your neck and ass and try to lift your leg, always with your left hand, and with a cut in your right.

You can place a thick towel or pillow on your lap between you and the cat in case the cat decides to use your lap as a spring to jump to your feet.

Let’s just say it didn’t go well: I suggest you wait and try again another time when your cat is calm and doesn’t know what to do.

With a little practice, the towel can help wrap up to 3 feet while removing 1 foot at a time.

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If you’ve seen your vet and vet cut a cat’s knees, two people can often make this job go smoothly.

A table or table top works well. One person is tied or even locked with the neck holder while the other is clipping the nails.

It’s not for every couple or roommate — or every cat. It can cause discomfort with your partner or with restraint.

If at this point you cannot comfortably trim your cat’s knees, yell at your husband or bleed, you will need to seek advice from the veterinarian’s office or leave it to the professionals.

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Cats have four claws with 1 claw on the front feet and four claws on the back feet.

(Some cats have “extra fingers” and some will need to be clipped, otherwise they will grow into the cat’s hands. For more information, see my article “Cats Polydactyly: Fingers Can Cause Additional Problems” ).

The cat’s nails can be hidden or concealed. You need to gently press your finger between the thumb and forefinger to expose the claw and then cut it.

Your goal is to cut only the pointed, sharp end of the claw. The closer to the pink part of the nail – called the fastener – the more likely your cat will react very negatively. If it goes into the meat it starts to bleed which really hurts the cat.

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Cut your worst toenails first, usually the front feet. Don’t forget the dew on the inside of the foot.

Most cats do not do much damage to their hind legs and may not need to be trimmed often or at all.

If your cat has run away from you and is hiding under your bed, I advise you to leave it alone. They will not lose a significant amount of blood. You can check the nail when the cat is not angry with you and goes out on its own.

Bleeding products such as Kwik Stop, compression powder or compression pads containing silver nitrate are sold. However, coagulant use requires even more restriction.

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The cat may get angry at this point and the toenail may hurt a bit. It is not always advisable to stop the bleeding.

Call ahead and see if you can meet with a veterinary technician for your nail clipping session, or make sure you include it in your annual exam.

However, the vet environment is different from home, so your cat’s behavior at the vet may not match what is happening in your living room.

Some cats are more obedient because they are scared at the vet’s office, while others are very angry. Veterinarians don’t want to reinforce your cat’s concerns when visiting the vet, so nail trimming may not always be recommended if it’s an event that will cause your cat to cross the line.

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This article was written by veterinarian Dr. Deborah Lichtenberg, VMD. The last review took place on April 5, 2022.

If you have questions or concerns, call your veterinarian who is best equipped to ensure your pet’s health and well-being. This article is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to act as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. See additional information. When it comes to grooming, cats like to do things on their own terms – and this can make trimming your nails a dangerous prospect. But it doesn’t have to! In fact, most cats can learn to tolerate nail clipping with a little practice and lots of treats. Are you ready to learn how to trim cat’s toes? I’ve been a groomer for 12 years and I’m here to give you step-by-step tips on how to trim cat fur to help you and your cat in the process.

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How often should I trim my cat’s nails Tips for trimming nails Step-by-step instructions What happens if I trim too quickly? Tips and tricks

Indoor cats generally need their nails trimmed every two weeks. Kittens’ claws grow faster and may need to be trimmed weekly, while some older cats only need to be trimmed once a month. Outdoor cats need thick claws to protect themselves, so they may need to trim a cat’s toes a few times a year.

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When you see any of these signs, it’s a good idea that it’s time to get your haircut.

Ingrown nails may not seem like a big deal, but letting your cat’s nails grow too long can cause serious damage, including:

Make sure you have everything you need close at hand before you begin. You don’t want to stop clipping nails – especially if your cat isn’t a big fan of nail clipping.

Trimming your cat’s nails in a quiet area of ​​your home, away from children, other pets, or any surprises will help keep your cat calm by making trimming easier.

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With practice, you will find the best way to hold your cat – one that is comfortable for both of you. If you are in Purgatory, try these things:

If your cat is particularly skittish, one way to keep him safe is to wrap him in a towel like a burrito, with only one hand outside the burrito at a time. This will make it harder for your kitty to run away or catch you. Some cats can also relax more if you throw a corner of a towel over their head to hold the sound and prevent them from seeing what you are doing. For other cats, this process can be stressful

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