Convert Drawer To File Cabinet

Convert Drawer To File Cabinet – This is a pretty quick and easy hack to turn a drawer in your Ikea Sektion cabinets into a file drawer. You know I love the Ikea Sektion system and have used them all over my house. No matter where your Ikea Sektion cabinets are placed, this modification can turn an ordinary drawer into a filing system to meet your organizational needs. I used this in our new home office, but I can see how it will have a future in our mudroom for elementary school work when the time comes.

These drawers are Maximera 15″ deep drawers, but this would easily work on 24″ deep drawers. The hanging system I bought fits these 30″ wide drawers perfectly, but can be modified to fit other Ikea sizes – 15, 18, 0r 24″ wide drawers if you need less storage of files. The easiest way to do this is to remove the drawers and then place the frame on the inside to make sure it fits lengthwise. I love these file folders for their simple and natural color.

Convert Drawer To File Cabinet

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Alex Drawer Unit/drop File Storage, White, 141/8×271/2

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Diy Hanging File Drawer In Kitchen Cabinet

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This post contains product links that may contain affiliate links. When you use the link to make a purchase, I may make a small commission. This is not an additional cost to you, but it helps me create this blog and its content for you to enjoy. My full disclosure is here. Thank you! It’s been … After almost a year of working from home now, I decided it’s finally time to build a desk for my home office. The most challenging part will be the base cabinets and drawers, so I’ll start with that first. Drawers can be scary and intimidating, but they don’t have to be. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make this simple DIY office drawer cabinet and how to easily build and install the drawers.

If you are interested in specific measurements, I have plans available for this dresser. Click on the image below.

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When working with sheet plywood, I usually like to have manageable sizes of plywood at the shop and then use a jigsaw to break down my pieces, leaving a little extra material so I can make my final cut on the table saw . This helps ensure I get a nice clean square cut.

After all the pieces of my carcass were cut – 2 sides, top, bottom and foot cut from 3/4″ plywood – I used my pocket hole punch to make pocket holes and assembled the cabinet with 1-1/4″ pocket screws. .

Once the 4 sides were assembled, the only toe kick was missing which I taped into place and then attached with some pocket screws.

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Then I started working on the drawer boxes. For the drawers I used 1/2 inch plywood and cut all my pieces to size on the miter saw.

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To understand how to determine the length of the drawer slides and the dimensions of the drawer box, be sure to watch the video on YouTube.

Before I can mount the drawers, I need to make a small slot to fit the bottom panel (I’ll use 1/4 inch plywood for the bottom). I set the blade height to half the thickness of my drawer – so a quarter inch – and set the fence to 3/8. I made a first pass at this setting, then moved the fence a bit to widen the slot so my bottom panel would slot into the slot.

I grabbed my pocket again and changed the settings to the 1/2 inch thickness setting. I then drilled pocket holes in all of the drawer fronts and backs, making sure to drill the holes on the opposite side of the slot. Therefore, the pocket holes will be on the outside of the box and will be hidden when the drawers are finished.

I started assembling the drawers with pocket screws, starting from the front. I could then tilt the drawer up and slide the bottom of the drawer until it was seated in the grove. I then added the back and attached it with some pocket screws.

Drawer Mobile Steel Pedestal File Cabinet, Bar Handle

Next is the installation of the drawer slides. I used a spacer to support the bottom slide, lined it up with the edge of the cabinet, then gently pulled the slide up to expose the screw holes and added the screws. I repeated the same on the other side and with that my first pair of slides were installed.

To install future slides, you can trace reference lines on the inside of your cabinet, or cut spacer blocks like I did to support the slide. And why fight gravity when you can just turn the cabinet on its side?

Now it’s time to install the drawer boxes. I used some notches to raise the drawer a bit so it wouldn’t rub against the bottom, then dropped the box inside. I took the slides out and flush with the front of the case, pulling the case out far enough to expose the first screw holes.

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I was able to gradually insert the screws and gradually pull the case out, exposing future screw holes until I finally had to remove the tray (using the plastic tabs) so I could insert the rear screws. I could then push the drawer back in, a bit of force to get it in at first, but then it slides in smoothly after that.

How To Secure An Office Filing Cabinet

Installing the other drawer was the same process, this time with larger dividers – which ultimately depends on how much space you want between your boxes. I’m leaving a little more space here than usual because I’m going to use the bottom drawer as a file cabinet, so I want enough space for file hangers and rails.

I grabbed some 3/4 inch plywood to cut the drawer fronts according to the plans. I start by installing the bottom surface and work my way up. I used a spacer block to support the bottom front and then clamped the drawer face to the box. I was then able to pull the drawer off so I could attach it to the inside of the drawer with some screws. Using an eighth of the plywood as a spacer, I went up and finished assembling the drawer pieces.

I decided to go with these very modern skirting boards which are very easy to install. Just center them and screw from the back. Super light and look great.

As I mentioned before, I will be using the bottom drawer as a filing cabinet. And now this is totally optional, but you can take these plastic hanger strips and just cut them to size and attach them. Add dependent folders and that’s it!

Pack Of 10 File Bars To Convert Foolscap Drawers For A4 Filing

Hi, I hope you enjoyed this cabinet tutorial and be sure to check out my next videos where I will be finishing the outside of the cabinet with a super smooth paint

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