Fun Crafts To Make With Friends

Fun Crafts To Make With Friends – So I decided that while Pinterest is fun, it’s not EXACTLY the best place anymore if you’re looking for something you can actually make. I’m sorry Pinterest but you prefer the pretty pictures and share a bit too much these days and don’t care like me about quality or easy to follow instructions. In fact, I have a strong suspicion that some of the Pinterest projects I’ve seen over the past few months aren’t even possible for the average person at home. Nice indeed, but no thanks.

Thankfully, I’ve become a bit of an expert at crafting and spotting projects that we common folk can actually reproduce. I really wanted to find a great list of projects that are cool, fun, pretty easy, and cool enough for teens and adults. These ideas are great for fun craft ideas for older kids and even adults, decorating ideas that are fun and cool enough for any teen’s bedroom, dorm or apartment, as well as some clever and creative DIY gift ideas that are ideal for teens and young adults from my heart. Also keep these great ideas in mind when looking for crafts to make and sell. I’ve seen more than one of these fun DIYs for sale on Etsy.

Fun Crafts To Make With Friends

Yes, it looks so easy it’s probably impossible. So I tried these myself. It is really that easy! Looking for an easy, creative DIY jewelry project that you can literally make in minutes, here’s your craft. So easy, in fact, you can create one for each friend you have, one for each finger, one for each day of the week. Fashion earrings with these cute bows, great fashion for a bracelet, make them in all sorts of wire colors. The creative possibilities are endless. If you love jewelry making tutorials, this simple idea is the perfect craft for adults or teens – quick, easy, and awesome!

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After following their latest ideas over the past few months, I think Sugar and Cloth has some of the funniest ideas out there these days. Not your average wall art idea, this pompom wreath is super original, yet festive, creative and full of personality. Why? Because you can make each pom pom individually, and each DIY pom pom is pretty much a little work of art in itself. Making the pom poms one at a time can be a series of fun little projects to keep you entertained on rainy days, long bus rides and endless waits. Put them all together at the end to create a fabulous “non-square” work of art for all to admire. This looks like a high quality designer wall decor piece, but is super easy and fun to make. Create the pom poms while you watch TV or hang out with friends, then assemble them for the coolest DIY wall decor idea we’ve seen this year!

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Painted feathers have become a popular craft item lately, but this arts and crafts idea can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You can make solid jewel tone statement nibs, super easy ombre nibs, or mix in masterpieces with patterned motifs like the ones above. Painted feathers are good for hanging on the wall, making a DIY mobile, decorating gift wrap, handmade cards, or just sitting and admiring. I love this idea for getting together with friends for a craft party. Each feather will be as unique and different as the person who created it!

I end up decorating my fridge with magnets so I can keep track of photos and the like, but I loathe the kind you get in stores. Also, I end up with a weird assortment that just never looks right. Pretty patterned bottle cap magnets make fridge art a little less boring. Make some of these homemade magnets for yourself and save some for last minute gift ideas. Cute craft idea that is easy enough for kids and teens but perfect for all ages to make at home. Super easy and cheap. to!

I just couldn’t believe these bowls were made out of paper until I saw them and made one myself.

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Okay, that’s not entirely true… as a die-hard papercraft fan, I was amazed to realize I’d never seen anything like it and just had to make one myself. Super cool and clever design allows you to make fabulous bowls like these out of paper. Try them today, these are sure to impress. I made two and I imagine all my friends will soon have a few too. This is a super project to use all those beautiful but way too thick pieces of paper for the project you bought them for.

This handmade pillow is a fun and easy room decor idea that’s easy enough for beginners and teens to make without fear of making a monstrous Pinterest blunder. You simply create rolls of fabric and use a glue gun to stick them onto your pillow in the shape of a heart. You can really make any shape, and this heart can also be applied to a canvas for creative wall art on a budget. The easy to follow YouTube video tutorial will show you exactly how to make this fun craft idea. Creative ideas, inspiration and step-by-step instructions for making a variety of star shaped crafts – including paper stars, star ornaments, decorations and more.

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Looking for star craft ideas? We’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up the best celebrity crafts from around the web that are perfect for kids (including preschoolers and toddlers) and adults alike.

There are tons of creative star shape ideas out there and we love that they are perfect for everyday crafting or for special occasions like Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, July 4th or even birthdays and weddings!

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Whether you want to learn how to fold 3D paper stars, make star ornaments for inexpensive Christmas decorations, or make the perfect star wand for imaginative play, this list of star crafts has a variety of ideas to inspire you.

Paper crafts are very popular because the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to teach your kids origami techniques or just want to recycle your newspapers into something pretty, these paper star craft ideas will provide hours of crafting fun.

(1) 3D Paper Stars: These simple yet beautiful kirigami stars (origami with a minor cutout) can be made in any color and for any occasion! Decorate them in red, white and blue for Independence Day, or color match them to use as decorations for any holiday. (via Red Ted Art)

(2) 3D Cutout Stars: These simple cutout stars let your little one’s imagination run wild. They can be decorated with paints, markers or even glitter. Add a string of pearls to turn it into a chic ornament! (via Artful Parent)

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(3) Paper Star Ornaments: Whether you recreate the five-pointed or seven-pointed stars, they look so festive adorned with buttons and yarn. (via Crafts & Creativity)

(4) Newspaper Stars: Use paper straws to make these unique stars or watch the full tutorial on how to make your own paper straws and create the stars from scratch! (via Red Ted Art)

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(5) Paper Star Gift Toppers: These gorgeous folded cut out stars are not only fun to make, they look absolutely stunning on any gift for Christmas, birthdays and beyond. (via Martha Stewart)

(6) Cut and Fold Paper Stars: These multi-dimensional paper stars are a bit more complex, but worth the time as they are so pretty. Hang them from the ceiling using strings of different sizes or create a beautiful garland. (via Mini Eco)

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(7) Origami Paper Star Bowl: This star is so unique because it’s hollowed out like a bowl! Place them on a holiday table with some individually wrapped candies for an extra cute ornament that also serves a functional purpose. (via Red Ted Art)

(8) Woven Paper Stars: These 8-pointed, interwoven stars resemble a quilted look when created with colorful print patterns. (via My Poppet Makes)

(9)Origami Paper Star Cards: Grab some colored cardstock and decorate hallways for the holidays or New Year’s Eve with these 3D stars, or add them to the front of a personalized greeting card! (via Hello, Wonderful)

(10) Origami Stars: If you love a bunch of different folding techniques to make all your origami stars look really unique, this is one to check out. Add a variety of colors for even more variety. (via Bloomize)

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(11) Fold and Cut Origami Stars: Carefully folding and cutting this one-of-a-kind paper star is worth the time. Use vibrant colors for extra pop. (via Pink Striped Socks)

(12) Paper Bag Stars: Have the kids color some paper bags and then use this technique to create these beautiful fan-like stars to decorate your home for any occasion. (via Pink Striped Socks)

(13) Post-it Note Paper Stars: Grab any color of post-its because you’ll be thrilled to create these stunning stars – only scissors and glue sticks are needed to achieve these twisting spirals! (via Babble Dabble Do)

(14) Origami Stars: Check this out

Unique Diy Crafts To Make And Sell

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