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These great budget kitchen makeovers all cost under $1000 and they’re packed with creative ideas you can use to remodel any kitchen on the cheap.

Diy Kitchen Makeover Cheap

I’m so excited to share these cheap kitchen makeovers with you. We all know how expensive kitchen renovations can be.

Budget Diy Kitchen Remodel

But with a little creativity and some hard work, you can really redo your kitchen for less than $1000.

We transformed our entire kitchen on a shoestring budget with painted cabinets, painted countertops, a stenciled backsplash, and a host of other inexpensive DIYs.

This budget-friendly kitchen makeover is a must see. The original budget was $2,000, but they made it at half!

A low budget, high impact makeover includes painting cabinets and walls. Look at the change in this beautiful white kitchen!

The Kitchen Reveal

Not only does this gorgeous kitchen makeover cost less than $1,000, it’s a rental, too, full of clever ideas for renters to make your space their own.

It’s so hard to believe this inexpensive kitchen makeover was completed for just $100! You can save so much money by painting the kitchen cabinets yourself.

Update your kitchen on a shoestring budget, a few hours, a cabinet transformation kit and stunning new hardware!

See how a build quality kitchen island was transformed into a design focal point, all for less than $50!

Diy Fanatic Transforms Her Kitchen For Under £100 By Painting Everything

A budget-friendly way to update your kitchen is to add a DIY shelf backsplash. This beautiful look costs less than $20. Remove cabinet doors to make the room appear larger and display collectibles.

The power of paint! 90% of this inexpensive kitchen remodel was accomplished by simply PAINTING almost any surface, including the tile backsplash, walls, trim, and cabinets.

See how this build-quality small kitchen was completely updated to a beautiful modern farmhouse style, complete with homemade concrete countertops.

This 1980s kitchen underwent a stunning transformation with so many DIY projects, including cabinets and a budget countertop.

Diy Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover

Learn how to easily paint a ceramic tile backsplash. It’s an inexpensive way to completely change the look of a kitchen.

$900 and a lot of hard work and this kitchen has had a complete makeover! This kitchen shows that hard work certainly pays off.

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These step-by-step tutorials show you how to update your kitchen for less than $1,000 and the end result is absolutely stunning.

This just goes to show that no matter how outdated your kitchen is, you can transform it into a space you love without breaking the bank. My favorite DIY project to date is the kitchen. No special skills are required for a similar transformation. Both beginners and budget-friendly, you can keep using the kitchen while getting things done. It’s also pretty fun. Now that the kitchen is almost finished, I want to share my tips for transforming your kitchen without taking out the carcass and starting from scratch. DIY, cheap kitchen makeover, here we come!

Budget Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Transform Your Space For Less |

We stuck with what we had and didn’t change the layout of our kitchen. However, if we were starting from scratch or had the time/inclination/budget, ideally I would have changed the layout a bit.

Our kitchen is a typical Victorian galley kitchen with patio. The space is not used as well as it could have been. If you really want the best out of a small kitchen, a flat pack carcass is not the way to go. You need a custom cabinet that goes all the way to the ceiling. Let’s face it, with the best of intentions you will end up dumping things on cupboards and they will get grubby. Also, the kitchen will look cluttered, making it seem even smaller.

If you’re starting from scratch, keep this in mind. Or if it bothers you, modify existing cabinets to make full use of the walls. Build Up! Think Singapore.

The photo below shows my kitchen in the morning (at its brightest, with the window facing east) and as you can see, it’s still quite dark.

Gorgeous Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover Decor, Renovation & Ideas On A Budget

This photo was taken in March, so the light isn’t at its best, but the cabinetry to the right of the window blocks a lot of natural light

Removing the cabinets on the right side and replacing them with open shelving would be a better use of the space. This layout allows light to fill the room without losing valuable storage space. A common problem with open shelves is that everything gets dusty and/or greasy. However, if the shelves aren’t too close to the stove, grease shouldn’t be a problem. As for fabric, don’t fill your shelves with decorative items, use them for your everyday items (it’s an excuse to invest in nice, new dinnerware!) and you’ll be washing them regularly anyway.

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We have decided to leave the cabinets as they are for the time being. Removing them requires repair work on the walls and, frankly, we can’t be bothered with that. However, if we had time, this relatively minor change would maximize the sense of light and space. The overall effect would be the feeling of a much larger room.

A quick fix to maximize light is the addition of mirrors. Some carefully placed mirrors help bounce light around the room.

Simple Ideas To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

We have removed the glossy, brilliant white laminate coating from our MDF IKEA cabinets. This allowed us to paint them in softer tones, more closely matching the color palette of our home.

You can read the full laminate stripping how-to blog here. Basically, the heat from a hairdryer or heat gun is all you need to peel the laminate off. Seal MDF cabinets before painting with a durable paint (we used Intelligent Satinwood from Little Greene). I prefer eggshell or satin for kitchens. Chalky or matte paints get dirty quickly because they are not very scrubbable.

I really liked this part of the transformation and did a little bit each day. I didn’t remove the doors because no extra step was needed, and we could continue to use the kitchen as usual. Be sure to check what material your cabinets are made of – and whether such material is suitable for painting – before attacking them with the hair dryer.

Tiles (and tilers!) are expensive and if you already have decent tiles in the kitchen, give them a new lease of life by changing the color of the grout. Originally we went from white to dark gray and during this makeover to lighter gray.

Super Budget Rental Kitchen Makeover — Hannah Bullivant

Read my blog about using grout pens here. Grout pins are perfect for a DIY, inexpensive kitchen makeover because you don’t need any skill to use them and they make for a really quick and effective update.

You can also get tile paint or cover your tiles with vinyl for a quick fix if you don’t like the color. We didn’t do this because our tiles are an innocent plain white subway tile.

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I absolutely love our “new” worksheets. Our old, marked and scratched countertops were black granite-effect laminate, and in the dark kitchen they were oppressive. Since this is a DIY, inexpensive kitchen makeover, replacing it was out of the question. Instead we used Ribbeck Oak effect sticky-back vinyl from D-C-Fix, available here. I followed the guide on Create Your World to apply the vinyl, but I’ve outlined some tips below.

The sink is a pain and I had to do ours twice. I totally screwed up my first attempt (it’s a good idea to order some extra vinyl!)

Kitchen Makeover Secrets That Will Save You Money

Use the grid guide on the back of the vinyl to figure out where the sink is and cut out a rough template. Lay the vinyl over the sink and smooth it down as close to the sink as possible before trimming away the excess with a sharp utility knife. If water gets on the vinyl (we had a slightly leaky sink) it should go tacky again after 24 hours. Don’t despair – leave it overnight and try sticking again the next morning.

If the worst happens and you make a hole, you can repair the vinyl by cutting a small square of vinyl – sort of like a Band-Aid/plaster – and smoothing the edges into the existing vinyl with a hair dryer. It’s not perfect but did the job for me when ours was damaged by the plumber. Ideally, you take out your old sink, apply the vinyl and fit the new sink – then aligning your vinyl perfectly will be no problem!

The simplest and most effective thing you can do to renew your kitchen is to simply replace the cabinet handles. Don’t stop at handles: taps, light switches and sockets can also be upgraded.

Order new ones when yours has had it all (like mine). You can order my handles here.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeovers Ideas And Instructions

You can also spray paint your handles for a new life. I like Rust-Oleum Brilliant Gold spray paint and have it on all sorts of things, including cabinet handles, light switches, and outlets (put on a few light coats and be

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