European Master In Renewable Energy

European Master In Renewable Energy – Renewable energy needs the most innovative technical engineers! One of Europe’s biggest challenges is to design a transition to a sustainable energy system based on renewable energy. The main challenges are lack of energy and environmental problems. To meet these challenges and find new solutions, highly qualified professionals with essential interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and tools are needed. The combination of technical, strategic, social and environmental issues facing the energy transition represents an important multidisciplinary approach. It requires many highly skilled senior technicians and engineers who can collaborate with experts from other disciplines and conduct applied scientific research to come up with practical solutions, either by conducting applied research, consulting or providing advice on strategy and policy. The European Master in Renewable Energy offers you a good way to start or advance your career in the energy sector. Upon successful completion of the Master’s program, you will become a renewable energy engineer with fundamental knowledge of technology and engineering in the energy sector and receive a Master of Science degree. This is a master’s program for technicians. Order our brochures or sign up for an open day. .

During the main semester, you will gain a solid foundation in the engineering and technical aspects associated with the design and implementation of innovative energy systems and their various related interdisciplinary aspects. Theory courses also consider socioeconomic issues related to the use of these technologies supported by laboratory seminars. Basic studies can be done in French, English or Spanish.

European Master In Renewable Energy

During the second semester, you specialize in the selected technology at another university. The main subjects are taught in English. You can choose one of the following universities for your major:

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During the third and final semester, you will apply your knowledge and skills in a research project in a company or research center. Based on this research, you will write your thesis under the supervision of a professor (core), a professor in the department and a professor from the project provider.

The European Postgraduate Master in Renewable Energy provides you with a technical and systems perspective on the challenges of the energy transition with a focus on renewable energy. You will be able to design, test and implement new technologies with a systemic and interdisciplinary approach, making you decisive for the entire energy industry.

The European Master in Sustainable Energy Systems Management (SESyM) is an initiative of EUREC (European Association of Research Centers for Renewable Energy) in cooperation with a consortium of educational institutions, universities, especially Hanzehogeschool Groningen (NL), Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen (BE), University of Zaragoza ( SP), Limerick Institute of Technology (IE) and University of Pisa (IT). EUREC has a leading voice in Europe in sustainable energy research and providing advice on contemporary energy issues.

As part of this mission, the European Champion SESyM is designed to train people to take an active role in the energy transformation. This has indeed become an interdisciplinary problem in which technical, economic, legal, social and environmental challenges are central. In this professional master’s program, students are trained to design, evaluate and implement an innovative energy business plan. In real and authentic projects and business case studies, you can solve the challenges of sustainable energy based on a systems approach.

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The program consists of 3 semesters (major – major (options) – diploma project), each 30 credits. The education consists of a total of 90 credits and is open to students who hold a bachelor’s degree (professional) in the fields of study: Business Management and Economics (e.g. Business Management, Internet Business, …), Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, political science, architecture, … Admission must have a motivation profile (resume, motivation letter, motivation letter). employer/university recommendation),…) and a certificate confirming sufficient knowledge of English (IELTS 6.5 and above similar).

The fact that it is a European Master’s program means that students must study in at least 2 European countries during their studies.

Basic terminology (September – January) covers the basics of economic and business concepts necessary for the design and implementation of innovative energy projects, as well as the regulatory framework and aspects, technical aspects of energy activity. This semester is offered in Groningen (Hanzehogeschool) and Ireland (Limerick Institute of Technology). During the second (main) semester, students can choose between Zaragoza, Kortrijk() or Groningen, each proposing a specific topic. In this context, the semester offers “Sustainable energy and ICT”. The duration of the degree can be completed in a company or in a research facility in Europe.

After 1.5 years (3 semesters), the Master’s degree is awarded either by the Hanzehogeschool Groningen or the Limerick Institute of Technology. The Master’s degree program in Groningen (NL) is funded by the government, which means that only the Dutch application fee is charged (non-EU students pay a higher application fee). This Master’s program in the Netherlands is also automatically approved in Flanders.

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This master’s program is a professional master’s program that allows you to start this educational program after obtaining a professional education, after meeting the admission conditions, without the need for additional transfer programs; to have a master’s degree in 1.5 years after obtaining a professional degree

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