Wire Shelves For Kitchen

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For small kitchens short on storage space, freestanding wire shelves can be a game-changer: they’re durable, inexpensive, and apparently can hold anything from a few bottles of wine to a giant KitchenAid mixer. The flip side: They can quickly become a clutter rather than an intentional part of your kitchen. Additional shelves will do you no good if they are always (visible) scattered.

Wire Shelves For Kitchen

Open shelving of any kind can be tricky, as all those mismatched Tupperware and new coffee mugs are usually better placed behind closed doors. Even if you’re blessed with an aesthetically pleasing collection of pottery, vintage glassware, and minimalist storage containers, finding a balance between aesthetics and ergonomics can be difficult. It’s hard to maximize space on your shelves without filling them up, and it’s hard to aim for style without sacrificing function.

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So we asked some kitchen and design experts how to get the most out of these ubiquitous shelves that actually make sense for your kitchen.

Not like trash. Consensus advice from experts: As annoying as it may be, try to keep them clean. (And on that note, consider buying a good vacuum for quick cleaning.)

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At the tiny Portland restaurant Oregon Beast, wire racks serve not only as storage for the 24-seat restaurant, but in some cases as an active (albeit miniature) workspace: a large butcher block Boos turns the racks into a restaurant. . front-of-the-house staff bread and coffee station, says Cathy Sombat, the restaurant’s operations manager. There may not be enough room for a full prep area, but there’s no reason why a cutting board on wire shelves can do double duty as a mini martini bar or home Chemex setup.

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Wire shelves already look industrial; By stacking them together with kitchenware and utensils, you can quickly cross the limit of a warehouse restaurant cleaning rack and tackle the entire space. “Although the style is somewhat industrial,” says Sombat, “their presence in the room can be achieved without overstocking, using similar storage containers and adding style like live plants to break up the metal and industrial feel.” .”

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Even if there are a few props, prop stylist Ginny Branch likes to include cotton or lace bags and hang aprons or tea towels on hooks to soften the overall atmosphere. Wooden plank handles add some warmth to the shelves. Also think about what you’ll put on the shelves: When a vignette is placed next to a houseplant and, say, a cute trash can, it looks more intentional and less of an afterthought, says Branch.

Interior designer Brigette Romanek adds that if silver isn’t your jam, you can always paint the shelves—that way, the color is more visible than purely functional, she says. “Also, you can cover the bottom with a beautiful fabric and make it a design choice rather than a utilitarian function.”

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When prioritizing what to have on your shelves, Branch advises asking yourself, “Do you need it to be functional in the space, or can it be a visual statement?” If you have some space for both, you can add some well-placed items for extra visual impact without sacrificing too much functional shelf space. “If you have a beautiful or unique collection of plates, bowls, vases or cake stands, this would be a great place to display them,” says Branch.

Playing with the height of the shelves and, more importantly, what’s on them can make things look more interesting (and on purpose) than just a pile of dishes. Branch likes to use cookbooks for this purpose, and says you can get creative by organizing the books by color (or going completely monochrome). “I used this in my kitchen in one area, but it’s just a bunch of white cookbooks, some with the covers removed,” says Branch.

Item placement is also about maximizing vertical storage. At Beast, storage containers with lids are preferred because they can be stacked. Sombat adds that they tend to buy multiple storage containers, which adds some neatness and uniformity.

Containers and baskets not only keep loose items together, but also add extra style to shelves without eating up too much real estate. Sombat found lots of stylish and functional storage items on Etsy, including neutral and faux leather containers for her silverware. (These faux leather bowls also count.)

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The branch uses baskets to keep layers of folded laundry clean and tidy; it is often found in shops and estate sales. He also recommends the Bisley five-tier cabinets for a clean and functional silverware storage solution (the smallest cabinets are just 11 by 15 inches and come in a variety of colors from turquoise to sunshine yellow). Trays – from bright glitter to beautiful metallic (or even iridescent) ones – can add style while keeping canisters from slipping and falling out. And while you can’t go wrong with glass jam jars, Branch adds that stores like Terrain, Hawkins NY, and ABC Carpet and Home have modern storage containers that also double as visually appealing items.

Romanek loves the natural look of wooden bowls (some of her favorites are made by designer Michael Verheyden), especially when they’re filled with colorful citrus. “A bowl of fresh lemon can change the look of a kitchen,” she says.

Vox Media has an affiliate partnership. This does not affect editorial content, although Vox Media may earn a commission for products purchased through affiliate links. See our ethics policy for more information. Let’s talk about the kitchen. My kitchen is small and storage space is definitely lacking. Anyone else in the same boat? When I first moved in, I wasn’t sure what to do with my small kitchen appliances, extra wine glasses, and patterned items like cake stands. These are all things that I want easily accessible, but I don’t have the extra space in my kitchen cabinets.

Enter my beloved cable shelves. I first got the idea to use these stands after seeing them on The Everygirl. These racks save lives! They create tons of extra space and are only $49.99 at Target!

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These shelves now hold my wine, glasses, blender, KitchenAid mixer, wine bottles, fruits and vegetables, baking ingredients, and even my cookbooks! I used inexpensive marble slabs (from Lowe’s) and trays to provide a stable place to store smaller items so they don’t move around. Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to storing your frozen produce. I keep mine in a large hand-carved wooden bowl I found in an antique store that was originally supposed to be used to hold dough!

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Although these shelves are located in front of the only window in the kitchen, they do not block the light, as they are very open and airy.

I love having all of these items close at hand. Hopefully my next kitchen will be bigger so I won’t need to use these shelves in my next house, but for now they are the perfect space saving solution for this girl on a budget. What tricks do you use in your kitchen?

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If you want more kitchen storage, we recommend underground racks like these from Whitmore.

Styling Wire Shelves In The Kitchen

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