Diy Ideas For A Baby Shower

Diy Ideas For A Baby Shower

Diy Ideas For A Baby Shower – Last but not least, I have collected a huge list of 36 DIY baby shower decorations to round out this baby shower series. I definitely feel ultra prepared to host the next baby shower and I hope you do too! I have one planned in a few weeks and will be using a lot of the freebies, food and gifts I’ve shared in the last 5 posts. I’m really looking forward to putting the favors together with the printable tags I created!

This post is full of DIY ideas for baby shower decorations. From garlands to balloons to photo booths and flowers. You name it, I collected it! Unless otherwise stated, all links go to a tutorial or set of instructions.

Diy Ideas For A Baby Shower

Several of these ideas are actually bridal shower diys, but they are totally appropriate for a baby shower as well.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts Ideas You Can Diy

I also included a couple of printables that I designed. Mostly because I need them for the shower I’m hosting… 🙂

It’s nice to create a small decorative vignette where people can step and take beautiful pictures together.

In the future it will also be good to look back at the photos and easily recognize what the event was. I know what you are thinking “I would never forget my first baby shower! Banish the thought! ”, but I literally tried to remember my first baby shower and drew a blank. Thanks for nothin’ brain mom.

Most of these garland ideas were easy to save and reuse for other parties. They are just not suitable for a baby shower. Well, maybe the sock fabric is baby, but the rest could be used as birthday party decorations or even nursery decorations!

Unique Fall Baby Shower Ideas, Themes And Decorations

I love that these were all really cheap to make, you can probably get all the ingredients at the Dollar Store.

– I made these heads in 4 colors. Just print them, cut them out and either thread them on a ribbon or sew them together.

I’m always a little lost for what to do with balloons. I blow them up…then what? I usually just randomly tape them to the walls. Haha! These ideas are much better!

Rain Cloud – Inspirational photo only, but I designed some simple raindrop printables that you can download here. You can print them on beautiful scrapbook paper for a great raincloud!

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Every party needs some fresh flowers to add some life to the festivities. I absolutely love the hanging carnations, they are my favorite flower and this is a gorgeous way to fill a wall!

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These are a great way to fill some wall space if you are hosting the shower in a church hall or conference room type venue. They would also be great for an outdoor party but could be a bit much in a cozy living room.

I wasn’t sure if these DIYs should be classified with the garlands or not. They are quite similar but quite different. Plus the garland list was getting long! So I decided that the garlands are like anything tied and draped along a wall. And those streamers are anything that hangs from the ceiling or are made using crepe paper streamers that you buy on a roll.

That’s it for this DIY Baby Shower series! Be sure to check out the other posts on printables, food, favors and gifts.

Easy Cricut Baby Shower Ideas: Gifts, Decor, And More!

And let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’d add to this list of DIY baby shower decorations!

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Free Printable Baby Shower Favor Tags In 20+ Colors

Any cookies that are not specifically necessary for the operation of the website and are used primarily to collect user personal data through analytics, ads and other embedded content are called non-essential cookies. It is mandatory to obtain user consent before running these cookies on your website. Homemade shower decorations can be just as beautiful as store bought items that you often pay a fortune for. Home decorations usually encourage conversation and affection and are more meaningful to the parents-to-be because they were created with love and care. These 20 cute and creative DIY shower decorations will rock the party!

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Everyone loves a good medium! When you design decorations, it is worth spending some and creativity on your table in the middle. The guests spend most of their party time sitting at tables eating, relaxing, and playing games, so the instruments, table cloths, and decorations associated with a table getting a lot of eyes on them. These cute and easy DIY shower decorations for tables will complement any theme or vibe.

If you know the theme of the nursery, you can create attractive and very useful centerpieces that match that theme. Centerpiece baskets should be both decorative and purposeful, so think about what goes into each one because moms-to-be can really use the contents of the basket after the a shower

A new mom can never have too many burp cloths, so these homemade decorations can be reused after they arrive. You’ll need to plan one burp cloth for each guest/table setting, so know the number of guests attending well in advance of the shower or make plenty of extra place mats in case the guest list changes. This project will take some time to complete, so plan to make your placemats well in advance of the shower and enlist the help of crafty friends.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas You Will Love

This project couldn’t be easier, and the best part is, it’s completely practical for new parents. You will need a variety of teething rings, pacifiers with handles, and key rings. Roll up your pretty cloth napkins and thread them through the rings on these items. Place each napkin and ring at each place setting at the guest tables. Make sure you choose a good selection of these items because the guests can give them back to the mother-to-be.

Inspirational topiaries will easily find a home at shower guest tables. This project is a little labor intensive, so give yourself plenty of time to finish everything before the shower or gather a group of crazy friends who are dying to get out of their houses and help to give

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Diaper cakes have become very popular in recent years, and they do double duty as gifts and decorations. You will need about 22 plain or printed disposable diapers, tape, and enough ribbon to tie around the three layers.

If you’re throwing a shower for a friend who’s expecting a rainbow, these centerpiece ideas will elevate the gathering and win everyone’s hearts. Very few things are needed to assemble these flower arrangements. For each, you will need:

Easy Diy Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

Ducks and splashes are a timeless combination. For a fun, easy and cost-effective centerpiece, arrange rubber duckies in glass bowls. For each of these table decorations, you will need:

In each bowl, pour stones in to fill the bowl between ¼ and ½ way up. Place a couple of rubber ducks on top of the stones. Boom. This couldn’t be simpler.

Another fun centerpiece that will have a place at any dessert table is a bouquet of lollipops. For each medium lollipop you want to create, you will need:

Shoes are precious, and they add the perfect touch to guest tables or gift tables at a shower. This decoration is simple and practical long after the party is over. Buy several pairs of shoes. Get two different sizes because these design elements will transform into baby shoes for the -to-be. Place the shoes in different places that need an artistic touch. Cut fresh flowers and place them inside the opening of the shoe. After the showers, give the mom-to-be the cute boots!

Cute Baby Shower Ideas Fit For A Prince Or Princess!

A dessert table is never complete without a candy bar. Sugary candy bars will wow your guests, but they’ll be stylish design elements in any space before it’s time to bring food home.

With a few simple materials, even your table covers can become part of the decor. Custom table covers help tie shower themes together and add a personal touch to even the smallest details.

The decor will enhance any party, showers included.

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